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  1. My question is for a ruling on if Captain Jostero can be triggered by Dace Bonearm ability. Recently in a Tournament it was ruled as Dace cannot trigger the Jostero abiity becuase it would occur during the defending phase of an attack. Here is the timing of it, Someone hits an enemy ship with an Ion weapon during combat phase. Dace then triggers his ability to add a damage, but this happens as soon as the ion token is assigned (which is during last step of defending the attack). I thought Jostero would trigger his bonus attack on the damage from Dace since his damage came from the assigning of an ion and and not the attack itself. Jostero's ability states he may make an attack once per round when a ship takes damage that is not defending from an attack. I could use the community help on this and maybe an official ruling from FFG rule moderator.
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