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  1. I couldn't say that I'm not disappointed by the recent news from FFG, but I’m definitely still here, still playing Campaign with our small group, still playing Skirmish where and when I can get a game and still playing the App when I get a few hours free at home. I’ve been gaming for all of my teenage/adult life and for me IA is one of the best games I’ve ever played. As others have said, there is plenty of content already and scope for so much more to be done within the community and/or individually. I believe, if I can find like minds around me, that I will still be playing IA in one form or another when I’m in my retirement home.
  2. Exception - an E-Jawa can bring both Imperial & Rebel droids into your scum list
  3. Lincoln - UK, Store Championship (4th August 2018) 4 Players Result: 1st - Ian Duff - Han, eRangers, Davith, 2x rSmugglers, Gideon, R2 & C-3PO
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