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  1. Zenferno

    Genesys mechanic used in 5E / d20

    You're already rolling the second, occasional d20 in 5e due to Adv/Dis. Just get two d20 of different colors, with one color being Primary, the other Secondary. The Primary d20 works as normal. The Secondary d20 is your And/But dice, with the same DC as your Primary.
  2. Zenferno

    Question on silhouettes for Redwall inspired archetypes

    Chewed on this for a bit. What do you think of doubling the Brawn bonus for Melee, Brawl, WT and Encumbrance, but all their gear (weapons, armor, etc) costs 1.5x more? The exact cost need to be adjusted to make it fair.
  3. Zenferno

    Question on silhouettes for Redwall inspired archetypes

    It's not unreasonable, assuming that something (such as starting XP) makes up the difference.
  4. This. It would be used to give fights a sense of momentum, and would make trying to predict your opponent's actions extremely important.
  5. This is actually a cool concept that deserves it's own hack. Dynamic environments aren't explored enough in the CRB, and newer GMs typically need a lot of guidance with this. Your thoughts on the Bullet Time initiative?
  6. Zenferno

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    I would personally only play a Pokemon game that was this complicated or less.
  7. Zenferno

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Its a Kind of Magic!

    At my table we've always allowed people to combine spell tables, as long as they're willing to accept the combined Difficulty.
  8. Zenferno

    Super Brawn

    So uh, assuming you're using the Magic route to represent a Super Characteristic, what's the best way to do it, and what's an appropriate difficulty/cost?
  9. Zenferno

    Augment Spell on Weapons

    RB nailed it. Other things to consider: The Flaming Sword can be disarmed. The Flaming Sword guy's attacks are now probably going to be using the much scarier Magic Threat Table.
  10. Zenferno

    Super Brawn

    That's exactly what shifting the difficulty is supposed to represent, while also still giving the player the answer about what to do if they happen to need to punch a German Shepherd. The core issue with Supers is that there's going to be wacky imbalances between the characters. It's not supposed to be a smart move for Hawkeye to get into a fistfight with Luke Cage.
  11. Zenferno

    Super Brawn

    How do you guys and gals feel about having Super (Characteristic) being represented by Decreasing difficulty by some number. For giggles, will set the number to 3. This would shift the Scale to the right, making Hard their new Simple, and letting them make Impossible, Really Impossible, and Unbelievable checks*. *I'm not married to the names, they're for illustrative purposes.
  12. Zenferno

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    Upgrades to Pokemon could just reduce difficulty to use various table options (akin to getting a better focus).
  13. Zenferno

    Super Brawn

    I've been wrestling with a similar question for my Super Setting, A2020. My system has some mechanics that are specific to the setting, but it might give you some ideas to work with. Fair warning, it's rough looking. I haven't had time yet to give it the GM Binder treatment: A2020
  14. So, if the thing you're trying to emulate is the tenseness and the need to preempt your opponent, I'd go a different (or additional) tact. I've been working on a Slow Motion Initiative system that is meant to be used for things like room clearings or duels. 1. Everyone participating in combat decides in secret how they will spend their Action and Maneuver(s). 2. Roll initiative as normal. Successes still determine order. 2 Advantage lets you change your Action, 1 Advantage lets you change a Maneuver. 3. Reveal turn plans and play out turns. If two players have the same number of Successes, the effects of their Actions don't resolve until the everyone on that Initiative slot has gone. At the end of the first round, move to normal initiative.
  15. I have some ideas, but first, which parts are you trying to replicate? What feel are you aiming for?