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  1. Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - •Colonel Jendon - 61 •Colonel Jendon - Darth Vader’s Shuttle Pilot (46) •Grand Moff Tarkin (10) •Director Krennic (5) TIE/ph Phantom - •“Whisper” - 79 •“Whisper” - Soft-Spoken Slayer (52) Juke (4) Fire-Control System (3) •Darth Vader (14) Stealth Device (6) TIE/in Interceptor - •Soontir Fel - 58 •Soontir Fel - Ace of Legend (52) •Lone Wolf (4) Electronic Baffle (2) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  2. Stealth device does have a place on 1 ag ships, think about it, especially if you can gaurantee 2 evades, it pays for its self the first hit, it costs the same as shield upgrade, and when you do get more than one round out of it, it really makes up for loosing it. On a 3 hit attack you can either get a max of 1 evade (loose 2 shields), or have an evade a reroll and two dice (more than likely getting 2 evades, loosing the 1 shield and ending up in the same place)...now what if the attack is 2 hits, your 1 die still looses you a shield...and you loose the SU points.
  3. Meant to quote find the other post
  4. This list is brutal...i mean like ppl throwing damage cards and rage quitting brutal. ?
  5. Ive flown this list a lot now(like 10 15 times) You have to focus fire ships and delete them fast otherwise the gunboats will fade fast. With 7hp they can take a hit but if you dont get rid of a ship in round 1 of shooting problems will happen
  6. Also os-1 you can only use fcs if you slam'd, use jendon to cordinate to a boat if they need an action after slam
  7. What he said about fcs on jendon, i use tractor beam, and try not to a slam too much, it makes you very predictable...also dont use jendon on turn 1 to tl...it will be a waste your target will just run away
  8. I just messaged ff's rules questions board, if i get a response ill post a screenshot of yhe email here
  9. This needs an faq bad, im getting mixed views in the local community here too...
  10. You are aware crackshot is only primary in 2.0 yes?
  11. Yup, or un stress with a white over or on a rock ?
  12. This is the final build i was using Having force helps for defence, when you are surrounded save it to shoot twice You can lock and use saw as a hard focus
  13. By the way dont use saw if you have the crit that makes all further hits crits...its bad....its very bad...
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