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  1. Just had a tournament yesterday evening. 11 players. All but one had Shadows The only Brobnar were tripe gauntlets decks Over half had logos inlucing one with a nepenthe seed + library access + phase shift + untamed key charge. That was the deck without shadows. over half had untamed with pixies and hunting witch. Scarce mars and Dis.
  2. Dis is good for the ground control, but shadows has a ton of immediate steal (orphans, bait and switch, too much to protect, routine job, one last job (to an extent) ), steals with synergies (phantom, faygin,...), steals with damage or limited conditions (nerve blast, whispers). Most of these combine a strong ability to react to the opponent immediately (without any setup) and no chains and even generating aember on their cards. Other houses may control the board more efficiently (dis) , draw better (logos) , have more lasting power (though elusive maked them somewhat tough), removing aember from the board (brobnar) or do a bit of everything more efficiently (mars) but none are as good at countering the opponent while buffing themselves at the same time.
  3. I'd go as far as saying that there is almost no very good deck without shadows, in its current form. Steal is just too good at both control and generating.
  4. It's also good at flinging enemy mars card back to the opponent's card, but it's occasionnal to forge. Got a double forge in the turn against me with it due to battle fleet's drawing of cards and a lucky way end of draw/redraw.
  5. Your mars is weird and doesn't work Emp is good here because you have a low creature count, and artefact killers are rare. But otherwise it's "the bad": - key abduction, cristal hive and brain stem antenna don't work becausz you have no/little archive and very few mars creatures. - phosphorous stars is a BAD card because it chains, stuns you, and it's not like dis' gateway that synercises with their cards. Most of the time it's a dead card you'll want to discard from your hand. -mothergun's a mediocre artefact. Best thing about it is it rhins out your deck. You can have some good turns maybe with cristal hive and ulyk that's dropped, given brain stem, then you drop other mars creatures to chain reap with ulyk and maybe an other house's creature... Only good thing with the house, and really situational. Your house sanctum is ok. They are your creature and aember control with some capture and the doorstep but nothing spectacular really. Low creature count again, but they're pretty good (especially anaphiel-bulwark combo) And finally, the worst imo: untamed that doesn't bring aember. You have 2 troop calls and a regrowth but nothing to bring aember from that like a hubting witch. All your creatures are good at attacking stuff so they may control the board but they don't do anything on the turn they drop so you have dead turns. The dew faerie will get toasted for sure. Mimicry's the only really good card there with maybe using a good enemy action but that's really opponent dependant. Yeah, your aember generation is bad, you don't have combos, all your efficient turns are delayed and the opponent may just prevent you from doing anything, you may have some contol if the opponent doesn't have any but you basically can't manage elusive creatures since your control is mostly by fighting... You can't prevent the opponent from doing whatever he wants unless untamed or by chaining yourself... Bleh. Look for the synergies and combos in decks to see if there are any combos around. If there aren't any, it's already a bad sign. Also look for immediate aember generation (one of my best decks can generate about 30 aember in the same turn with the right combo: hunting witch, 2 pixies, flaxia, return 3 creatures to hand, repeat de drop, then use nepenthe seed to grab the return to hand and repeat again. But most of the time you can only get a part of the combo and make a bunch.). Aember wins games. Controlling aember ruins enemy games. Controlli g thz board only wins rounds.
  6. Your deck is interesting to say the least, though it misses some of the things I personally like to see. Like you have some good Mars creatures, but at the same time you don't have any squakers to make them work as neat combos (like Ulyq). There's also a couple BAD things, like the fact you ahve a LOT of mars creatures... But the EMP blast. The EMP is a great card if you have key abduction to make them all come back, but if you ahve so many creatures, it's harsh. Same with teh Truebaru: If he's returned to hand, you just lost 3 aember. And Key Hammer that, if you don't break a key, you jsut gave 6 to the ennemy (but it's not THAT bad with your deck since you have two shoolers to steal back 2 just after they forged, as well as a jammer pack and grabber-jammers to make them forge at a higher cost (so you can break a key they paid for 9 or 10 and give them 6 back . Your DIS is neat: Tendrils are MEH but it's sometimes good. Key to Dis and Lifeward are excellent artefacts. Overlord Greking is a great creature but you can't heal him that much unless the guardian daemon is around. Shoolers are great as said before, so is snudge, and The Terror is always nice to have around if you play first. Overall good/great. Just the trubaru that has to be dropped on the turn you want to blow the key to Dis for a meagre 2 aember benefit. Mars is is bit more hit and miss. You do'nt ahve that many things that work together, and a major oen that works agaisnt you (the EMP) but at the same time it's still good. Tunk and the dominator are tough enough to stay in play which will allow you to play Yxili Marauder with good effect. Megamouth and the mindwarper will doubtlessly be dead on arrival because you do'nt have squakers/soft landing and will just draw fire from the rest... The biomatrix backups are nice but not golden. The jammer with the grabber jammers will make the opponent pay more than he wants so it's always nice. Battlefleet will be MEH sicne you do'nt ahve many actions and thus no "big turn" where drawing as mars is interesting. Shadows is where the board control is at which is unusual but nice. Lots of steal though no Bait and Switch to counter the guys that can farm Aember (Played a game online where I ended with 35 surplus aember, bait and switch is the counter to that). Your actions and artefacts will clear the board and steal a bit, but your creatures won't stand a chance and poison wave isn't a good thing on boards without at least sanctum levels of armour. And the silent dagger has very little chance of being that great, but who knows. I thinky our deck is really strong, but has a couple occasions where the draw will jsut ruin your plan/hand (EMP is one, or badly timed key hammers)
  7. Both are "fighting" but both don't "fight". Thus the effect doesn't apply tot he defending creature.
  8. Deuzerre

    Going To Time

    My experience is that Sealed events often got o time, but regular end faster because once the combos start rollign it's hard to really come back. Reversal usually lasted a bit longer as well.
  9. Well since the rules for "forging keys" redirect to there (so there are o real rules for forging keys in an ongoing turn) and I had read this as exclusively, well. My bad.
  10. There are a few 3d printed deck boxes floating around, rather easy to look at.
  11. So how much did it go for?
  12. "Some cards have effects that allow Æmber on these cards to be spent when forging keys" "you must do so during Step 1" -> In other words, it's only at that step that you can do it.
  13. It's in teh current rulebook, page 4, currently in Red in the rules Some cards have effects that allow Æmber on these cards to be spent when forging keys. If there is enough Æmber on cards with this effect you control combined with the Æmber in your Æmber pool to forge a key you must do so during Step 1.
  14. Nice for you, surprising how much people may spend for that kind of stuff.
  15. He'd basically steal his own aember, but at least he'd exhaust it so you can't use it... haha. Doesn't nexus say "may"? Mh... However, I have a weirder question... Poltergheist... Does the Aember stacked on it go to your pool since it states "as if it were yours"?
  16. Sleeves are just so much better to shuffle decks. And not ruin them.
  17. Well it's ok against steal-heavy decks, but even then it may work in the opponent's favour by allowing some other cards to take full effect. And since amber on cards is invalid for "in turn" forging (forging out of the forge key step) it's kinda meh.
  18. Sadly I don't have these in the deck, but I managed to generate that much aember once (and the variant without nepenthes as well a couple times) and it's really hard for the opponent to actually do anything about it... especially since the deck has a lot of creature control (so captures are just gonna die).
  19. I have it in a deck but it's super hard to use, especially since I don't necessarily have a lot of creatures in the deck. and no way to remove the artifact if I need to.
  20. Nepenthes seed already in play Hunting witch + dust pixie + dust pixie + Flaxia: 9 aember Nature's call on the pixies and flaxia: 1 aember Play pixies and flaxia: 9 ameber Nepenthes seed on nature's call. Nature's call on the pixies and flaxia: 1 ameber Play pixies and flaxia: 9 aember Profit: 29 aember. Clench your buttockes that the opponent doesn't have the right Shadows cards...
  21. Hehehe, I use "one stood against many" on batdrones if they survive a turn. Always fun to steal 3.
  22. MH, purifying wave with plague is neat, but your Dis really is meh and the aember generation is trash
  23. It's more of a combo. My best deck has neutron shark and dextre, si I sometimes get to use the neutron shark and instead of using its ability on itself to end its ability, I use it on Dexter which has an added bonus: destroying dextre puts him on top of the draw, then apply the shark's effect to discard the top of your deck. Now you're free from that annoying card! And since it's logos: end the shark's effect!
  24. Not a judge myself, but even in a competition, we're not immune to brainfarts. I tend to be OK with people fixing a major mistake like that, but not when cards have been played in the wrong order for example.
  25. I have a deck that's... Ok, but includes speed sigil. And I ahve to say it's probably the best deck i have. not in terms of performance (it's just above average) but in terms of fun factor. The thing is, speed sigil really changes the pace of matches. It makes them a lot more swingy,makes synergies work a lot better, and more importantly than anything.... Forces you to think even MORE on how you're going to play it. For example, let's say I have in my hand both a faygin and an aspic. WHich one will I play first, faygin to get +2 (1 from reap and 1 from the orphan stealing) or will I drop the aspic first to try and kill that pesky bastion? It's an excellent card which is both a blessing and a curse, but in all honesty makes the game a lot more tactical. Praised be the sigil.
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