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  1. Tempt me into bringing an Intimidation A Wing? At the very least, I'm taking an I1 something for the purpose of countering the madness! Even if blocked, he could blankout and heroic that roll into natties, and with no focus, the math says add the blank before heroic (as opposed to heroic and add focilud). So if I do everything right, there is the normal 2 agility possibility of 9/64 that he gets 2 evades, but then there remains the Heroic 9/64 that he gets a mulligan, but in Finn's case with an extra die. Disgusting! Time to dig out those old ramblings of mine that warned of perceptive heroic Finn...
  2. No one flies Jarrus or Ezra and few fly Luke or Rey, so that leaves only the Jedi as the commonplace lightsiders around. There's a good amount of Vader, the Inquisition!!!!!!! (but was it unexpected?), Kylo, and Assaj with a few Infiltrators about, so I saved time by making the meaningless artificial group. I don't like groups with their identifiers as negations, so I used a non negatory identifier that at the time is relevant. If we see Luke again, we'll have to resort to non-Delta7 force users as the denoter.
  3. [Especially Supernat] Kylo is stupid, and I'll give you that; it's why I fly him. But when either self or unintentionally blocked, your mods are going to be weak compared to other blocked force users, given no regen, his pricetag, and 3 dmg to half points. It also sucks so, so, badly to reroll blanks/foci into blanks/foci *PTSD from tournaments lost on easy killshots resurge*. To overcome this plague, you can install advanced optics on him, and in my experience of my latent adopting of this tech over other listbuilding options, it has worked wonders, especially given the pre-optic versatility of focus. However: -It raises the pricetag, which is good for pointfortressing but forces me to be more cautious -Only works if the action is taken, so intentional bumps are now more serious and I can't red maneuver all day like primed/pattern Kylo -Typically runs force on the dry end, so I might have to pass on showing the dark side when I would really like to or have to do it when I'd rather keep the force. I.e., tougher decisions on that end. Given how you can choose the stupidity of how good Kylo is at the expense of other options and thus not merely taking everything, I wouldn't equate him to regening force sensitive X Wings with double repo and 2-3 shields of regen (sometimes at I6). Kylo is typically "choose x number of cheats from y number options." I6 3 force Anakin's like "well, I already have my built-in pattern analyzer on top of Nien's ability on a very slightly worse version of autothrusters, so I guess I'll take regen and the obstacles that let me and not you act when running over them, give me my missing 3rd green and a passive evade, lol". Not calling for nerfs. Just saying that Dark Side force users are not quite as powerful than Jedi. I guess the ultimate solution is take debris and Fac everyone in the Black Sun Assassin once the Nantec rolls up, ushering in the age in which all fly large base to avoid nasty tricks.
  4. Nah, my spiel this week is "give Recoil the cannon slot! Everything will be ok..."
  5. This discussion makes me want to see what the text to S Foils would look as a ship ability... 1 recurring charge (somehow separate from charge pilot abilities, I guess placed beneath the card, IDK). Servomotor S Foils: When you activate, you may spend one <charge>. While your <charge> is inactive, you may perform <boost> and <focus linked to red boost> actions. When you perform a primary attack, if your <charge> is inactive, roll one fewer attack die. Wouldn't work for T70's given the charge mechanic for Poe/Jess and fighting for Weapons Hardpoint as a ship ability.
  6. This is true, given he acquires, not acts for his lock. If AS becomes initiative based, he could rise from beneath Rex's shadow. To avoid a double post: How good is a pattern analyzer at analyzing patterns? Does it accidentally see patterns where none are, or is it a tool to keep that practice of the pilot's down? What kind of patterns are being analyzed? Why do the patterns need to be analyzed? Does it analyze what kind of stress the ship will endure given the series of input by the pilot, thereby offering a warning to the pilot that the fighter will be stressed?
  7. Which is why Rex is so fun! Give him an HLC + LW/Juke and people spend their actions running off. And if they don't, kaboom! (Yeah, defenders can take Outmaneuver or what not, but Juke is still super good on Rex). Almost took this to Gencon, although in this build Rex has HLC and LW but Grand Inky only has Hate. It's solid, but my Soontir play is too cowardly. I'm glad I flew FO instead bc the win threshold for dial covers was much lower, as was expected.
  8. Much easier to fit, for sure. Depends if you want to go upgrades (O-66) or ability (Maul).
  9. A very solid list, and the litmus test for any Defender list. Also similar to Kylo 2U. I guess that the reason it feels a little off is that although Deltas are good, even Onyx's have a situational Wedge ability with Outmaneuver or an effective 4 die gun with Juke. Even Marksmanship Autoblasters for just 3 more points to the Onyx chassis can become a good source of annoyance.
  10. Lambda confirmed regional-legal when? Oh that's right, after the Defender in wave 6, while it waits. Also Rex + Maarek + Palp >>> Vess + Whatevs + Palp: fite mii freidayy
  11. 2 ship defender is best done with 2 lean defenders and a filler. 1 defender is great for ensuring a point fortress. 2 is a redundancy and thus lost points. You could thus replace a Defender with a super ace like Vader/Whisper etc. or even decide to go lean and have 3 high init aces, 1 being a defender. 2 ship lists that work either tank super well and/or can run like crazy. There are way too many shots fired out there for a single token stack to endure early game shots and do damage whilst full throttling and not getting blocked. For this reason Thicc Ricc hasn't been explored much. Also, Defenders typically want to move first, even if they are not rocking Juke. They see open spots and want to be there, commanding board presence and daring an ace to engage. They don't repo much, even with Outmaneuver, HLC, or Marksmanship+Autoblasters. A bid typically means wasted points. Night beast is a good friend of Rex and Vess tho, although Vess can be Thiccsper in that list.
  12. Vess will never be as good as Brath: change my mind. I5 (for juke, hlc, or auto blaster purposes) + flipping cards + cheaper cost >>> full mods only when Vader and the filler are still alive and the target Vader shot at is still alive Just a PSA for any Delta Squadron recruits hoping to up their Defender game to Onyx Squadron in Hyperspace come Wave 6.
  13. 3 kinds that I have enjoyed: All high init: nuke the little guys off and run about so as to make the opponent's squad an increasingly less effective for any of your endgame ships (example: Rex, Whisper, friend [back when I could fit LW Soontir or Composure Afterburner Maarek, but now the friend can be a lean Maarek or a kitted Duchess etc.]) High mobility, high defense, and high offense are key (2 copies of juke, full mods, ATC, Maarek or Rex abilities, etc. You can afford some, but can't take all. Stay lean.) 2 Hammer 1 Anvil: 2 lumbering "joust me, bro"s area control for the ace to run about. The goal is to grind down the things that the ace doesn't want to joust while you flank and mop up (Kylo, Tavson, and Thannison were great fun, but now Thannison has to drop to a generic. Goodbye, troll of b wings). Reinforce, high hp, and high red die counts are great to normalize the effectiveness of the anvils and save them from bad dice (sorry, passive gunboats: 4 dice without needing the lock and the token of nearly always an evade can defeat RNGsus better than you can). 2 ships + annoying shield upgrade: wanted to fly a 2 ship list and its obese glory but want a distraction to function as a 24-31 pt shield upgrade? Then take a 3 ship list, replace an ace with filler, and load up with upgrades like there is no tomorrow! Whisper cannibalizes Maarek to take passive sensors and the force, passing her buddy Rex a loose hlc, and both enjoying their status as even harder hitting endgame ships while Night Beast gets nuked as a distraction on the all important opening rounds. Quickdraw Kylo Blackout become a Quickdraw and Super Kylo that set down 3 hits whilst Rivas draws the aggro. Although I've had the most experience with #1 and the highest success with #2, I enjoy #3 the most. I recently took #3 up as a solution to #1's fear of an ace not delivering on offense and #2's complete vulnerability to highly mobile lists. And although I haven't gone to a long tourney with it yet, I feel like the cheap ship as a shield upgrade works well. At Gencon, as my Fanatical Scorch kept getting sniped and demolished, I regretted not making him cheaper for better tech for Kylo QD. Double defensive mods are rare in 2nd e, and I tend to build for a highly dodgy/defensive endgame ship anyway, so just reducing the points on filler to bleed less MOV and better the squad's stars makes sense.
  14. Kylo and Rexi Boi disagree. Wedge is terrifying, but high action efficiency and mobility are great way to stay alive. Also turns out that force, juke, and abilities and tech have a terrifying dps. However, we should fear good Wedge players far more than Wedge the pilot. They know when and how to trade Wedge, to cycle arcs, and keep lockdowns on areas: little repositioning needed. Defensive tokens? Dont bother and shoot more often than the opposition. Wedge is Rebel Quickdraw in game sense strats confirmed.
  15. X Wings are easily identified with Star Wars, and people get into the game for X Wings vs. TIE Fighters. No change needed
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