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  1. Ascarel

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    I get that. But frankly, apart from Cloud the Mind, I see few cards I wouldn't let my opponent play in order to get my chance to throw AFWTD back at a Scorpion's face. 😉
  2. Ascarel

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    That was being discussed earlier on Facebook. People are pointing out that Trading on the Sand Road allows you to play the opponent's cards as well as yours. This is mind-blowing...!
  3. I know you weren't replying directly to me, but.... this. So much this. I know you sorta exaggerate to make a point (or I hope you do), but still that remains exactly why I have never played with Niten Master and never splashed for Pathfinder's Blade. I hate single-trick decks, I hate decks that everyone plays (I love the Restricted List for breaking them), and also I hate Crab, why would I splash them? To win? In my view, this game has way too much theme and narrative to focus only on the ends, and thus disregarding the means. So yeah, I'm not a competitive player. 😉 I want to play what I want and what I find fun regardless of the imperfection of the the whole, regardless of my win rate (which stands at 30%, but I am getting better against everyone except Crane and Crab) and especially regardless of what other people play (or say). Added: I guess this non-conformist attitude makes me a Dragon at heart?
  4. Quite. To my mind, glory is only tangential to honor and has more to do with notoriety, potential to single-handedly affect a conflict and (I think) vulnerability to corruption. In any case, from the RR: In this respect, high glory could both mean someone notorious but uncaring of his/her reputation, or a relative unknown who cares a lot about it wherever he/she comes and goes.
  5. I absolutely know I might love this, many people I know have raved about it. But there is simply no room in my life for another LCG. I'm criticizing things and all here but it's just talk, you know? L5R wins the whole of my time slot allotted to that kind of game. (In a way, the sad demise of Netrunner was also felicitous in this respect).
  6. I agree with that. When I first splashed Lion with my pre-Water Unicorn decks, I used to enjoy playing A Legion of One on a lone fated character as a prelude to playing Cavalry Reserve. To this day, picturing that crazy rider charging and all pumped up against opponents, before a group of powerful cavalry appears right behind, has felt like the most cinematic and thrilling move I've ever done in this game. (As an aside, my second most thrilling move happened last week, as I was able play two Cavalry Reserves in the same conflict against a Lion stronghold. The poor guy conceded before I could activate Shinjo Shono...) Anyway, all that is just a reminder that the game still has a lot of theme and you are right to point that out. Card names and card synergies will always be thematic. My initial observation, however, relates to the way intersection of theme and design creates immersion. L5R is not consistent on that front. It's just a personal thought. I still love the game, unless I play against Crab. Well, if you have more characters who stay on the board longer than your opponent, I believe your chances of winning are significantly better, regardless of other factors. But actions and stat bumps (like the Seeker of Enlightenment) based on manipulating fate come to mind as an eventual theme to design things around.
  7. Ascarel

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    The Crab character is an interesting counter card against Unicorn, but it's weird that it does not address directly the new Unicorn game plan that's being introduced. Kitsuki Yaruma already does so naturally on the Dragon side, however.
  8. I'm not saying there are no Monk cards. The punches are nice and as I said though the monk deck is a work in progress, it's still going in the right direction and I look forward to the future. But see, in all the cards you named, only the tattoos are attachments, and we have only two choices right now. It doesn't come close to synergize "monkness" with the Dragon stronghold.
  9. Wow, thread necromancy! I'm game. The name explains the mechanics indeed -- that's exactly my problem. It does not favour the kind of immersion that I've felt in other games such as Netrunner. Your comment about the RPG is actually pretty relevant, as well as true. But remember, I was limiting myself to the context of a card game and its narrative aspect. That's just my view anyway. There is nothing wrong in wanting "more fluff" in a non-RPG game, such as a card game, and I believe that the thematic setting of L5R might have misled me on this. It drips theme everywhere. But in hindsight, it seems that the part of L5R LCG that feels like chess -- highly tactical and strategic, and indeed mentally taxing at times -- often works against the thematic immersion. Unicorn is not more exciting to me because it is more rushy, but because its theme and its game play are more naturally aligned. There is nothing monkish in putting a card underneath another one. That's why I find this mechanic boring. A more consistent fate manipulation deck might fit what I am looking for in playing Dragon monks, I think.
  10. Were you part of the Unicorn clan, you would, my friend, you would...
  11. I believe "of the Wind" sounds right, but given that we have Children of the Empire coming our way, I don't think we'll have another Children of... product so soon, if at all. It would be a bad choice.
  12. Is it, though? It looks like the upcoming Clan Pack is not yet titled, or maybe they have found a name but it's so recent that internal documents don't show it yet, and they forgot to update this. It's both exciting and funny. FWIW, I voted Swarm because I want more Dynasty cards that use the "more participating characters" mechanic.
  13. ???? Is that an unintentional leak?
  14. Unicorn won! Weeee! https://twitter.com/FFGames/status/1060583235619602432
  15. Good lord. This is just a game. You are not being discriminated against. None of your rights are being baffled. Your personal wishes are not FFG's roadmap, nor are mine. A one year old game will not include all the content of the previous incarnation that lasted many years, nor should it. I've said it before, I find this attitude grating, as a new player. Being unsatisfied with FFG's own way of negotiating the fine line between new and old stuff is one thing, but when any piece of news just becomes a reason to say "But I wanted more of what I wanted!!!", this gets a bit too silly, if not self-caricatural.