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  1. I mean, first it's not really fun to be on the receiving end. Secondly, it just flips a card to the other side without even any disadvantage, unlike for example Harland Mindlock that just has to leave play to make the creature switch, and has to select a flank creature, not just any creature. Same for Smiling Ruth, his conditions to capture are much harsher (too harsh IMO btw). IMO, it feels just too good to just drop it on any creature you like. It should at least stun/damage/exhaust the creature that switched sides. I also ahve the same issue with Sneklifter, except that it has the disadvantage of needing the opponent to have an artefact... But at the same time cards that destroy artefacts are very rare, and the card is regarded Shadows! if it's not one from your houses. That's just unbeleivable IMO. These two cards have a problem of balance.
  2. What's Untamed's favourite drink? Brawndo. "Because brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes." Quote from Idiocracy if you wonder where the joke is.
  3. This one has only two-three counters: Logos card that prevents using actions Anything that breaks/uses artefacts - But not really with this deck since you can get back your discard DIS cards that force you to use an other house But really, you can't counter it once it starts rolling. And with the number of cards you can draw per turn... Like you have Quixo and the Sanctum card that readies and uses a card: More draw since you have phase shift. It's just very good.
  4. Dude, just tested it out on the crucible. it's awesome. The combo with reverse time is even more broken than usual. Admittedly, I had library access and nepenthe in ym first hand so I jsut got the ball rolling so easy but still.
  5. It's actually VERY good because you have Reverse Time in it as well. So you can actually get your library access combo much more easily.
  6. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/22/power-up/ I don't see anything like what you said
  7. Bait and switch is a bit more flexible than too much to protect One of the real counters is to have steal on your side as well, like a pair of "routine job"s. When i know the opponent has a B&S, I always try to keep a few cards to steal back a bit of aember of to increase the cost of the opponent's key.
  8. Deuzerre

    Wild Wormhole

    It's a 1 aember card that allows you to play a random card from your or an other house. That's the sweet bit. There are many cards that just shovel cards to the discard jsut as randomly, cards that you might have needed. There are other cards that also allow you to draw cards but that probably aren't from the current house and thus not really playable. It's not awesome, it depends on your deck's content, but it allows some sweet plays if you know your deck well enough. I prefer phase shift, but then it's pretty much a dead card unless you ahve the right combos.
  9. for a full combo you need remiel + Ulyq + John smyth John to redy Ulyq, to use remiel, to use ulyq.
  10. Wow, you made me re-read Tendrils. Always thought it was a straight 3 if the opponent had forged, not 1+3.
  11. Haha. In practice she's great. Works well with seeker needle, or you can use whispers on her to steal from the opponent if there's no better target out there. And Oubliette her eventually if she's too annoying.
  12. Deuzerre


    Well, fateshow's DIS has control the weak which can really turn games. Fear and hand of Dis and three fates are situational but since they will probably have the board control it's always nice to get rid of an upgraded creature with no difficulity. Poltergheist is awesome especially to break combos like the infinite logos draw with a nepenthe seed. Combined with reverse time you'll probably play it several times. Dominator baubble is rather occasional but it's still a deck thinner since it's an artefact, and sacrificial altar will work with your logos creatures. Charette is always nice to prevent a forge, stealer of souls will attract attention anytime he's played so play it that way. The terror is nice if you ahve it in the first hand and occasionally otherwise, but he's still tough with 5 anyway.And tocsin will also draw attention, forcing tem to get rid of him. As said before, master of 2 is bad, but meh... I do'nt see why shadows would be sub par with that deck Miasma + B&S or TMtP is awesome. You don't lack steal with Ghostly hands, relentless whispers, urchin... you ahve a bunch of artefacts to thin your deck (works well with reverse time, again) and the annoying bad penny/seeker needle combo is here. Mooncurser + shadow self is anoying to deal with for an opponent. And safe place makes your B&S better as well.
  13. Deuzerre


    Trivial: Its steals (lifeweb) are hard to use unless you ahve "return to hand" cards, and you do have some so they may work. bt the setup is still hard. Untamed provides a lot of aember and some basic control (mumook for aember control) and mimicry could allow you to use an opponent's bait-and-switch or "too much to protect". The DIS is good-ish but won't control the board for sure. The collar will be good, it's a bit of a cancer card,a nd gongoole x2 + mind barb can be very annoying for the opponent. Brobnar's OK thanks to the Iron obelisk and high HP creatures, but apart from Relentless assault you really lack "oomph". Relentless would have been better if you had creatures with Shirmish int he deck since it can work on non-brobnar cards. Not really that great because the Brobnar is lagging behind, and you probably lack things to deal with an opponent that has a lot of aember generation himself. Fateshow: A strong DIS with poltergeist (really the best artefact user), three fates. Sacrificial altar will allow you to get rid of Dextre fromt he deck which is often a good thing. Some good creatures (Stealer of souls, charette) and less good (master of 2, mostly good agaisnt enemy Shadows if you don't have aember imps). Your Logos is good at trontrooling the enemy Aember but it's counter productive to ahve 2 Effervescent Principles of them (especially wih a bait and switch). Reverse Time is AWESME most of the time, just know when to use it (like after the enemy wiped your board or something). Your shadow is very good at stealing and controlling aember (safe place, skeleton key....). Safe place works well with effervescent principle as well. I'd take Fateshow. A lot more synergies, and better ways of holding on to your gains and preventing the enemy from forging. Too bad you don't ahve any heals with Stealer of Souls.
  14. Chill. I'm not saying shadows makes a deck good. I'm just saying that for a deck to be very good, it's hard for it not to have shadows.
  15. Just had a tournament yesterday evening. 11 players. All but one had Shadows The only Brobnar were tripe gauntlets decks Over half had logos inlucing one with a nepenthe seed + library access + phase shift + untamed key charge. That was the deck without shadows. over half had untamed with pixies and hunting witch. Scarce mars and Dis.
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