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  1. Phil GC is running Precog Etakin and Supernat Obi-2. Panic.
  2. What do you think of replacing a Jedi with a clone with Detonators for the mirror? Sure, carpet bombing is only going to hit these guys en masse, but area denial can influence these guys. Also, how much do they hate Emon/Sol?
  3. My lowest point begets my contribution to the game: https://hoarderofgarlicbread.wordpress.com/2020/11/24/necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention/
  4. Ric + Wolffe + New Obi + New Anakin all fit, although you probably want to gut the muggles so that the Jedi can have some fancy toys with all those options.
  5. Eta Anakin is DarkSide, so you can meme more with ol' Palp or a late Republic/Early Empire post Order 66 Great Purge thematic list. The fact that you can R7A7 + Autoblasters to deal damage even when depleted and tokening up for defense against something else is nothing short of pure disgustingness. Fortunately, Outmaneuver doesn't work on the 3 dice bullseye attack, but the combo of Force + Talent is concerningly powerful. I suppose it's balanced by the flimsiness of the chassis without...it has a mod slot?!
  6. Hmmm. It seems you can interact with archived forums for games no longer published by FFG.
  7. Hunt rolls--in the vast majority of cases--are only applied if the Free Peoples moved The Fellowship that turn. And each Nazgul leadership = 1, except for The Witch King, whose leadership = 2. Why am I replying to a topic 7 years after the fact? Another game I enjoy is being transferred from FFG to another publisher under Asmodee, much like War of the Ring prior to its 2nd edition and expansions. I'm checking to see if Forums can still be interacted with when the IP is "dead" and archived.
  8. Excellent! As an update for you watching my ill-fated games (batrep and such to come later this busy week), not only did I roll some average stuff online that night, but I invented a training tool that simulates severely haunted greens and it works! With it forcing myself to take the first of many many steps to learn to "see the matrix" of gameflow relative to the ticking timer, I'm beginning to be weaned off hiding behind clouds and hoping for at absolute worse moderately bad results. Winning with "Ghostmode" (so long as my opponent is fine with me severely handicapping myself) is indescribably good-feeling (although the ironic bit is that with this tool I have still to roll quite like Saturday XD).
  9. I've avoided the forums aside from this thread and checked Discord twice this week. I'm taking a break from the talking about the game, but I still aim for the tourney this weekend. Even if I don't do well, the social aspect of X-Wing is one of the best aspects.
  10. Maybe the advocates of drinking during X-Wing are on to something: https://hoarderofgarlicbread.wordpress.com/2020/11/12/the-regrettable-update/
  11. Full disclosure, I think the TIE/rb is neat. https://strawpoll.com/7w1wk83u8
  12. Ah Tavison, the OP merging of Tavson and Thannison! As a sidenote, what would Tavson crew do? If Thannison crew/pilot punishes getting stressed/red/orange tokens, would Tavson just be a single recurring charge of his ability? How much would that cost, 10 pt?
  13. Who needs a T85 when the T70 is finally doing all the cool stuff? I still want to see a chonky X-Wing though, so hoping for the T85. A game of medium base X Wings and TIE fighters will be funny. Sumo-wing?
  14. Except Suppressive Gunner is a mod and Snapshot doesn't let you mod.
  15. Considering that with the R4 droid that Poe is essentially SLAMing every turn, might I propose we refer to Overdrive Poe as a GunPoet (pronounced like "Gunboat", not "Gun-poet")? What sayeth @gennataos?
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