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  1. Pattern Analyzer is 5 pt cheaper than Adv Sensors.....hmmmmmmm. Both have really good red maneuvers for that card.....HMMMMMMMMMMM. E Wings with heroic and Punishers (if gifted slot) with fanatical....UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. BB Astro linked bar shenanigans and targeting sync being worth the points for once....AWWWWWWWWWUUUGHHHGHGHGHGHHHFGH!!!!!!!!! M9G8 game breaking and Dromitz Trajectory sims, 1 with electro proton...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  2. I alluded to it. He's also useful for the generics. It's fun to use vectored thrusters to give 2 friendly E's token stacks when you can line it up. When it is lined up of course. Dang, if the Republic gets a craft similar to the the E, I expect Obi's cost to go way, way up.
  3. With fcs E-wings, if it's not Corran, I'll auto-spend the lock on more than 2 blanks. But 1 blank happen enough such that FCS has merit: it's only 2 pt. Plus, it opens your droid options.
  4. Spare Parts are fun on Corran with Coordinate or Airen. They actually make Rebel Fenn worth the cost of I6 coordinate. Snap on Airen makes Corran less reliant on Jake or Coordinate, ironically enough. E Wings are workable, and afterburners might still be the best mod for non-Adv Sensor R4 Daredevils, but they are still way too dependent on friends for their role of Superiority Fighter. Compare to: TIE/D: Literally the most Lone Wolf and the best token stacker in the game. Everything the E wants. Big F in the chat bois. Starviper: Very mobile and can diet Kylo. Knife fights like an action hero. Wait, your hard 1's are RED? Hahaha T70: great value, but Snap, Nien, and Poe can up the action efficiency with cool tricks. Also, tech slot/hard point >>> sensor/torpedo. I'm sorry, but Nien is beyond cool compared to Corran. Also, Debris Gambit Poe panic-turtles waaaaay better than Corran does. But he doesn't need to with Black 1! Also BB8 in faction is one of the best pre-move shenanigans. TIE/vn: At low levels, essentially a T65 with better actions and a bonus agi for 9 pt. At high levels, an Interceptor with double health, tech slot, and both munitions. Also often force. The E Wing is a what fighter again? lol Delta7: a Jedi Interceptor that has a load of pilots, 2 configs, and can mod dice after double repositioning. Can turtle better than a solo E. This is worth far more than a sensor and torpedo slot and it shows. FFG: stop trying to sell us the E as a Superiority Fighter. It is not. You're giving the B a config, so might as well do it to this or just make a new ship that actually allows rebel aceplay and not be boring. Or....Luke flew one of these things, ya know...
  5. It's legit. Back when you could fit composure and afterburners on Maarek in that setup, I went 4-2 with it at Adepticon. But that was before the Jedi. If you want Palp Aces, a deluxe Lone Wolf Adv Sensord Rex, a decent Crack Passive Maarek, and Palp all fit.
  6. It's because adding the word "bean" to Vanilla increases one's appreciation for it. Vanilla...OK. Vanilla BEAN: hon hon hon, je suis connaisseur de glaces oui oui baguette! This is due to the power of Jad [Chad] Bean, AKA "Scorch".
  7. Deltas are Defender Vanilla. The basic flavor and what is expected at baseline. Those who prefer it are purists. You can build around the concept of Vanilla with the flavors of named pilots and/or any number of upgrades via toppings. It's just that as cool as these creations can be, they can become unfocused or a shitload of calories. Some shitloads of calories are worth it and a grand masterpiece, but the flavor advantages must always be compared to simply sticking with Vanilla. Onyx generics are Chocolate. I can respect trying to build off Chocolate as it's own base flavor, but it's easier to concoct around Vanilla, especially without having the Sundae taste like an incoming Diabeetus Beatdown.
  8. The later the game, the better they get, coming more out of the flank/shadows and getting more jousty, 1v1 ing almost anything. The fear of getting blocked evaporates. Great pt fortresses. 2 + palp are pretty good. Rex can he slotted with 2 other great Imperial pieces and work well. Heck, Rex + 4 TIEs of choice has worked for me. Ryad is the best at not getting blocked, although Adv Sensors can fix that problem. Vess is overcosted, but makes a fun Wingman for Vader or other FCS pieces. Juke still fits well on Defenders: every juke increase sees defenders drop equally. Best stacked like in Rex + 2 Sigma, Rex + Whisper + Friend, etc. Jedi make it sad. Outmaneuver is cool, but Marksmanship + Autoblaster is 1/2 the cost and 2 times the value. Crack is good, and trick shot synergizes with collision detector. But LW is the bomb, especially with Jedi negating non-stacked versions of Juke. It makes it much harder to take dmg, but increases dmg. output when not shot at. Jamming beam rarely gets used. HLC is pretty good. The missiles are best left empty, but mag pulse are coming (try hitting Rex after he shoots that at you!). Fcs has value for not-Vess, especially with coordinate.
  9. Toss in a palpmobile and a passive crack Maarek and you got yourself the nastiest Rexler possible.
  10. I'm doing the same with Crossroads, but only bc Vonreg > Quickdraw at nearly any pricing point reasonably imaginable.
  11. Just a fun hypothetical: If you could give a chassis from your main faction to a pilot not included in that faction, what combo would it be? On behalf of the First Order, I would gift Oddball with a TIE/vn Silencer. The world descends into madness as I gleefully enjoy the chaos, especially with a clone as the Republic's premier I5 ace.
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