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  1. That's why it's BS. You can't review the deck in sealed.
  2. Do you just get to pick all the upgrades with it? If so, this card with no chains or anything is just plain BS.
  3. Some people (and I feel the op is one) just want to cover their bases to cut grass under the feet of the people that want to abuses grey areas in the rules
  4. Mh, I disagree with some counts. For example, key abduction is in one of my decks counted as "low synergy". True, but then it doesn't count the fact that I get to throw back units into the opponent's hand if he has a large Mars board for example. Same with Hunting Which: In my deck I have few creatures, but most of them are in Untamed, and I have a nature's call so I can get an 18 aember play (and it's relatively easy to drop it considering I have a nepenthe seed) with the hunting which, 2 pixies and a flaxia. It is a very perfectible tool.
  5. I bet they're removing cards: - That aren't fun (restringulus for example) - That have troublesome wording (Biometric Backup) - That may cause unforeseen trouble for the balance (Library access) - That are plain boring However it seems like they went for "bad/quirky" cards as well this time, like Yurk (Though I can see good uses to clear your hand from undesired cards, it's going to be a troublesome card pretty often), Xanthyx Harvester (Hard one to make work), or Eureka! (Archive 2 random cards... As an Alpha.)
  6. Well it isn't reliable, but when it happens (like when you draw a good hand) it can get you far. That's why I don't think it's as broken as some library access combos to get a full deck.
  7. It would be counter-productive for them to prevent people from using old decks. So I think it's gonna stay good and with mish-mashes of decks.
  8. (well I have 3 inspiration in the deck and one in the discard already, so the end result is the same, but I'll know for an other time)
  9. So I myself just realised that I can basically get 6 aember flat per turn on a deck just with "inspiration" and "witch of the eye" without doing anything else jsut on a loop. Was pretty happy with myself (this deck has 3 inspirations and ways to get back cards from the discard). Managed to clear the whole board the whole match, I had 11 amber in stock and 2 keys forged vs 5 aember and 0 keys forged. I had 9-10 creatures on the board, he had none. Then my opponent went full holy combo. He used battle fleet to draw about 6 cards. Got an other battle fleet, this time to get about 9 cards. Forged a key with Key abduction. Battle fleet again (shuffled the draw) and got it back, this time for about 11 cards. Repeated the key abduction. Drew again... I quit at that point. I'm not that mad about it, it was interesting to see, and he almost lost because he held mars in his hand for so long and got flattened on the board. But he knew his deck was basically almost unbeatable once that combo is launched. But ****, I've never seen such a comeback with three keys forged in a single turn, from 5 aember at the start of the turn. Pretty darn impressive.
  10. 18 decks and my 4rth deck had "The common cold" for Dis, in a deck without any Mars so it works pretty well.
  11. Part of the problem I feel is the synergy it has with the game mechanic of not being able to mulligan your card in such a scenario. With how the rules work, it is broken because you can't pick the house. If it prevented your from playing cards of that house, it would be OK because you could just select that house and discard your whole hand. ATM you can't. because of a quirk in the design, and because it's permanent (unlike other similar cards)
  12. Had a game today. Very unfun. Game's going well, both doing our thing. I empty my hand to 1 card (was a DIS card), then draw a magic hand: 5 other DIS cards! Can't believe my luck! Then my opponent clears the board with his own DIS cards and plays restringutus and says "dis". "Great game, was fun" was not the first thing that came to mind. I was on a lockdown: Can't discard anything, can't play anything. I had a single key forged. My single artefact on the board was a DIS-co ball. And it's not like the opponent was skilled with that play honestly: The chances of drawing a full 5 dis cards on my 3rd turn of play (having already played 3 cards and having an other one in hand) are just ludicrously low. I wasn't hoarding, I didn't do anything wrong, but still lost. Not the most fun match I've had.
  13. Neutron shark is one of my favourites in my best deck. The ability to destroy artefacts and/or priority targets depending on the situation at the cost of one of your own creatures (often the shark itself) is great for a discard. It helps me thin out the deck, destroy artefacts that could be hard to deal with and is a play/reap/fight card and is fairly versatile. And you can end the effect by killing the shark itself.
  14. Archive is a bit more counterable with several cards affecting it though. My strongest deck has a lot of draw (2 babil, a mother and several other draw cards but no Library access) and it generally allows me to have more actions in a turn than the opponent and have a better control of the board (both by flooding it with creatures and having my actions that clear it) It also helps me thin out the deck so that I can get the discarded cards back in hand faster and build strong hands to chain some combos
  15. Sorry for not answering. Yeah, it was opaque sleeves (not a big fan of these). I haven't had the occasion to see that player again and it was at a casual tournament with no registration at a local club. I've been facing an other decks that allow a full deck in hand though and were legit with nep' seed etc... And the point stands: it ain't fun to face.
  16. So i played with someone who had 2 library access in his hand. so he played an action, got 2 cards, played an other action, got 2 cards, an other action, got 2 cards until he had his whole deck in his hand. Yay? Didn't get the deck's reference, but that was just sickening.
  17. Let's read the rules: So to apply: If the card says "purge card x", it gets purged, regardless of the order because even if it gets back to hand (or top of a pile or anything) it gets purged (getting back to the hand or whatever doesn't prevent the purge). If the purge is requiring conditions (ie: The card being in the discard) then check if the condition applies. In the case of Bad Penny for example, she would immediately before being destroyed (Destroyed: says immediately before leaving play, and thus before being destroyed [LEAVES PLAY] and thus applying DESTROYED's effect of going to the discard) go to the hand and therefore not meet the condition of going to the discard to get purged. Wow that's a mouthful, but I hope it's clear enuff.
  18. Well, sharpshooter applies because his orders are so precise, and he's the one saying "attack these guys, but don't shoot at them too close from me if you miss". If you want to go the thematic route.
  19. The tokens are removed at the end of the turn and stay on the mini until that end of turn (not end of actvation) so a token you'd have gotten during your activation could be used after your activation if a game effect allows you to do stuff outside of your unit's activation.
  20. Will repeat what I said on a discord with the Tabletop Simulator: Played a battle where I had to kill luke (he was jumping around carrying objectives) and all I did in four shots was 1 wound on him (and 8 suppression) for 3 wounds on me (and 3 supression), and that was with rerolls to attack on three of these attacks, against a target in the open (light cover due to suppression after the first attack). Palp's way way waaaaaay too slow, because unlike other force users he can't move and do something in the same action. YOu either keep up with your units or you stay behind doing very little. If you use his special action to make an other unit move or shoot, it really has to be for something special (full list here: Vader moving again and shooting, snowtroopers firing with flamethrower, E-Web shooting despite having moved, Stormtroopers with HH12 that moved or shot then recovered) because otherwise he'll jsut be crawling at speed 1. He has a great armour save but... Only 5HP on 210 points : That's impressively dangerous and prone to bad rolls (unlike Vader that still has a decent save but is a real monster). Boba has the same save but is much more able to play with terrain thanks to his jump to get some cover/LoS, and is much cheaper. To compensate, you either hire IRG or Stormtroopers around you while getting esteemed leader. His firepower is impressive... But still range 2 on something that moves at speed 1. Found it hard to reach your target with fleet troopers? Now, imagine with Emperor Palpatine. in order to use his 1 pip card efficiently, you need force push: Target is at range 3 in the middle of other troops and already activated? Move move then force push in contact with you to 1 pip afterwards: Toast them with your sparks then repeat against anything in range... after that palp is dead because he's low on HP in the middle of (quite suppressed but still alive) opponents. He's an overprived support unit, and a glorified objectives defender. If you're the blue player and if the objectives are advantageous to the blue player and if you ahve good line of sight blocking terrain taht you can use, then sure, one of the objectives will be safe in his wrinkled hands. But he can't push, and costs so much you wo'nt have anything to push with him.
  21. They scared my last opponent so much that he broke his whole battle plan to deal with one unit, which meant that Vader basically only killed them during this battle.... And left the rest of the troops to get shredded.
  22. Seeing the scale of the game, you could have basically an assassination attempt against him as he's patrolling a new base or whatever. Not really leading the troops.
  23. With surge to crit and so many dice, he'll probably still be rather good against armour (especially with pierce 2) with "natural" crits with about 1.75 crits per shot if I'm not mistaken
  24. In my recent games, they fared rather poorly/adequately enough. I haven't had a "wonder" situation in a while, it's been pretty average for waht I paid for (But the bunch of dice is always amusing to throw at the opponent) in terms of damage. But in terms of forcing the opponent to act against them, they have been great.
  25. What's the point? One black with surge to hit is worse than two whites with surge to hit (except for width of results) unless you get a single concussion grenade in the mix to remove cover.
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