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  1. I didn't tilt at the store championship I attended on Sunday but I did get frustrated and lose interest in my last game which was clearly a match up I was going to lose from move one. I don't play Armada often enough to be anything other than competent at best and was playing people who play a lot more than me. I lost every game and finished last. I got up early, travelled 100 mile round trip which in the UK is not cheap as far as petrol is concerned, paid £15 entry fee and in the last game I ended up playing my friend. 100 miles and £15 to play somebody I could play in my home city anytime!! Looking back I was simply outclassed by people who are better than me at the game because they play it more. I thought my fleet was reasonable; BT Avenger, Gladiator with Demolisher title, a carrier and Comms Net Gozanti. For fighter cover I had three Interceptors, Howlrunner and Zertik Strom to try and keep the fire off Howlrunner. I think the carrier was the weak point even though it had a flight controller it wasn't worth the points and it's lack of decent defence saw it fairly easily destroyed. Also disappointing was the fact that I had to play against Imperials in every game. They were very few rebel players. I really do feel that both X-Wing and Armada are better games when Rebels play against Imperials. In hindsight it wasn't a horrible experience but I don't think I would travel to tournaments again though I would play in our local store championship if I wasn't working on that day. After losing two games and clearly having the wrong kind of Fleet to win it, the 3rd game it was hard to smile through because I was tired, out of pocket and a little bit frustrated. It's a long way to go, a very early start and a fair bit of money to spend to lose every game.
  2. I think there's two schools of thought with Most Wanted. Make the ship your opponent needs to kill a small ship and the enemy ship you want to target a big vessel to minimise your own losses and maximise your gains. Alternatively you could do it the other way round. Take the easy points by splatting one of his weak ships and make him try to chase down your tooled up Star Destroyer. I don't think this is the conventional way of doing it but I've had a bit of success with it. If you're playing in a competition and looking to win it obviously the former of the two methods would be the one to go for.
  3. It doesn't matter what FFG do or how enthusiastic I am. Nobody wants to play it anymore. I can't get a game for love nor money. Even if I didn't object to paying out for conversion kits, who am I going to play?
  4. That's a problem I have. I love Armada but have no intention of spending money on X Wing version 2.0 to fix a game I didn't break. I've lost interest and so has pretty much everyone else I game with. Looking back I think when it stopped being a fun dogfighting game and became a pay to win card collecting game that was the tipping point. We just went back to playing historical wargames and got our Star Wars fix from Armada which remains a popular game here. That plus the power creep, FAQs longer than the rules themselves and the dominance of obscure ships meant I stopped collecting round about the wave where the K Wing and Inquisitor came out. So I'm left with about 60 Imperial and Rebel ships (I never bothered with S + V) that nobody here wants to buy and everyone else probably has multiples of. I expect I'd just get pennies on eBay. It's a shame to see them just sat about in storage. Despite all those issues there's no denying they're beautiful models. Hopefully I'll get one or two games of 1.0 in for old times sake when people start to feel nostalgic about the game. If I'm honest though I'd really like to get some money for them but I'm not going to practically give them away. It's all a bit of a shame really but I know my view on Version 2.0 is a minority and I sincerely hope those of you who are sticking with the game enjoy playing it and get a lot of pleasure out of it.
  5. I've often thought it's silly that a move is "locked in" when you put the measuring device in the slots on the ship but if you put it on the table next to a ship even a millimetre away it "isn't locked" in at all. In friendly games, within reason, we allow take backs. It's a game and whilst it's disappointing to lose its not really important compared to both players enjoying themselves and the number of moves taken back is not great.
  6. I dreamed that FFG ruined Armada with obscure ships that the general public wouldn't recognise as Star Wars, power creep, a FAQ longer than the rules themselves and pay to win card combinations that made maneuvre and tactics obsolete then asked us to buy a THIRD core set, along with "conversion kits" just to fix their mistakes. Nah, my 52 year old brain must be playing tricks. They'd never do something like that would they......?
  7. Saga the Dark Age skirmish rules have just had another edition published. They have also reissued the supplements for the various factions. Other than the ridiculously powerful abilities of Arab Naptha bomb throwers in the Crusades supplement the rules worked fine. They weren't broke so they fixed them. At our wargame club the game isn't played as much now though it would be an exaggeration to say it has died. Personally I have no intention of rebuying rules or supplements that I already own and which worked perfectly fine as they were. Generally the new edition has damped down enthusiasm. Flames of War has died a death also but as I never played that I don't know whether that is due to new editions coming out. X-Wing is a non-issue. The game is long dead here. The prospect of paying out serious money to fix a game that we didn't break merely ensures it stays dead. As I have said before, the dominance of obscure ships, card combinations being more important than dogfighting, an FAQ longer than the rules themselves and power creep killed it about 18 months or so ago. I'm left with a load of fighters and big ships that I can't sell and can't get a game with. Armada is still going strong but X-Wing is finished here.
  8. You're quite right. Personally I won't be complaining about v2. The game was dead here anyway but even if there was some interest I'd now simply stop playing if this "upgrade" is essential. No arguing, no flame wars with people on the internet I will never meet, no complaints. Nothing. I will just keep my money in my wallet and the ships in storage. In truth they've been there a long time now, the power creep, never ending FAQs, obscure ships making games look nothing like Star Wars and the game becoming more a collectable card game than a dogfighting game killed it here. I have Armada and umpteen historical armies ranging from Alexander the Great to the Spanish Civil War, plenty of other things to play and I won't be paying out for a fix for a game I didn't break. I've no criticism of those that do buy in but for me it's a non starter. Nobody wants to play it anymore here and for that, the blame lies with FFG.
  9. I've no intention of buying V2 as I'm not paying FFG to fix a game that they broke. I'm not looking to start a flame war, it's just the way I feel. The game is dead here anyway but unless I get a decent price I'm not selling the 60 or so ships that I have up to round about wave 8ish. I think the K wing wave was the last one I bought into. That's not likely though as everyone has more than enough X Wings, TIE fighters, Y Wings etc. I'd be practically giving them away and I don't want to do that. I'll keep them for the occasional game of v1.
  10. Sadly at my wargames club it didn't cause anyone to quit, they made that decision over a year ago. The prospect of paying to fix a game FFG broke themselves has done nothing to resurrect X Wing. Armada meanwhile has a small but enthusiastic player base amongst us grizzled 40 and 50 something year old historical gamers who fancy a change from pike phalanxes from time to time and know a fun, reasonably balanced game when we see it. Not trying to cause a flame war but like it or not that's the way it is in this part of northern England.
  11. As the campaign has now concluded with an Imperial victory I'd just like to thank both sides for a very interesting series of games. Please note my new log in, the old one bolshevik65 is no longer useable.
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