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  1. Rvnt, where do you play in the Sonoma area?
  2. The blue and orange hues on the ATRTs flame thrower to make it look well used was a really good idea. It turned out really well!
  3. The yellow stripes on the jacket arms is an awesome idea. I have been wanting to paint my rebels in a greyish blue , rogue one, look but kept feeling something was missing. I hope you dont mind if I barrow that stripe idea. I will certainly let people know where and who I got the idea from.
  4. Those are really good! I like the subtle shading. Paint jobs like this both inspire me and make me second guess my own work lol.
  5. That's great to hear that so many people are enjoying this game. Thanks to the three that reaponded. Forvige me as I am not savy with how to post and reapond properly on a forum. I am a bit social media challenged lol. I will be checking out OutFlank games for sure KingCHUD and I will be following your SF Facebook group Nashjaee. Chico is a bit far for me Anthemius. Im actually in the Napa Valley but, I wouldn't mind the drive occasionally for sure. Im not sure how to add anyone to a friends list or anything but, I hope to play with you all soon.
  6. Hi all, I am new to the forum but, can't wait to sink my teeth into all of these great topics. I just wanted to ask first off if there are any people in Northern California , SF bay area in particular, that need another player to battle? Or, any organized games/leagues in NorCal?
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