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  1. Yeah noticed that too. My guess is the specialist, which gives some kind of slot, but also has a free action that is giving out surge tokens.
  2. If you decide to use his infiltration command card you put him on the table at the end of the setup, so after every enemy unit is allready placed on the field. Therefore his infiltration won't be like apearing inside the enemys deployment zone. Depending on the deployment he will most likely be placed just a bit ahead of the rest of the army. I think this is fine, since it looks more like a leader leading the attack than a solo guy flying right into the enemes lines.
  3. He looses a force slot true, but he also gaines a ranged attack, so no need for saber throw. Therefore all remains the same. I think I will still run reflexes and force push on him. Even if Force Throw also gives him the ability to move enemy units with the scatter keyword force push is just too good to go without it. Doesn't need an attack, no LoS, none of his two actions and most important he can disengage with it. Also he has a training slot now in exchange for his lost force slot. Tenacity or Hunter are really great additions to his kit. The new Vader could be excellent for objective play. Infiltrate him on a central objective (preferably in cover or even out of sight) and just hold it the entire game. Also if scatter allows movement, you can push 2 enemy units away from the objective a turn.
  4. Next release will be Veterans and Tauntauns. Some people allready got them early and posted pictures of them. But they aren't out yet. I think we might see the new Coreset at GenCon.
  5. Both the sniper and the saboteur are too costly in my opinion to make the cut in a full squad since both don't live up to their full potential. The sniper doesn't bring more or better dice, only range. Either you are wasting the range of the gun, or you are wasting the rest of the squad for not shooting (yeah, they could split fire...). The mines is just weak in my opinion. Their dmg is quite low and the action investment quite high. I think the saboteur would do more dmg by shooting then by placing mines in 90%. The result is that you would most likely take either of the heavy weapons just to have a fifth guy in the squad. With this the troop will have 25% more dice, but at nearly 50% increased point cost. I tried a few games with one or two naked squads and was quite pleased with their performance. They are great flanking units with their scout movement and are quiet cheap for their dmg output. Sure they only have range 2, but a good table should have ways to work around that. I especially liked their potential as objective defenders with standby actions. No unit wants to run into 8 black dice waiting for them.
  6. Boba has to kill the character to get the bounty token.
  7. It's in the Legion PDF under the "Scout" Specialrule. You can't exceed Speed 3.
  8. You need more than 2 base sets to build a reasonable 800 point list. If you only got 2 base sets and you and your buddy are both new into Legio, why not just leave it there for the moment and play with around 600 points to get into the game.
  9. These rules will be for the upcomming charges from the rebel commandos and the scout troopers. You can see the yellow range 1 symbol on the cards in their preview pictures. But yeah maybe in a future far far away we might see some artillery
  10. I think the rebels won't get a commander but a special operative to equal out with wave 3 (Han/Boba). Chewie, Old Ben or R2 + C3 would be obvious choices for the rebels that don't quite make it to a commander but aren't normal units either. My money is on Chewie.
  11. I would guess the sniper will be something like: Range: X - unlimited (I guess X = 2 or 3) 1 Red Die (I can't see a sniper shooting faster than a DLT) Pierce 1 Cumbersome (debatable, seems fitting but might make the weapon too weak) Suppressive Would be a cool addition to the game to pin down troops or pick out some lonely unit leaders that are holding objectives. Another idea could be that the sniper can target a specific miniature in a squad, so you could snipe the heavy weapon.
  12. Well there is Blast and Sharpshooter which kinda double up aswell (apart from some cases) I would guess Immobilize Tokens work like the Jam-Action in X-wing. When a unit with Immobilize Tokens issues a movement-Action, it fails and one Immobilize Token is discarded. So in someways it's worse than supression tokens, since you don't loose an action per se (you could still aim and shoot for example) but it might come with the benefit, that the unit wont loose Immobilize Tokens at the end of each round (like with Ion-Tokens). Also it's important to notice that there are many ways to get rid of supression tokens (commandcards, inspire X, etc.) but not so many for Immobilize Tokens (The unit can only get rid of them by issuing move-actions) So all in all it could be a different kind of action restriction with other benefits and weaknesses then suppression.
  13. Like I said before, my money is on Kayn Somos. Not in the movies (like the AT-RT) but from the right time period. Plus he also was an early release for Imperial Assault aswell.
  14. You're investing quite a lot of points in upgrades. If you get rid of some you are freeing up many points to invest into more killing power. By getting rid of all grenades, battle meditation and one of the AT-ST Weapons (with 3 weapons on it, your wasting the investment of points of one weapon every turn) you can free up up to 45 Points. This could either be 4 additional Stormtroopers (One new Troop or adding one to each existing troop) or one more special weapon I run a pretty similar constructed list myself and am doing pretty good with it so far. I just devote my troops into applying supression and doing objectives by keeping all four of them naked to have the points to invest into another bike squad.
  15. You won't need ComLink on all 3 Bikesquads. Usually when playing 3 Bike Squads one or two are inside your commandrange anyway in the early rounds, while they need to get assigned orders. So just the one Squad which is placed farest away from your commander during deployment needs a Comlink if you want invest into them. (I for myself follow the philosophy of keeping units as cheap as possible and play without ComLinks) If you get rid of some upgrades of your Troop Units (Grenades, Hooks) you get enough points (when counting the 20 points for the unessecary ComLinks) to buy another Trooper Unit.
  16. I have quite success with a similar list: Vader (Saber Throw, Reflex) 4x Stormtrooper 2x Bikes AT ST (Blaster-Cannon) The main goal of the Stormtroopers is to apply supression tokens and survive, not doing dmg, so no need for DLTs. If you hide them in the first few rounds of the game there shouldn't be problems with accomplishing the mission, even if it needs troopers to be fulfilled.
  17. As stated by Alex Davy during an interview at Gencon, Legion will focus on the old triology for now (allthough expanding into other time periods is definitelly possible in the far future) source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkDm7vwigO4 (starting at 28:54) Therefore I dont think we will see things like Thrawn, Krennic or Deathtroopers soon. I think it's a good bet to take a look at the early releases of Imperial Assault, since this also originally started with units out of the old triology. Also if you compare the releases you can definitelly draw some similarities (Corebox with Vader & Luke, AT-ST, Han, Fleet Troopers, etc.) Another thing to think about is that so far commanders of both Legion factions matched each other in their battlefield role. So I guess we should be searching for some Impirial who would match Han Solo in his role as kinda cheap range dmg dealer. Therefore my bet would be on Kayn Somos as Wave 3 Commander since he was early released in IA aswell, is from the right time period and matches Han Solos battlefield role quite well. As unit I think we will see Scout Troops, since they were allready teasered at Gencon and would be a perfect counterpart to the Rebel Commandos.
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