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  1. Here's the only picture I could find right now. I was lazy and played around wirh contrast colours, but imho veterans work with non-Hoth colours too. No offense to Tauntaunscout though! 😉
  2. Trust your buddy! Having seen it on opening day I agree with what he told you. I fully support what Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun said in his spoiler-free review btw (and yes, I wore my imperial uniform to the screening).
  3. A little 'light cover diorama' I came up with lately, and an eopie. 😀
  4. They're also in the Phase 1 Clone trooper pack. Or else I wouldn't know where I got my one Electrobinoc card. 😉
  5. Can't wait for the glorious return of Hondo Ohnaka! 😀
  6. I am still waiting for History of the World, Part II ...
  7. We sometimes use pilots, droids or civilian models instead of crates when retrieving supplies.
  8. It's a Sith holocron, because even for Palpatine Knowledge is Power. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Sith_holocron And I agree, that miniature looks great as it is!
  9. Finished a new squad, Fleet Troopers of the desert..
  10. ` My 4th game coming up and I signed up for a tournament at our game store for it. I have no idea about the local meta, but a similar set-up (wookies and a second sniper team instead of AT-RTs) got me along nicely in a friendly match against Palp and 3 Guards (though that player was just as fresh as myself). I was also thinking about replacing Leia with Chewie by taking out some of the extra troopers and fiddling with upgrades.
  11. When we bought our house last year we were lucky enough to find one with a large hobby room. The ping pong table we got cheap is large enough for tabletop games and my fiance's sewing patterns. Always wanted a hobby room, was about time.
  12. Crypt Spider sense tingling... Love that board!
  13. I only checked out Battlekiwi for terrain but I know they have a battle box with unit trays, if that's what you mean. https://www.battlekiwi.com/product/sw-legion-battle-box/
  14. Well, thanks. The question came up late into the night, after the game, hypothetically, and we didn't have the RRG handy.
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