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    Opening Doors?

    I treat it as a free action. Move to a door, press the key, move through or overwatch. A full action is just totally meh and makes it waaaay too slow, while making no sense. A reinforced door would make sense to use an activation on (Bip Boop says R2D2), but otherwise opening a door isn't a hard task.
  2. Not obstructed = No cover Obstructed -> Center of base to center of base? a) Obscured = apply applicable cover for unit type B) Not Obscured = Do not apply cover
  3. Then they get no cover (because you see more than half of the squad entirely, with not obstruction.
  4. By current "RAW" without those "patch notes", then yes. With the "patch notes", it depends if you see the whole mini or not.
  5. Last post at this link https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277344-star-wars-legion-official-rulings/?do=findComment&comment=3364837
  6. as long as even an 0.0000000000001% of a mini is hidden from view by a piece of terrain, you apply the rules for obscured to draw a line between the center of bases to see of the mini is obscured. If the mini is obscured (or if half or more of a squad is obscured), then it gets cover.
  7. Just played a game with dissaray deployement, and that single turret I placed on one of the deployement zones, just behind a barricade, didn't move an inch but allowed my troopers to advance against snowtrooeprs that didn't dare approach with their flamethrower. Satellites FTW.
  8. Bit of a loophole I think, but OK.
  9. So I had a funny situation yesterday. I argued against it because it was a bit too much of an abstraction. A unit X is on top of a tall building, shooting at a unit Z that's just below it, with only half visible to the squad leader. My opponent initially argued that it should be counted as "you ignore terrain you are touching with the squad leader for cover to the opponent", while I argued that if the squad leader doesn't have LoS to more than half of the target squad. Who's right?
  10. I faced a pair of them on the TTS, and they are efficient area denial tools with their 5 black dice. Dunno if it was correct, but I engaged one in melee to prevent it from shooting since it was tearing my bikes apart.
  11. That is not how it works. YOu add cover up to two then reduce it. Sharpshooter 2 is basically "ignore all cover"
  12. Fleets in single squads are a priority target for the enemy. You can use this well. However, sometimes they are rather hit and miss with their dice It is very important to add environmental gear to them so they can get through the battle lines more easily.
  13. In any game tournament it's considered unsportsmanlike, but it's often hard to spot on a single match (more so on bigger tournaments with 8-10+tables) because you have to call a ref first, then have him check on the match... And it's always hard to differentiate a slow player from one stalling if you haven't seen the early turns.
  14. IMO, vader has the right price with all the abilities, but he has to be a centerpiece of your force, an anvil of death that the enemy has to deal with. Luke on the other hand is more of a linebacker, threatening left and right, forcing the opponent to prepare for him and his double speed two move which may or may not come. Vader's a bit less "reliable" against armoured stuff with no surges to crits but is better overall except at range against stuff in cover. The fact he resets one of his force powers every turn is also awesome for him to get free dodges every turn.
  15. On the TTS, I've had issue facing him if I don't have luke on my list. Luke has the ability to just be annoying as a "counter attack tool". One of the things you should be afraid of is to engage him in melee with a unit you do not really care about. It'll force him to use force push on them isntead of something else to get them off him, and if he uses both force push and force reflexes, only one of them will be refreshed on turn end: All good for you.
  16. I sometimes play on tournaments on other games, and there are inherent behaviours related to these. When doing the math, you know on your last match that you will end first on anything but a loss: You play extremely slow so the battle ends in no one's favour (no risk). When you see you're about to lose, you start to go take a piss, take more time to decide on what to do. When you are winning but know that on turn 6 it'll be a loss, you stall for time. I've had all of these done to me. It is inherent with human nature. A lot of people go to tournaments (me included, because I'm not that great) just to have a challenge and a good time. But there are others that are a minority but frequent enough to be easily noticeable that will resort to these "unfair play" behaviors on a competitive setting. Having a strict 2h limit is too short. 2.5 is OK though.
  17. In my last battle, he got crippled by some AT-RT and a squad with Z6, then charged luke, left him down to 1HP, forced pushed him away so saber throw him (failed) to charge fleet troopers. The fleet troopers survived the next turn, luke charged back but only did 1 damage, then the last two fleet troopers bashed vader's face in. So, fleet troopers FTW.
  18. If there's a real (****, can't find a word. Objective?) it'll often bring the worst out of some people, and in tabletop tournaments, it brings stalling for time.
  19. But why did they finish under 2 hours? Surrendering? Was it a "serious" tournament with people stalling? What were the lists like?
  20. It will also be a boon against those courage 2 special forces.
  21. There's basically a 4 man squad + heavy weapon and a 2 man squad including a heavy weapon, making 7 guys.
  22. Honestly though, there's nothing a couple spare guys and some green stuff can't fix.
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