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  1. Just curious what people think about the Star Wars LCG being re-released in a co-op format? I personally would love it as due to work I now am out of the city and in country areas where apart from some magic players there is no competitive community for other games. Also as I get older competitive isn't something that interests me as much. I also have no interest in Star Wars Destiny. Whilst I've heard great things the reason I got out of Magic years ago was it seemed like the card version of heroin so I avoid the CCG model altogether. Some people have said that FFG already have Arkham Horror and LOTR. I have AH and admit it's great and I also love the LOTR setting but Star Wars is my main love. If they were to release a SW co-op I'd snap it up like hotcakes. Keen to see what other people's thoughts are.
  2. I'd like them to announce a co-op version of Star Wars LCG but I won't hold my breath...
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