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  1. Running this Astromech would change your game plan. Obviously you aren’t going to focus when running R3, target lock as the action would be your first move. Then spend it. Repeat. Roll 3 dice, any eyeballs or blanks? Reroll those. They will probably be hits, if not is it an eyeball? Free evade. Blanks? Unlucky. Plus this allows you to run integrated astromech for cheap. Think about this build: Rey (45) Finn (5) title (1) Blue Squad Novice (24) R3 (2) integrated astro (0) Rookie Pilot (21) R3 (2) integrated astro (0) 100 points target lock with the x-wings every turn. Maybe keep 1 focus roll for the evade if you want. I don’t see why that build wouldn’t work.
  2. Emon Azzameen - Bomblet Generator -Cad Bane Add any other upgrades that float your boat. Not a super competitive build, just one of my favorites.
  3. Since the other thread is strictly a Q&A thread. I thought I’d make a general discussion thread for the community. What are your thoughts on this move by FFG? Personally, I am a little frustrated by it. I would have much rather seen new starships and upgrades or future waves containing ships from the clone wars era, but without changing the rules of the game. My group is considering ignoring the second edition changes to continue playing the game we love, but that would mean we would be running on a now unsupported format.
  4. You’ll definitely want to reinforce every turn with Low, so Rey isn’t helping you much there. Push the limit is probably Norra’s best EPT, and you can save a point there, green maneuvers will be your default with R2 unless you’re sitting at full shields. So you’ll always lose the stress and have a target lock and focus to use the ability. Do those things and you have 3 points left for upgrades. I would also certainly remove the gunner from Ezra to save you 5 points. If it was me, I’d remove sheathipede altogether and replace with Y-wing running a TLT. In which point you would have 9 additional upgrade points. But if you want a stress bot that won’t help you. Put tacticitian instead of Rey on Low, that will help you hand stress out.
  5. Miranda Doni (29) Twin Laser Turret (6) Norra Wexley (29) R2D2 (4) Tail Gunner (2) Resistance Overhaul (0) Lowhhrick (28) Wookie Commados (1) Veteran Instincts (1) Ran this build this past weekend with great results. Super fun to fly and hard for your opponents to destroy. It’s very defensive, but has enough offense to be a legitimate threat. Lowhhrick flies best to pick a partner and stick with them the entire game flying wingman at range 1 with the ability. The other ship can venture alone ( Shield regeneration really keeps the ARC and K-wing alive here). Miranda has a lot more versatility with the TLT to fly solo. Or alternatively you could put Lone Wolf on Norra to see her be an effective solo ship. I flew Low and Miranda together on this build and they were the last two ships left alive in a 300 point free-for-all space war with 3 players. Norra was taken out by an enemy Decimator late game. I realize free-for-all scenarios aren’t competitive but this build works well!
  6. Well, it’s not neccessarily a “community”, just a small group of friends. We may end up proxying here and there in the future. Right now we are all new players, I think the fear of proxying is where does it end? Currently, I have to evaluate each expansion pack extensively and weigh all of the pros and cons before purchasing. It makes each expansion pack I buy feel worth every penny. If one of my friends were to say “well let’s pretend like I have this upgrade and that upgrade.” Now all of the time I spent crunching numbers and squad building based on the contents of an expansion has gone to waste. I just like making things worth my money and time. Deciding to fully proxy upgrades in your matches is basically saying, I’ll just drop this $15-$40 to have a plastic ship model. Doesn’t matter what else is in there. If you have a 3-D printer and you’re into proxying upgrades, all you really need is a core set to play. Why spend money on any expansions?
  7. Wild Space Fringer (30) Outrider (5) HLC (7) Recon Specialist (3) Norra Wexley (29) R2D2 (4) Tail Gunner (2) Push the Limit (3) Resistance Overhaul (0) Prototype Pilot (17) What do you guys think about this build? I’m not interested in proxying upgrades. I just want to use whatever I actually own (group I play with doesn’t proxy). These are the sets I have: Original Core set Auzituck Gunship ARC-170 YT-2400 Freighter A-wing Sabine’s Tie-fighter I mostly play casual, but even the casual games I play are competitive. I’d like to build the best squad possible with the sets I have. Advice from experienced players is welcome. Thanks.
  8. Norra Wexley (29) r2d2(4) tail gunner (2) veteran instincts (1) Tycho Celchu (26) Push the Limit (3) Rookie Pilot (21) Rex (14) 100 total points. Im thinking get the a-wing right on top of the ship with the lowest agility and blast away with his measly 2 attack dice. But in the meantime using ptl and his ability to have a focus and evade token each round on defense. Negating most attacks completely. fly Norra and the rookie together to focus fire on the largest attacking threat on the field. Rex will arc dodge and fire on whoever he can applying his effect. Is this a good build? I feel like between Tycho’s evade and 3 defense dice, Norra’s regeneration, and Rex’s annoying ability that this list would be at least a little challenging to play against.
  9. I truly think that it is broken. Based on a carefully thought-out analysis of mathematics over time and the consideration of other options available that rely on chance (at least in some quantity). I want people to prove me wrong. I want to hear the dialogue about why it’s not so great. I stick by the content of my original post in order to achieve that. I think it did, and now I have a lot to think about thanks to you guys. I wouldn’t call that toxic. Just sincere.
  10. Correct. I’m torn on which set to get next. I really want to fly the YT-2400 with Dash, but the heroes of the resistance set looks like a lot of good stuff. Rey and Finn together is 50 points, how much better is that versus Dash with outrider/HLC plus a 2 point upgrade?
  11. Well, a declaration of something being broken typically yields ALOT more responses (some of them very helpful) than just asking for charitable suggestions... This is something I do have experience with. (Did I mention I play strategy games ?)
  12. Not “too” conditional just conditional. AC is not. It feels strange for ffg to make a card that breaks the foundation of rolling dice. I am going to try out Lowhhrick though, just bc we had this dialogue. Didn’t know he was used that often. He doesn’t seem great to me on paper, but I’ll decide after I actually use him in practice.
  13. Good point. I didn’t think about this. Honestly might buy the c3po single just for this reason. I run ARC and Auzz a lot. Palpatine’s ability is a guaranteed anything, but 2 crew slots and 8 points? Ouch. The other ones are still conditional. And without specifically playing a strategy where you cater to evade results, rolling 2 evades based on raw dice is very lucky/difficult. But hey you’re right, I have plenty to learn. Just sharing my thoughts thus far.
  14. Only the fastest ships in the game get 3 green dice by default. Two of those upgrades you listed come from expensive epic sets and all the listed cards are conditional. Autothrusters is the only one I think is good and maybe C3PO if you’re a good guesser. I use reinforce on my Auzzie every action, which is why I don’t see Lowhhrick being useful unless you’re in the perfect situation where a ship can’t attack him but another ship within range 1 of him. Give up a well-placed reinforce token for 1 evade token? No thanks, it’s like trading 3 evade tokens for 1 evade token. The thing about AC is that it isn’t conditional. You might as well put your dice in your pocket and see what the green dice do against your hits.
  15. But QD with AC attacking from both arcs yields 4 hits... and there is no standard deviation whatsoever. I do appreciate your entire comment though. Good analysis of FCS and AC. Maybe I need to spend more time playing the game. I just feel that AC on a ship that has 2 die is nuts on a game that runs on probability.
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