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  1. I want to try it but i can't get the thing to open once I've downloaded it😡
  2. Thanks for the reply, You kind of answered what I wanted to know. That I'll probably have to telegraph where I'm going by target locking the previous round.
  3. To How it works. I'm assuming I can't land on an astroid then Target lock it. So If I target lock an astroid my opponent will know what I'm doing and get out the way. Or do people just roll up to an astroid and use the action to target lock it. I guess what I want to know is do people just dial in the manoeuvre then TL the astroid or do they TL it first.
  4. Ok can you tell me how I do this Please. Say I have a scum Han Falcon with Qi'ra and Trick shot. I take it I have to lock the asteroid before I land on it/ near it? Which would announce where I'm planning to go to my opponent. If somebody could put a step by step guide I'd be grateful. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi all, Please could you help me out with these ships, I just dont know what to do with them. I have squads built with everything else but these two, I got no ideas. I own all Scum ships except the falcon. However I did pick up the Han pilot card, Lando crew card and L3-37 card. Ideally I would like both in the same list. Thank you for any help you can give.
  6. valid points, cheers. As with most things in xwing then, FFG let the rebels win. Rebel scum.
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