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  1. HelloRPG

    Fallout/Post-Apocalyptic Scavenging

    Basically by narrating the dice result. If they get a lot of advantages it was a quick and lucky find and they get more (in quantity/quality; increase rarity) or have enough time to search more (generally trade ^^ or ^^^ for another search); even if they fail they can trade the advantages for more searching. If they get a lot of disadvantages they might get lower than average loot, took too long for the downtime, or alerted some enemies/wounded themselves (strain or wound) on their search. I also made situation for the players to choose to rest up (normal strain/wound healing) or search for loot, so they had consequences on the scenario. Also adding boost dice for light-sources, or something like a crowbar, etc.
  2. HelloRPG

    Fallout/Post-Apocalyptic Scavenging

    My group just used the same rules provided for rarity on page 82-83 of the core, only instead of negotiation/street-wise we used perception or survival. Most fully intact weapons were rarity 5-ish modified by the location to scavenge (copy of the table I.5-2), plus GM upgrading difficulty dice on defined dangerous locations (like a battlefield or raider territory). Most of the time we got one to two scenes of downtime to scavenge per session, basically the shopping/resupply scene that we can get if we are in the middle of nowhere or out of cash.
  3. HelloRPG


    Surprise no one posted Ace Combat 7 pics yet
  4. HelloRPG

    Useful Talents: Are They Really Useful?

    Partially it also has to do with the narrative/background of your PCs; I mean, unless you are (were) a incompetent and/or an anti-social mess at work, you should have some connections in your field/organization that you can call some help. Although the favour talents seems to be more than the usual connection at the work place, as you can call them up for free every session; some implication that you were an "above the crowd" with your connections. Game Design-wise the class skills are a bonus, while the free favour is the meat of the talent I believe.; the skills are there to mostly make narrative sense why would an "outsider" have these contacts.
  5. HelloRPG

    Shadows of the Beanstalk

    Probably they'll put a pdf, as they did it for the other books. It usually takes a week or so, as the devs seem to fix any obvious typos in the hardcopy when transferring to pdf format...also some shenanigans between FFG and Drivethru often occur, as with any inter-corporate relations. One thing weird is that FFG hasn't posted SotB's release in their main page yet, although they did announce the live stream. Maybe they're busy with something else?
  6. HelloRPG

    Shadows of the Beanstalk

    I do find that both rule-sets are more streamlined than their SW counterparts, although I might add some attachments from SW if it makes the session interesting. Also they aren't really supporting customization of vehicles as of now in Genesys (although that might change), as none of the vehicles published are without hard points.
  7. HelloRPG

    Shadows of the Beanstalk

    One thing that kinda bothered me was that there isn't a price & rarity guideline on clones, bioroids, pets, or drones. They are the main critical commodity in the setting, so I thought you can buy them. For now I'll just use Star Wars Droid prices as guidelines, but I wish there was something official. Also, just in case I have missed it in fine text or big, if anyone find the price in the book a citation would be grateful!😀
  8. HelloRPG

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    So yeah read the book. I love the graceful favour system, really streamlined form of obligation from EotE with room for dynamic interactions. Really glad that they upgraded the social mechanics in the core.
  9. I don't know if the special ability is appropriate for an archtype. It seems bit weak and somewhat conflicting in design of the archetypes as a whole to have both a benefit and a penalty in use. All other archtypes have ability that's only giving you a positive benefit, designed to be used as a silver bullet in the climax or in a pinch. The ability presented here isn't really a silver bullet, and kinda makes you think twice about using it especially in the climax or in a pinch; it might make the situation worse. In addition due to the dynamic results of the dice, in personal opinion, there isn't much use for "rerolls" in Genesys compared to other games. Finally, I'm not too sure if it fits the design of a "drifter," a person who is moving constantly without a fixed home or occupation. I would rather suggest an ability fitting in the theme of movement (as per drifter) with pure mechanical benefits. I was thinking something along the lines of a story point once per session to have a free incidental manoeuvre not limited by the max two you have, so you can do something out of turn or a have 3 manoeuvre in your turn.
  10. HelloRPG

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Although this might be a stretch, but the Alien-franchise, especially the first one, has some cyberpunk elements; the first film (1979) also shares the same universe with Blade Runner, as with the reference to Wayland-Yutani, etc. All films have powerful exo-stat corporations, androids, and workers at high risk & low compensated jobs as the background setting; although the action is focused on the xenomorph. It could work for android, as they too have outer colonies (although not outside of the solar system, I believe).
  11. HelloRPG

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    FFG must of used their secret fast shipping couriers!!!
  12. HelloRPG

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Generally Android follows the more Neo-Liberal critique of modernity, so in simplified terms its a dystopian genre where capitalism and profit driven corporations ran rampant to damage society; opposite to more authoritarian cyberpunk with a fascist/state-control critique. Notable tropes often include four of: extreme exploitation of workers, widening class disparity, and increased crime rates, as rich become richer and poor become poorer; corporations becoming more powerful and even replacing the nation-state (and democracy); man serving technology rather than technology serving man, as we are dependent on our increasing complex devices without critical review; and since our review of technology is lacking it will ultimately replace or destroy us. Classic works following this are as follows: Blade Runner (1982) and Its sequel Blade Runner 2049 - specifically good for Android's crisis of workers vs clones or bioroids, and exploring what it means to be an "artificial human." Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex (season 1) - specifically good for relationship of how powerful corporation can be in the setting, and what sort of conspiracy they try to do against the nation-state (or to conspire with them) and its people. Repo Men (2010) - not the best movie, but the premise is interesting. People buy upgrades or replacement medical organs from a corporation, and when they can't pay for these hired guns come to repossess them. Robocop (1987) to (2014) - all of the movies addresses some critique to corporations and their motives, but also explores humanity in non or once human beings. I, Robot - both the movie and the novel kinda explores the three laws of robotics that bioroids in androids are prescribed to; and how they break out of it.
  13. HelloRPG

    Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?

    I don't know if it requires balancing, because technically speaking wounds are only one factor of the PC's health attributes; the two others being critical hits and strain. Generally speaking if the game feels like people relying too much on painkillers it's usually due to the scenario only penalizing players towards wounds and not the other two; usually a symptom lacking any other gimmicks than straight "annihilation" combat, where one force kills the other without use of tactics in a flat plane. The good thing of Genesys is that the damages are often linked to narrating epic scenes in an action movie; One example is falling, which even at short range (few meters) will do 10 wounds and 10 strain (strain not reduced by soak). Unfortunately FFG isn't doing those battlefield scene tables where both the players and GM can use their advantages/threats for greater narrative effect like they did in Star Wars, or at least yet, which helps.
  14. HelloRPG

    Android: Official Genesys System

    In defence, Huzz's list has the assumption that laser weapons are standard for all sci-fi settings, and rarity is balanced to the power of the weapon mechanically ("R" restriction non-existent). The official Android list better reflects the technological capabilities of setting (late 21st century Earth), and its legal rules. I mean you can get the Auto Shotgun at rarity 5 instead of 8, although with dubious legal issues coming up on the purchase; reflecting it's ease of fabrication and high demand, but with legal restrictions. Heck, a pistol is rarity 2 in the official list, so it reflects how libertarian self-defence is the norm in the beanstalk. Generally I think Genesys's equipment list should reflect the setting more than other systems, and Huzz's list to be more of a guide line and inspiration.
  15. HelloRPG

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Generally now a days they prefer to print the physical copy, then fix any mistakes in the digital version; Was for both Genesys and the new L5R. Granted, when they publish the pdf is also somewhat random, as Genesys core took two week, the same day for Terrinoth, and L5R took about a month or so.