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  1. player3010587

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    It would make sense, as that is in the same time period as the sequels, even though it is Legends. But unfortunately, I think FFG wants to define tech as the slot that goes on ships specific to the sequels. Pattern Analyzer would be so good on Corran, freeing up his Advanced Sensors slot. But then how does it interact with Elusive?
  2. player3010587

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Currently, the best Auzituck out there is Lt. Tavson. But that hasn't stopped me from slapping on afterburners on Wulfwarro for the lols.
  3. player3010587

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    Just sayin'. Kyle Katarn.
  4. player3010587

    Poe > Kylo

    True. The silencer is good, but Poe offers so much more consistency, especially in a 6+ game tournament. He's like Soontir Fel but built like a tank! However, you can still revive dead memes with the silencer by painting it to be a big chungus.
  5. player3010587

    Already frothing at the mouth for that Wave 3 Clone Wars stuff

    Any drink non-alcoholic was once referred to as "soft drink", to contrast it with an actual hard drink. "Pop" refers to soft drinks that are carbonated. I don't know what constitutes a soda exactly, but at least I have a start.
  6. player3010587

    Which preview will be out today?

    It's all a result of people obfuscating deception with the presentation of inaccuracy. Of course, all lies are falsehoods, but not all falsehoods are lies. For example, when Alex Davy was stating how Vader could chain off Advance Sensors (prior to 2nd edition release), his intention was to present us with correct information, and thus he did not lie (given his impression of how the team was handling pre-maneuver actions). But when Valve has a skeleton team working on the ever-stalled Half Life 3 with no intention on release yet claims that they are developing it, their intent is to dupe those whom would interpret them to be planning to release it (hence, Lies! Deception!).
  7. player3010587

    Which preview will be out today?

    I cannot teach him. The boi has no patience.
  8. player3010587

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    The date of Jan 28 is a subtle nod to the fact that tugboats will remain 28 pt. Meanwhile, Vader crew will be bumped to 28. On the other hand, TIE Strikers and A wings will be 28 pt. This started off as a snarky post but turned into an absurd obsession with conspiracy tinfoil hats.
  9. player3010587

    Happy Friday

    How many ships can "push", but without Push the Limit, their linking is all unique. Each ship feels very different, and that is before we discuss the "gimmick" ships like strikers and phantoms designed in 1st edition to be a sharp break. It's some amazing nuance.
  10. player3010587

    Create a new upgrade card competition (Winners announced!)

    Magical schwimbly schwombly: Force Power, large base only. 2 pt. While attacking, during the compare results step, you may spend 1 force to reroll any number of your dice. If you do, your opponent must reroll all non-evade results. No dice may be further modified, but results may still be cancelled or spent. Perchance an incentive to consider large base force users?
  11. player3010587

    Hyperspace I5 bid predictions

    On an unrelated topic but relevant to the post's origin, was looking at the I5 bids for Outryder in Dion's spreadsheet. The deepest bid was a rebel list at 17. Easily most bids were single digits. Either the US midwest expects a lot of hyper efficient lists like boba palob tugs, low init bulk like 3 upsilons or swarms, or having an I5 outplayed by skillful Poesh the Limit.
  12. player3010587

    Please everyone please stop insulting each other!

    Haven't checked that thread recently, tbh. That electronic baffles me, as both systems have great merit for the game.
  13. player3010587

    Hyperspace I5 bid predictions

    Haven't seen much of Guri locally or heard about her on the webs lately. How aggressive should her bid be? Being thweek against non-I6 is nice, but it means you get fewer of the many neat little toys Scum has access to. But fatten the list too much, and you just end up with a pricey Xizor that can't damage-spread annoyingly.
  14. player3010587

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Good analysis. Just hoping that they are efficient enough to withstand the trajectory sim of the resistance bomber gibbing them and their turret placements or Kylo's ability to "lol, despayeeto!" out of a killbox. Yeah, the bomber is a larger concern and Kylo is wanting for the tools that Poe has available, but the fact that an entire ship chassis based on Kylo's playstyle with I6 3F Anakin has me concerned for the clone v. droid balance. But the jakku-proofing of the chassis has me hopeful!
  15. player3010587

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.

    It's not porg-infested. They now have a decent food supply!