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  1. I don't yet have this particular model, but I do know that superglue won't cure if there's too much of it. In fact, to avoid gluing the lids to the bottles, I actually just leave my bottles of superglue uncapped all the time and the glue inside never dries. You can cure a big glob of it with either accelerator spray or by sprinkling in baking soda. Both options leave the glue looking messy, though. As I don't have the model in question, I'm not sure if that would be an appropriate choice.
  2. I love the idea of Jabba being a commander that has little to no actual attack value himself, but provides big buffs to his crew. He'd be a big, slow target you had to protect, which would be an interesting and different play style to explore. I probably wouldn't run him every battle, but he'd be a fun option for something a little different. Plus, since he was in Episode I and Episode VI, he's completely appropriate for both eras. Scum commander Jabba is a great idea.
  3. Those are excellent. Really inspiring stuff!
  4. Gendy Tartikovsky is the producer you are looking for. And the Clone Wars shorts came in two seasons, with second one leading up to Palpatine being abducted. The first season has Anakin being knighted into full-fledged Jedi status and introduces Asaj Ventress, as well as showcasing various Jedi masters doing their thing. Perhaps my favorite episode is where we learn that the only thing more badass than Mace Windu with his lightsaber is Mace Windu without his lightsaber. While it's true that the Tartikovsky show is no longer official and has been superceded by Filoni's show, it turns out that there are very few points where the two contradict each other and they can pretty much coexist with little problem. For that reason, I really hope that any upcoming Filoni stories do not lead right up to Episode III.
  5. This is an interesting idea. I'd like to play test and see how it goes.
  6. Ummm... yeah...? As has every family I've ever known when one of their kids graduated from high school. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
  7. I have never used a list builder. I always just add up the numbers on the cards because I'm old school and pride myself on my basic arithmetic skills, and the fact that my brain can do that on its own. That said, I have no objections to placing a bit of paper with the new cost in with the card sleeve.
  8. I think it's a fair request. There are plenty of Imperial astromechs in all the OT films, as well as different protocol droids, especially in the comics (0-0-0 comes to mind). Even if FFG doesn't support such shenanigans, I'm certainly going to figure out some homebrew. Is there any indication yet of what the official droids actually do in game? (I haven't kept up on all the recent FFG articles...) maybe they do things that aren't really in theme with an Imperial army? What I really hope to see is an official Imperial probe droid and an Imperial security droid like K-2SO. Though, I fear that the only K-2SO droid we ever see will be Rebel also... That is, the actual named character from RO.
  9. Any word on why the two new tanks have movement tool notches on their base's sides in addition to front and back?
  10. Yes. They absolutely are. And for me personally at least, the Ewok Adventure movies are and always have been an intrinsic part of the Star Wars Canon.
  11. I've been building styrene models for decades and I can assure you that mold release is definitely a potential issue for styrene parts. My experience with GW plastic is that their release agent is not very problematic for painting, but plenty of manufacturers do use some pretty greasy release, so cleaning them first ain't a bad idea.
  12. We have those, but mainly just culled figures from them. Even so, there were a lot we felt those sets didn't cover well enough. The vehicles are all pretty wonky, so we're sticking with the current Bandai stuff, as that quality can't be beat. Thanks for the recommendation, though!
  13. Me and a buddy of mine have been working on and off on a Star Wars "epic" style game using strictly 1:144 scale figures. Several Troopers to a base, Bandai vehicle models, scratch built Star Wars terrain in Flames of War compatible scale... We never get very far, due to the hunting of appropriate looking human figures in that scale. It's one of those continuous WIP projects that hangs out on the back burner, but it's going to be great when it's ready.
  14. I'm not sure what your procedure is, but I suspect that you're doing it wrong if you're having trouble cutting sheet styrene. It's super simple to cut and shape. Just heavily score the surface and snap it. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it does warp, given that the paper clay shrinks as it dries but if you've put it on thin enough, mostly using the foil for bulk, you might get away with it. Having said all that, the gouges in the ground look great! I like how it looks like the aircraft hit the ground and skidded along in a curved path. If the materials don't fight you too much, this is going to be great!
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