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  1. So managed to fix the card issue by copying across the image folder from a working install. So that's nice. New error - it's telling me the mesh is inaccessible when it reaches the place obstacles stage. That error was happening before I copied across the image folder. Round and round I go 😛
  2. Nope, exactly the same. Hybrid still doesn't even attempt to load images (or whatever wall it hits it moves on immediately). This is recent so possibly an antivirus or firewall update - the hybrid is my work computer. Disappointing. Still, I guess that means i just have to learn what all the cards do. Note the /imagecache directory has been recreated, but is empty. Annoying.
  3. Ok so I have installed on my desktop, and it worked fine. My hybrid CAN open both of those images but still won't cache any card images. They are both running on the same wifi network. The main difference seems to be that the desktop pauses and says "loading", while the hybrid goes directly to the blank card images without a pause. I'm going to delete and reinstall FC on the hybrid including deleting all cached info (that is, entire sandrem/ directory under %userprofile%) and force it to start from scratch and see if that helps.
  4. Yep, didn't help. Where are the downloaded from? I can try and ping it and see if I'm blocked.
  5. Just trying the latest version. Very slick. Only issue I'm having is that the app doesn't seem to be accessing the cards. I'm using a hybrid and a SIM connection, however this worked previously. Is there some way to clear the game's cache to force it to start over downloading cards? Or does it just pull when needed?
  6. There is a specific save location for AI lists. It's mentioned earlier in this thread. I can't remember where though.... but if you add in lists that don't require positional synergy the AI does ok.
  7. HP Elite x2, 8gb RAM, win 10 pro v1709 - it's a work laptop (cough) so I don't have access to a lot of the back end
  8. Resistance Millenium Falcon has a missile slot and the title is using the "genius" art Running a list with Rey, Nien and Ello - I was not able to drag any of them to the starting area. I could select one but then couldn't move it. This is on a touchscreen hybrid running win 10 Pro. Previous editions worked fine. I've restarted the game and tried different rebel, imperial and resistance lists. I cannot select a ship by clicking but I can by tapping. Either way, I can't drag it to the start area. I've tried half a dozen lists. Very odd.
  9. Fair enough. There's always hot seat.
  10. Would the campaign / HOTAC include online multiplayer for control of the different ships in the squad? Or even the option of campaigns with different players controlling the two sides?
  11. I managed to go 5/1 at a 40 player 2nd ed limited tourney a little while back using: Howl/elusive Seyn/marksmanship Iden, Del, Gideon / crack shot Academy Pilot 200 exactly Being wave limited, I fought Boba twice, triple Fang once and some mixed Reb lists including Norra. All of those are very difficult for the swarm to handle. Key skills for the list are being able to fly formation, knowing when not to / when to break off, and being able to roll green dice like a champion. A nice easy alternative is to drop all the skills and swap the Academy for Wampa. I'd recommend that if you are starting out with the swarm, Wampa helps with forcing them to split fire. I am likely to resurrect the list for Hyperspace format next year if I don' t play Resistance, and depending on what the points do in January.
  12. Some weirdness with Esege's focus tokens Observed so far: Esege with a Focus token is not able to use it to modify his own dice on a R1 primary attack (he was able to use it on defence tho) Ignore I forgot he had Blinded Pilot ? Garven using Esege's focus token is not able to then pass it to anyone else
  13. They're all good, but none of them are standout. Situational and contextual are good words to apply to any upgrade, if you're using words like good or bad there's a design problem. Chopper if you have some kind of stress management (Perkins, Ibtisam) and an EPT & red maneuvers (elusive), or just extra charges around. Shout out to AP5 who can coordinate a chopper regen using last turn's red elusive recharge. R3 is very nice on Shara Bey with perceptive copilot or Saw crew. R4 on Norra especially but any Y. R2 on X wings if you boom and zoom, R4 if you want that blue 2-hard, which can be useful depending on your flying style. R5 seems to merit consideration in lists with coordinate, on turret Y wings or ARCs just because of the extra hull and disinclination to take a Weapon Disabled token (multiple arcs) there are plenty of other factors but these are some I've come across so far.
  14. I ran this tonight at the club except no juke and proton bombs on redline with a 2 point bid, against some rebel Ys and Wedge - he conceded at the end of round 3 with one Y gone and another with 3 hull left. Redline is a monster and almost certainly underpriced. Being able to self double mod is amazing.
  15. I'm wondering about generic inq with instinctive aim and homing missiles. Roll/focus and they either take a damage or four dice with a focus. As for A wings, I messed around with four procket phoenix flown in the finger four formation in fly casual and they're still intimidating. Snap shot would be good to let them board control more than the bullseye laser grid. Of course I messed up maneuvering then they died but prockets in formation is terrifying, you do NOT want to guess wrong and end up in front of it. Brutal to shuttles.
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