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  1. Admittedly, the deck I posted isn't as powerful as it could be considering it's limited to cards only up to Khazad-dum. For Into the Pit, I usually stall for several rounds on the first active location where enemies don't make engagement checks. This deck really needs a bit of time to set up. Ancestral Knowledge is your friend here (as well as Gandalf to pop off some enemies). After you have a decent collection of allies, power-questing through this scenario doesn't take to long to win.
  2. I just thought I'd throw this out there. I recently went through Khazad-dum progression style with a dwarf deck. The dwarf archetype is still quite powerful even with a limited cardpool. I really like Spirit, so I opted for Dwalin over Gimli or Thalin. Gives you access to resource acceleration, action advantage, and treachery cancellation. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/12753/dainshumblebeginnings-soloprogression-1.0
  3. Galadriel's ability states that allies you control do not exhaust the round they enter play. What about objective-allies that enter play during set up? Does set up count as part of the first round?
  4. Other Canadian options are: https://www.boardgamebliss.com/ https://store.401games.ca/ Each of these sites have a flat rate for shipping across Canada.
  5. From the Rulebook, page 25: Cards in your discard pile are considered to be "out of play" and so cannot be the target of Meneldor's Flight.
  6. Thanks for the replies. @Rouxxor Those look like great decks. Unfortunately, I chose to permanently increase my threat by 2 rather than take The Searching Eye burden which makes staying in and getting into secrecy a little more tricky right from the start. At one point in I retconned that decision to try out a Timely Aid type deck - it worked reasonably well but I wanted to go for a deck where I didn't have to rely on being in secrecy for the power plays. @Seastan Hunting Party looks excellent for this quest, especially since there will always be an enemy in play at the beginning of the quest phase. I chose the Noble Hero boon though (so Sam could get Leader of Men) so maybe using Mighty Warrior+Fearless Scout would be a good bet.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I've just updated the deck and moved the 4th hero (Frodo) to the sideboard. Hopefully that works.
  8. I've been going through the campaign for the first time and this quest has been driving my crazy. I'm trying to take Sam, Merry, and Pippin all the way to Mount Doom in solo. Due to the resolution of the quest (recording enemies that escape), I have been trying for a perfect run, not knowing how difficult it would be. Three decks and 30+ attempts later, I finally succeeded. I'm asking for advice on how I could make my deck better since I'm just an amateur deck builder at this point and I feel like I had a lot of luck with my win. (I had great luck with Sting, I had one lucky turn where I was able to Sneak Attack Gandalf and Beorn into the same combat phase, and I also pulled an opportune The Dark Lord's Summons on the 2nd to last turn which cleared the Crossroads.) My first deck tried to set up Straight Shot with Speak Your Promise! and Frodo (LoS). I could pull it off an average of twice per game, but it was rarely set up when I needed it the most and I found myself sometimes using Speak Your Promise! when I needed to ready Frodo as another defender. The deck that won it for me was this, after about 8 attempts. I needed Frodo (MoF) for a powerful start and would sometimes use him to trigger Frodo's Intuition on the first turn (the added willpower is great since it's easiest to place progress on the first turn). I mulligan for any starting hand that would allow me to handle a first turn Oliphaunt, even if it's Feint or Rosie Cotton for a defense boost. Also, there are 6 allies in the deck that can engage enemies out of phase. I would discard Westfold Outrider after combat to engage an Oliphaunt so my allies weren't affected. Another neat trick is to engage a Haradrim Soldier during the planning phase; Sam can defend for free since his response will trigger after the Soldier's forced effect and Sam will go into the quest phase with +1 to all stats (not to mention the bonus card from Pippin). I'm thinking of swapping out a couple of events for Master of the Forge. I think it was Sting that really helped with my win, so having Master of the Forge to fish it out next time would be nice. Any thoughts? (I own cards up to the Voice of Isengard deluxe + all sagas but I'm fine with proxying).
  9. As my collection has grown, I've started to do this as well, also adding dividers for traits like Outlands, Eagles, Ents, etc.
  10. The deluxe expansion is called Wilds of Rhovanion. The name of the deluxe box is different than the name of the cycle.
  11. Interesting. I assumed (I know, not always the best thing to do) that the intent of Quest 2B is that you can explore the active location to place it in the victory display before checking the trigger condition of 2B. (Meaning you can get to 3A as soon as there are enough victory points rather than having to quest through 2B for another round). If this is true, wouldn't Long Trailer trigger first? I'm a little confused at some of the rulings in the faq. Section 1.18 states that a location is discarded immediately when it has enough progress on it (which would trigger 'leaving play' for Long Trailer). However, later on in the faq (p. 17) it states that when you have enough progress to explore the active location and advance to the next stage, you do quest advancement before triggering responses (or, I'm guessing, forced effects) on the active location. While this latter ruling is not identical to my situation, it makes me think that I should resolve 'placing progress' before I resolve the 'leaving play' of the active location even though the active location has already left play. If this is true, then I would advance to a random 2B despite having 5 victory points in the victory display (and after that Long Trailer would trigger).
  12. Am I resolving this right? I am on quest 2B of the scenario; Long Trailer is in the staging area, Deep Gulley (worth 2 victory points) is the active location, and there are 3 victory points on locations in the victory display. I can make enough progress to clear the active location. Question: does Long Trailer trigger before quest 2B? 1. Quest successfully 2. Place progress tokens 3. Remove Deep Gulley from play and place it in the victory display 4. Trigger and resolve Long Trailer (Forced: after the active location leaves play as an explored location, Long Trailer makes an immediate attack against the first player) 5. Trigger and resolve quest 2B (Forced: after placing progress tokens as the result of question successfully, if victory points on locations in the victory display are equal or greater than 5 times the number of players, advance to stage 3A) 6. Advance to 3A
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