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  1. What about a squad of two with - courage value and guardian 2, red defence dice and black+surge attack dice, and a 4 man squad with same stats, sharpshooter 1, and something like "pierce on crits" for their guns?
  2. Or just ignore it and wipe other things, only attacking it if you have an opportunity. It's a rare thing for an art to pay itself back since it has no surge on the attack and unless you kill it, firepower thrown at it will be a waste most of the time
  3. With my way of rolling white dice, it can be absolutely trash (especially on the TTS). Also, there are a couple of clarifications needed (for example with split firing and its interaction with the command card). From the TTS, I found Han to be very good unless facing a force user, in which case he's dead meat.
  4. Every artillery requires an observer to guide it's fire and correct it. That is what she does: give coordinates for a target and correct the fire, hence why she requires Los. Same for veers.
  5. Deuzerre


    Vader can't bring it down to 1-2hp in one attack; it's immune to melee
  6. Deuzerre


    By turn 2 with the "natural" imp list with dlts and bikes, you can easily bring one down, by turn 3 you can kill both if using veers (easy to bring down 3hp with maximum firepower and ss1). And that's 350 points spent in vehicles that have less firepower than bikes, harder to manoeuvre around, less hp units. And if the imperial brings snowtroopers with impact grenades, that's a nice chunk of the map that basically says "nope". Same with Vader and his sabre throws.
  7. With veers, you can run a grenade aggressive one, moving and shooting with an aim token. Grenade launcher is awesome. But you can also kit it with a laser for anything too far for the grenade launcher. No need for Weiss, he'd only be useful in one occasion realistically. Initially thought the mortar launcher would be great, but Whits with no surge generally means you're only applying 1 suppression generally. With the incoming turrets it could make a comeback to breathe the standby thought
  8. Sharpshooter 2 is not a weapon keyword. It applies to all her attacks.
  9. While a trooper unit is in a melee with another trooper unit, those units are engaged. A unit that is engaged cannot perform moves, cannot be displaced, cannot perform ranged attacks, and cannot be targeted by ranged attacks. Page 26 BTW, I think this also means that you can't force push a unit off of you in melee.
  10. So you rolled a crit with the harpoon?
  11. It is immediately after, there's a point int he rules about it -> Page 11, abilities, 6th dot: ie: no other action in between, even free actions. What he could have done would have been to shoot just after he'd wiped the other squad.
  12. It is "beyond range 3", the range indicated is inclusive. However, if even 1 bit of a mini of the target squad is in the range 3 band, then it is not eligible as a target (since you measure from leader to closest mini)
  13. For an ongoing campaign, I beleive a progression system to be interesting, however I have a small suggestion to make that's very inspired by bloodbowl. If there is a points difference between both players, the "underdog" gets a choice of advantages to compensate the value difference between the legions. For example: Mortar Strike: 50 points; Replace Standing orders with this card: 4 pips. 1 trooper. When a friendly unit is issued an order, it gains this weapon: Mortar Strike: 3 white dice, suppressive, range 4-infinite. At the end of the command phase, put standing orders in your hand instead. Lucky: 50 points; Designate a non force user commander from your army. While defending, this commander may reroll up to one defense die. Bothan Spies: 100 points. You may decide to return an opponent's token back to the stack before the create order pool step from the command phase starts once per game. Hold the Line: 125 points. One of your core units gets +1 courage for the whole battle. Etc... These are abilities that are by themselves overpriced, but that may prevent a sweeping victory from a 200 points difference between players. They should be fun but not break the game itself.
  14. Thinning the opponent's activations. Finishing off a unit is often better than damaging an other one. Suppress other units if you can but do not rely on suppression. Learn when you need to go first and when to go second. Blue players almost always has easier objectives. Cheaper legion is therefore a good idea.
  15. Not really, some games are tailored ofr pure beer and pretzels and others are pure competitive, so when you get into it you know what you are gonna get.
  16. For an almost invincible (3+ saves in this game are huge) homing missile that laughs at terrain that can bring you victory because it can kill its target for an additional VP? It's really great because of its mobility (speed 3 with no facing, ability to jump height 2), acceptable firepower ignoring cover with pierce 1, chance to turn the battle to your advantage (bounty), great armour (and unlike say bikes, has a very easy time getting heavy cover). Played a battle against it in the TTS and only managed to counter it by knowing it well and thus tying it down in melee with multiple units so it couldn't just jump out with its initiative 1 command card. It forced me to spend lots of time planning around it because otherwise he'd have jsut shredded my leia and later my Han.
  17. This, as long as you're playing with someone with the same mindset.
  18. 55 points, super cheap, good tool to hold onto an area, and standby at range three is actually good against most stuff. As for the list in this thread, I am yet to win more than two matches against it. I won against it on a disarray match but it was mostly misplays by the opponent, and a long march where his bikes got stuck by height 2 terrain I placed for that very purpose. It is still an obnoxiously strong list that regular rebel lists will struggle against: So much impact wrecks the (currently) mandatory AR-RTs, and the imperial horde is extremely durable with its red defence dice. Veers (Esteemed leader, you do not want to lose him) Stormtroopers, additional dude, DLT, Impact grenades: The AT-RT flamer deterrant Stormtroopers, additional dude, DLT Stormtroopers, DLT, Grappling hooks (because you sometimes want to climp a building with them to get the vantage points, and it's cheap) 3x Stormtroopers, DLT 3x Bikes 794 points. With this list, you will 1) always be blue player (6 points under 800) -> Deploy objectives so you do not have to move 2) Have a flamer-scarer 3) Have a massive range advantage against all opponents -> Crossfires + making the opponent get to you -> You'll be able to aim and shoot most of the time. 4) 32 Red defence dice HP + 36 white defence surge cover 1 HP. 5) immense amount of suppression 6) good amount of impact 7) Hammer of god with the three bikes that if used together can crush any flank and then move up the line while the rest of the line is suppressed by DLTs. Execution of this only relies on a bit of timing. Deploy all your troops in a bib blob around veers, get a position, and alamo it, while your bikes are left in reserve to hit stuff later on. What we're missing is AoE weapons really.
  19. Well the E-Web provid a very different, yet still interesting, alternative to bikes. Totally different roles of course, but I think just these may prove interesting.
  20. Remember that the rules state "more or less" as in "not really that accurate". To me, crates are not meant to be individual cover, but a bunch of crates that wuld represent a storage area can be a good area terrain which provides light cover to troopers in it even if it doesn't cover 50% of the minis, just like a crater doesn't cover half a mini and still provides cover to minis in it. As for hills, just make up your own rules. Mine would be that it's open terrain all over but provides elevation advantages and can sometimes block LoS. The rules specifically state "do whatever you want" and as long as everyone agrees, it's all cool.
  21. Yes, he will not be part of the attack pool, but if he's in range the unit will still be able to shoot if they see (just not with the leader's dice)
  22. The opposite also works: The leader is in range but doesn't have line of sight, rest of the squad has line of sight: THe other ones can shoot but not the leader (and it provides heavy cover to the target)
  23. At the start of the game, to determine and agree on what piece of terrain A provides as cover to unit X, Y, Z.
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