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  1. Yeah, sorry about that. I was showing here since I've first mentioned it I thought people might be interested plus I thought I might be able to help Hinny with some of the graphical work if he needed it, citing my work on these as an example. But you're right, I'll make my own thread somewhere For now, I've started a facebook group you're welcome to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/696853970694621/
  2. Building my own Maneuver dial template in photoshop while we wait for strange eons. Let me know if anyone is interested. Here is an example of the most complex dial it can handle (up to 24 maneuvers!). Hinny, let me know if I can help with any of the graphical work you need for strange eons.
  3. Well I took a stab at it and made this... What do you think?
  4. Saaaaad. Maybe I'll need to make a photoshop template afterall ?
  5. Any update on the Strange Eons X-Wing 2.0 module? I'm specifically waiting for the maneuver dial creator as that would be the most difficult to do in photoshop. Also mephiston x, have you done any work on templates for the pilot token? The square cardboard piece that covers the flight stand base?
  6. My most recent card using my modified template.
  7. Hey mephiston x I have one more request from you. Think you can make an attack icon for bullseye weapons like the picture below? If not, I could probably do it myself but I figured I'd ask.
  8. First draft of my custom upgrade cards. What do you think? Remember that all Melee Weapon upgrades allow you to perform attacks at range 0. In addition, if you would fail a boost action by overlapping another mobile suit, this upgrade allows you to resolve it as though you were partially executing a maneuver instead.
  9. This will do just nicely, thank you! The thing about strange eons is I mostly use it for the maneuver dial since I am creating cards for a homebrew game as you can see above. So I prefer a PSD overall because I can tweak things.
  10. Any chance you might do something similar for upgrade cards Mephiston?
  11. Tada! (Picture removed due to attachment limits)
  12. Nevermind, I figured out what happened. Some of the layers weren't named correctly. I've resolved it
  13. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out what happened. Some of the layers weren't named correctly. I've resolved it Hey there, so I was just going over your template (amazing work btw) and I was wondering if you have a version of the imperial with linked actions. It appears to be missing.
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