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  1. Ok, my bad. "almost none". The threee new cards with chains are: Binding irons (chains to others), Extinction (1 chain to self), Killzord mk. 9001 (1 chain per fight with the creature), and 2 old cards that remained: Save the pack (1 chain) and Coward's End (3 chains). Any other chain is Legacy.
  2. You'll notice with AoA that they didn't add any cards that give chains (to yourself). Maybe they're trying different balance systems.
  3. There is a lot less immediate aember control, but there's a lot more delayed aember control.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Purging is jsut bad for a card that just fizzles out most of the time unless you prepared for it hard or you have a bonus special combo like timetravellers and wild wormholes already in hand. Making it an alpha would mean that it can't be re-used in the turn, but could be brought back in hand for a subsequent turn and couldn't be cumulated: Perfect. Making it count as having its effect ongoing during the whole turn, and thus only discarded at the end of the turn, would make it harder to bring back to hand with nepthe for exemple and wouldn't be able to cumulate the effect: Very good, simple changing a bit of a rule.
  5. Yeah, i was wondering what would happen if you discarded one of your own cards from the opponent's archives.
  6. AOA card number 333 (tantadlin) says: "discard a random card from the enemy archives". All cards that capture an enemy card to a friendly archive say "if that creature leaves your archives, put it in it's owner's hand" (like Collector worm). How'd you fix that?
  7. 3 mothers in a deck? Dayum, that's crazy, helps for a good Library access setup for sure. Combined with a dephased Hysteria to get your creatures back in hand. That being said, it doesn't really seem broken as much as some other combos (like if you had time travellers). You do have atiny bit of steal with batdrone + Zakiel. Biggest problem though is you don't ahve anything to get rid of opponent's artefacts IMO.
  8. IMO, one of the problems is that it's too easy to do direct steal. Not enough of the steal ahve conditions. B&S in itself is OK most of the time, because it can make meagre gains. However its power is just mad when combined with miasma, or when you just forged before, or archived it/masterplan'd it. Basically, it's a bit too easy to use. If it was an "omega" card for example it would be fine. The problem really comes with how many of the steal cards are just immediate and don't require any setup: Nerve blast Routine job (sort of) Urchin Bait and switch The "good" steal cards for me are the ones with previous conditions: Ghostly hands (requires a specific number of aember on the opponent. Once again, because of immediate steal with no conditions, it may be too easy to do that) Finishing blow (requires a wounded card) One last job (requires a sacrifice of sorts) Relentless whispers (requires a low HP target from previous damage or by nature) Customs office (sort of. Not really a steal, but still eneds some setup and conditions) Carlo Phantom (requires artefacts to play) Faygin (requires cards in play or in discard) Magda (has a risk associated with her) Mooncurser (fight) Noddy (Not on the turn he arrives) Dodger (fight) Umbra (fight) Dusk runner (upgrade) Too much to protect (Requires set amount of aember from the opponent, and is a good card for the game balance) These are OK because they either require you to plan to use them, or don't have a too immediate effect. Routine job is special in that you can plan around to make it even better. But all in all, these are rather conditional and may not always work, which is why I'm ok with them. The ones that just say "OK, I'll steal from you now" are just bad gameplay wise. And that's not counting broken cards like sneklifter, subtle maul, treasure map...
  9. True counters? Increases to the cost of forging keys for the opponent so they have to stack more and have less opportunity to steal with B&S To ahve "in round" key forging (chota, key charge, epic quest, ...) To have artefacts that store Aember To stack so much aember that it doesn't prevent you from forging next turn Using actions that prevent enemy actions next turn (like dephasing I think it's the name, a Logos card) having something like shatter storm ready next turn whenever you have a lot of aember in your hands All of these are OK, but I find the best is just to ignore it and just spam aember as much as possible to make the opponent waste it early, then you're OK.
  10. Ubogi is rather bad. Or good, depending. Shadows doesn't do much shadow stuff and has too many speed sigils. The logos part is good for good hands with two mothers and a lot of labworks, but there's nothing to combo. And worst of all, you have NOTHIGN to control the opponent's Aember except a Miasma that will only give you at msot a single turn. Probably a good reversal deck xD. I'll give it a 3/10. Bystra has a decent Brobnar that does brobnar things, but Brobnar isn't a strong house overall (except some very good cards, that you don't have). Your DIS is decent to generate Aember and even to capture it (dropping those dust imps and a pandemonium just after that to force the opponent to kill them would be fun). Eater of the dead is strong but no one will ever let him live. The MARS is OK but lacks the combo cards to make it work (megaphones or soft landing) so you'll ahve trouble making it work. Not a bad deck, but not a strong one either. Your only Aember control is in DIS (or very minor with Brobnar): Not great. i'll give it a 5/10. Estella is a decent deck, with a sufficient Shadows (skeleton key + Selwyn the Fence is a good combo for example, hidden stash to hide a bait and switch, an urchin to work with the Ghostly hands... It has some OK potential). The DIS is good: Lash of Broken Dreams is awesome, control the weak, three fates, dominator baubles are good, poltergheist is very good to get rid of an opponent's artefact that annoys you... Just be careful with Three fates as it kills the strongest, and if you ahve Niffle queen your niffle apes are power 5! so you may kill them by mistake. Untamed isn't great, but it works and has a couple strong cards (witch of the eye with a speed sigil, deployed next to a shadow self, can be very very good) with nepenthe seed, cooperative hunting... Too bad you don't have a troop call. 7.5/10. Matka is bad, because you have 2 wild wormholes with 2 poison waves and 3 gateway to Dis. Too **** risky. Ozmo the martianologist makes no sense since you don't have Mars, Shadows doesn't do a great job, just decent, with the spymaster being great but doesn't work that well. Too random. Golec is OK. Brobnar is good with lots of creatures, including interesting ones, and has some aember control (Burn the stockpiles + 2 bumpsy can make a -6 aember in one turn. Pretty nasty). The Logos is interesting and should run well withotu being awesome. Crazy killing machine is very good at removing artefacts, all your creatures will force the opponent to get rid of them so will change their plans... Yeah, it's nice. Sanctum has soem artefact remover as well with Gorm, lots of mana generation, some neat support, and veemos lightbringer in a deck where you do'nt have anything with skirmish so you do'nt risk killing your own guys. 7/10. So I would say Ksiezniczka Golec and Estella "Trzon" as good decks, and Ubogi Rybaczyk as a good reversal deck because it's jsut so bad.
  11. I mean, first it's not really fun to be on the receiving end. Secondly, it just flips a card to the other side without even any disadvantage, unlike for example Harland Mindlock that just has to leave play to make the creature switch, and has to select a flank creature, not just any creature. Same for Smiling Ruth, his conditions to capture are much harsher (too harsh IMO btw). IMO, it feels just too good to just drop it on any creature you like. It should at least stun/damage/exhaust the creature that switched sides. I also ahve the same issue with Sneklifter, except that it has the disadvantage of needing the opponent to have an artefact... But at the same time cards that destroy artefacts are very rare, and the card is regarded Shadows! if it's not one from your houses. That's just unbeleivable IMO. These two cards have a problem of balance.
  12. What's Untamed's favourite drink? Brawndo. "Because brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes." Quote from Idiocracy if you wonder where the joke is.
  13. This one has only two-three counters: Logos card that prevents using actions Anything that breaks/uses artefacts - But not really with this deck since you can get back your discard DIS cards that force you to use an other house But really, you can't counter it once it starts rolling. And with the number of cards you can draw per turn... Like you have Quixo and the Sanctum card that readies and uses a card: More draw since you have phase shift. It's just very good.
  14. Dude, just tested it out on the crucible. it's awesome. The combo with reverse time is even more broken than usual. Admittedly, I had library access and nepenthe in ym first hand so I jsut got the ball rolling so easy but still.
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