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  1. Well, it's a good example of stats not saying the whole truth. It just throws so many dice that it has an amplitude of possible results, meaning that it often doesn't do jack but sometimes does 4 crits jsut because you're throwing so many dice. I mean, 5 black + 6 whites, that's basically a garanteed crit, and you can keep him for last meaning you're always assured until your squad is wiped that you will have around 0.75 crits. I don't particularly like it though.
  2. Deuzerre


    Double ATST list has veers to provide it with aims and an initial alpha strike with sharpshooter1 and probably an aim. It gets shredded even in that scenario. And even without veers, it's more or less down to dice: If the T-47 doesn't kill the AT-ST in two turns (Time it has before havign to manoeuever around) one of them will be dead, most probably the airspeeder.
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    Part of the issue is that it costs too much, but part of the isssue is that it jsut doesn't work as a concept. It has arsenal 2, so paid for that rule. Except that to apply that rule, you need upgrades, and these upgrades are only available when you are in the middle of the opponent's lines, where you do not want to be. It has range 3 weapons, that means to get within effective range it has to be within enemy weapon range. Remember that this is basically a gunship/helicopter in modern terms, and imagine if a helicopter could only fire within rifle effective range... Pretty pathetic. It should have had a 2-4 range to represent its height (can't shoot close, sees afar). It has armour and cover 1. Cover 1 prevents some impact from applying, but most of the time this impact 1 isn't enough to actually cancel the number of regular hits that can convert, even if you dodge. So it's paying a lot for something that doesn't actually have a purpose. Cover 2 might have started being interesting. It is very hard to use it effectively, because of its base size which makes its path rather predictable. Compared to bikes too, bikes are able to move with a much smaller base and the second dude can just be placed behind any sort of cover/building within cohesion to provide the squad with heavy or light cover because it doesn't care about orientation: Not so much with the airspeeder. It is immune to melee... But not to sabre throws and grenades, which means it cannot do what it seems designed to do: Zoom through the length of the enemy battle line. It crashes and burns way before it can actually do anything. Finally, the biggest nail in the coffin is its relative unreliability. It doesn't have surge to hit or crit which means... It often rolls rather poorly or forces you to aim. You're going to score about 3 or 4 hits with it on average, most of which being cancelled by cover (because unlike biked you aren't nimble enough to move behind msot cover on properly made maps). And sicne you're aiming, you aren't dodging or moving again. It's 1/4 of your army that you must hold in reserve but can easily get sniped (veers and bikes shred it, as well as sabers being thrown). Worst of all, it doesn't actually have a target of choice (no armoured unit in the imperial army except for the AT-ST).
  4. I just wish they had a mortar of sorts for indirect fire. Right now I jsut can't win against these guys... Maybe with commandos and their bombs to kill off the bikes or something.
  5. He generally packs his DLT squads together an has the bikes on a separate flank, making it rather easy to actually dominate two parts of the map (one wit the bikes and one with the DLT spam). If I get in, I get shredded. The bikes easily outmanoeuver the forces (unless it's the long march) because standby even from fleet troopers is so easily broken. all he has to do is do a slow crawl forwards to dominate an area because he can jsut focus fire stuff with his DLTs. I feel like a rabbit looking at car lights with this.
  6. Honestly wouldn't change much for units on buildings, since their feet would still be "hidden" from most angles.
  7. I'm really struggling against a veers + 6 stormtroopers with DLT + 3 bikes army (some minor upgrades to fill points) and was trying to figure out some ways to fight them. I thought of the triple flamethrower, but with the DLTs they often hit their damage threshold and thus generally either can't move and shoot, have no flamer to shoot, or become rather unreliable. Especialyl with aim+shoot when you're within range or regular guns, the crits happen quite often. And the bikes just shred them to pieces. I thought of long range duel with AT-RTs with lasers, but he has a better volume of fire than me overall I thought of leia to orbital strike the bikes early on but it generally sin't enough to get enough damage to weaken them enough. I thouht of fleet troopers but heh, the opponent isn't dumb and knows how to slow them down even with good terrain: His bikes generally do the trick of adding suppression. I thought of Luke but, well, he only can do so much. Thing is, against that list, everything's high priority, and I don't know what to go for. He has the range advantage, forcing me to get to him, he can cover all objectives... The only time I manage to beat him was with disarray deployment...
  8. It has courage 2 so would need 4 suppression tokens, so it shouldn't happen that often. I guess it would go catatonic and stare at the table edge, thinking "I wish I had legs".
  9. They don't lose firepower unless they are dead, compared to the Satellite dish turret.
  10. "just" is such an easy answer not applicable most of the time. There are ways to mitigate, and there's always a chance of bad rolls (I often get full blanks on my rebel black attack dice...) but most of the time, terrain isn't (on competitive placement) where you want it to be at moment X, especially since you don't know your objectives yet.
  11. *yet. I guess commandos with sniper rifle will probably be range 4 and would be a practical tool against them (especially if suppressive) while in mirror matches, DLTs are so frequent it isn't even funny.
  12. Well it's more about the fact that the rule changes to make a pivot not count as a move for move related penalties is in itself kinda derp, though for the E-Web itself it could just have had an other keyword like "fast pivot" or something. BTW, anyone else noticed the 14 uses the very large (AT-ST/airspeeder) base and the E-Web only uses the medium (bike/ATRT) notched bases?
  13. Pivot is supposed to be a move action, but if you look at the E-Web card, it says that cumbersome doesn't care about pivot which is totally bonkers...
  14. The plodding keyword states they can't actually do 2 moves.
  15. Deuzerre

    Guardian 1

    Mh, I misread that. Sorry about it.
  16. So, let's see how this actually works. The FD laser seems like a good unit to deploy with a good line of sight to the center of the board, but with a decent LoS blocking piece of terrain next to it to prevent anyone from actually breaking its standby. It has 6 HP and a rather long range, which means it is pretty good overall at being shot at and forcing the opponent to take it seriously. It is also a great response to Speeder Bikes as it will be able to , if provided a good deployment, either pick them off at a distance or be able to shoot at them from the range that they would usually shoot at (unlike other squads that just can't. Impact 2 is still worthless for now because when would an AT-ST ever get in range of it? But in mirror matches it would be an other nail in the coffin of AT-RTs (that already suffer a lot in mirror). Even against units out of arc, it is still able to suppress them with its 4 pistol shots, so it's OK in terms of defensiveness The biggest downside is probably its cost of 70, which is rather high for a unit that can't move. The E-Web on the other way sounds a bit meh. It has surge to crit though, ad is rather flexible compared to say AT-RTs thanks to reposition. I think they will be great at dancing around a central position with a good LoS blocker and standbying. It is alrso rather cheap at 55 points compared to the rebel turret, meaning it will be easier to put in a list. It will also be able to grab objectives close to your lines then sit there "come if you dare" on their own, which will free other units. As for the upgrades, the HQ one will probably be a must have for any unit with comms for that vital turn where you want initiative but also to give orders to these key units: If you look at the wording properly, it's basically allowing you to gain an additional order (so say, ambush: Give an order to unit X, but also to the unit with the HQ upgrade). May make airpeeders worth it, with compulsory-recover-shoot to perpetually get that order. Also good to manage your order pool. Barrage generator and overcharged generator would have been nice if it has been equipable on AT-RTs, but it isn't. I see both being more interesting on the Rebel turret than on the E-Web.
  17. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/6/hold-your-ground/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/6/rebel-assault/ Holly molly, fixed defences This looks pretty awesome. I can already picture myself setting the turret on top of buildings in my deployment zone.
  18. Deuzerre

    Guardian 1

    as many (non crit) hits as there are units around can be assigned to each unit, 1 wound per unit. The card says that every unit in range 1 gets guardian 1. Guardian 1 allows you to cancel 1 regular hit (not crit) and save it on the unit with guardian 1 instead. Note that if there are enough units around to cancel all hits and the opponent didn't score any crit, this would allow you to prevent suppression from being applied to the commander that has that upgrade.
  19. There's many ways to have this happen, and they all suck. I mean, is prevents any form of flanking when there's a jedi around. It feels cheap and lame. Having a unit run away from a table edge is OK as it requires effort, but being shoved off is BS. I've had a squad of rebel troopers engage a unit of flametroopers in melee on a double move to prevent them from jsut getting in and wiping an other squad. They got pushed off the map (I didn't know about this yet) aand the flametroopers just followed up with a double move shoot as if nothing happened. Even worse is for squads that get pushed off when at more than 1" away from the board edge, but the other models are being placed in cohesion off the table -> dead. Genius.
  20. Well I know a bloke that probably played your tournament with an imperial list with veers, 6 squads of DLT stormtroopers and 3 speeder bikes and won all his games. I'd say the Imperials have access to the best units right now overall: - Stormtroopers have the range advantage forcing the rebels in, which in turns makes it easier to aim+shoot which the stormtroopers are good at - Speederbikes are probably the most cost efficient unit in the game right now, with the compulsory move being both good and bad but not a massive handicap unlike for the airspeeder. - Snowtroopers with flamethrowers and 'nades are both tough and dangerous for various builds - Vader is a rockstar that everyone fears In stark contrast, for the rebs : - The airspeeder is just plain bad (hard to manoeuver, poor range for its vulnerability... It's badly designed IMO, too bad for a good looking model I enjoyed painting. - Troopers that require cover to actually work, or with optimal order activations. - Better commanders (leia's orbital strike is arguably better than veer's, she ignores cover, has a better inspire, while Luke is able to move around as he pleases, to his own risk often) - Fleet troopers have a keyword that is only ever used on very specific scenarios. For the tournament rules issues, I'm not sure I really understood them, but the overall feel was that it was not that great so I guess you're probably right. However, you have to realize that you came in, as you said, with a "to **** with it" list and expected to do decently in a tournament where most players will actually be serious. Tournaments are not fun unless you get there with the proper mindset: I play in some other game's tournaments, not with the slightest hope of getting to the podium but just to have a good laugh and see people playing their way which is a different "meta" than my club. If I went there hoping to just do well with only "what I have", it would most certainly not work that great.
  21. You will never agree with any of us that think that the differences that are supposedly minor actually change a lot of things, it's a question of poin of view, not a question of facts. I consider that a commando that can exploit light cover will have a much different approach to the battlefield as opposed to regular troopers that would still suffer greatly in that type of terrain, yet without Nimble, these commandos will not be interested in getting shot at and won't be able to soak fire like a unit of rebel troopers that are in heavy cover + dodge (I've had a unit stack 7 suppression in that setup, just because they had been shot at and removed 3 hits every time they got shot at and had some lucky saves). They are there to harass from range 3 but still not supposed to go into a massive crossfire. Even if courage 2 allows them to get shot at and do 2 actions. They may not be mechanically be very different (yet) but they are not meant to be used the same.
  22. It's been corrected in an e-mail as "rules as intended" because it made no sense in many situations.
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