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  1. I've gotten way better at knowing each tile and being able to find them quickly, but those first few plays through FotFF were kinda rough. Each time I wished that the app had told me a list of tiles to find before the mission. Though I realized that would/could spoil some of the exploration in the mission. One idea I had was to compile a list of tiles that included a few extras. That way you didn't need to search through as big of a pile but it still maintained some mystery with the exploration.
  2. Cool, this is helpful! I guess I could have also asked, "what's a good Imperial Class deck to play with Twin Shadows, that will focus on being fun/thematic for new Rebel players?" I didn't know if Nemeses would bring too many villains into a short campaign, but part of me thinks that would be more interesting than just having a ton of stormtroopers. As far as rebel player experience, one of the players has gone through Aftermath and knows the basics of the game and the other player will be completely new (though has seen it played). I'm expecting the first mission to be kinda rough on them but I plan to go easy on them. The goal is to eventually play a longer campaign but I need something shorter so there's an end in sight. The other option is to just start a campaign of RtH, knowing that we'd probably never finish the full campaign but that it could be easier on newer Rebel players.
  3. I'm hoping to start my first campaign as the Imperial Player. We're starting with a short campaign so it won't seem as overwhelming for new players. So trying to make it enjoyable for the Rebel players will be a big goal for me. I wanted to see if there are any suggestions on IP class decks with Twin Shadows and specifically if the Nemeses deck would work well. Thinking that I'd go with another bounty hunter or maybe Greedo and then probably Captain Terro for villains. What's worked well for other Imperial Players in Twin Shadows?
  4. Regarding the bug of not seeing missions, upgrades and armory. I did notice the last time through that the campaign log showed data from a Flight of the Freedom Fighter mission. I tried to recreate this but I didn't see this the next time around. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this as well? Just reading the below info from Vazzucious this morning. I do have this application installed on 2 windows devices that are both logged into Steam. This makes me think that the game being saved between these two devices could be part of the issue. I did do an uninstall of the application on one of my devices, reinstalled and tried to load up the mission (from steam) and still did not see the new mission, upgrades and armory options. I have not reached out to FFG via software@fantasyflightgames.com but I'll do that today. Frustrating to see people are seeing this past the first mission.
  5. Android Phone running updated 1.3 app. I fired up the new campaign to test it out and see the new features. During the first mission, I selected surrender to not spoil mission info and it ended the mission as expected. I was then brought to the mission selection screen with no options to continue to a new mission. When I opened the armory, I hear the card shuffle sounds but am not presented with any selections. I also wasn't able to select any upgrades for my heroes. I tried to recreate this but wasn't able too. But I have both saved games and confirmed the original save game still does not have any options to move forward. Hopefully this doesn't happen to someone several missions into a campaign.
  6. This is less a wishlist item since it's probably just cosmetic. Will we see a way to equip gear for Heroes? There's a personal inventory section when you select your skills. I wonder if we'll be able to equip gear there? Wishlist related, I would love to see some random side quests too! They could be reused between the different campaigns and would give us just a bit more to make replaying a better experience. I'd also love to see an Undo button. Longterm it would be great if they gave us a mission editor so we could generate some of this content on our own. That would open the door to use tiles from all the campaigns. Descent has that now so maybe we'll see it in the future too!
  7. Yes, the Core Game will allow you to play the full app campaign without missing anything and be an enjoyable experience. If you were to buy one expansion along with the Core Game for strictly app play, I would personally recommend the Rebel Troopers. Hopefully we'll see a new campaign or update to the app within the next few weeks! Otherwise there's some great variant/solo/co-op play options listed in other threads that would help tide you over till we see new content in the app.
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