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  1. To which activation does the "It cannot move this activation" part of RLB refer? If it's the squad's activation there's no problem, but if it's the ship's activation, the ruling for Yavaris should apply, shouldn't it?
  2. I get that part, and I tried to explain in the second post that this is not the reason for me wondering. My question is: Can he use his effect outside of the Spend Defense Tokens Step? Thx @Drasnighta as always pretty in-depth answer. That's the stuff i'm coming here for Are you still editing?! 😂
  3. I think my weird mind spitting out words didn't actually put out what i meant. What i wanted to ask with my post is: As his ability is not the "normal" spending of a defense token and due to the lack of the "during the Spend defense Token Step" wording, is his ability restricted to the Spend Defense Token step? I was wondering, because it's the first ability of a defending squad, that modifies the attackers dice. If one could use it not only during the Spend Defense Token step, it could counter Ten Numb. I do not think the ability does work that way. But could it?
  4. Well... Do we have such a case anywhere in the game already? He's spending a defense token while defending, as cost of his card ability, but it's not actually the spending of a defense token as in spending the defense token while defending, to gain its effect, is it? I'm asking, because Admonition and Off. Lando both word out the restriction "While defending, during the Spend Defense Tokens step, ...", which squad Lando does not. Wondering if that line wasn't added here on purpose.
  5. Given it survives until round 3. And having Lando, salvation and qbt on it that'll be at the least 83 points for a ship that tends to blow up in a single turn. Could imagine him as a good option for the Liberty though. Also the wording has to be adjusted, since having initiative doesn't do anything after the start of the first round.
  6. Nvm, just read the next post and yeah, right choice there ^^
  7. Yeah Iron squadron came to my mind as well. Ship would then be Sato's Hammer iirc. And I also believe we will see pilots already established in x-wing. So for the Firespray I'd say Kath Scarlet ist the most probable. And for the HWK my bet is on Kyle, although he doesn't get much love from Disney
  8. No worries, it'll come... I for my part sometimes still wanna move then shoot... 😅
  9. It's the other way around. First picks the objective from second.
  10. This, basically. IMO, the more important questions are how and when do purrgils move?
  11. To get in on this. It might be a misconception that leads to the assumption that initiative changes. The Initiative Marker is a tangible representation of the posession of initiative. It gets flipped during Status Phase, but this only happens to indicate the slidercolor of unactivated squadrons for the next round. The token does not actually change the owner, nor does the change of color indicate a change of initiative between players/Teams. This is an easy yet clever workaround so players don't have to pick up all squadrons again during Status Phase, to "reset" the activation Slider (which would only add to the already somewhat flimsy positioning of squadrons) or keep track of activated squadrons in any other way.
  12. It's because it is not really a crit effect. Otherwise it would be pretty useless against scatter-aces, which it was pretty surely designed against
  13. Except the dictor is medium and SA is large only 😕
  14. A buddy of mine loves his CR90 swarm (even though he always whines about having 7 of 'em when he doesn't use 'em all in a list). If flown well, they're a nuisance to play against, bc as you said, the amount of TRC enhanced damage sums up pretty quick and burns through evades. His favorite list is 6TRC90s + engine techs, while the flaggship has Madine and Jaina's Light. They dart around all over the place and can adjust speed and yaw perfectly to get in position or, when needed to, apply 2 ramming damage. Cluster bombs on the other hand...well... imho they suck... 5 points for 1 time use and no possibility to control the roll just isn't worth it. Chart officer is nice, but he will probably want to get rid of them, once he played the list a bit and has asapted to how the CR90 moves in formation and/or at higher speeds. Removing both hes only 1 point shy of ETs per ship and he still has his bid to dig into. Squadrons....well... CR90s aren't made to support squads, so they'd have to take care of themselves. Having the bid to go first will probably gain more advantage.
  15. Which is exactly my point. Screed never states that his "once per activation" only counts for friendlies, foes, ships or squads. Each squadron is activated one at a time and has its own activation, so using Screed's effect while counterattacking is using it during that squadrons activation, not during the activation of the ship that is activating the Squadron or the ship that is counterattacking. My Yavaris example was meant to show the once per activation restriction. The Squad can attack twice, so the QLT ship can counter twice. Both attacks are during one activation, that of the attacking squadron, so Screed can only affect one of them. But he can affect one attack of each squadron Yavaris is activating, as each of them is attacking during its own seperate activation.
  16. I'd argue along a different line here, correct me if I'm wrong, but the ship is not getting activated at all. It is only allowed to "perform an attack", as stated by the counter keyword. Screed says "once per activation", which doesn't exclude squadron or enemy activations. The only restriction here is "when a friendly ship is attacking". In the case the FAQ ruling was made for, when you counter an attack, it is during an activation (that of the enemy squadron) and your ship is attacking. The "once per activation" part comes in, for example, when you have Yavaris, activating a squad. Screed could only affect one of the counter-attacks, as both happen during the same activation of the squadron. Since the "when a friendly ship is attacking" part can be triggered again the same round, during another activation, Screed's effect can be used by one ship indefinitely.
  17. Second Player AG Ackbar MC80 (was very new to the Game to choose that obj...) with LS and a CF-dial came down to 2 damage with both salvos on a 3 health demo. Demo survived that Match. Ackbar did not. Most unfortunate (well obviously not for me) dicerolling I've seen to date
  18. The mentality was started in a time when most shops did treat their customers as if they were halfbrained dimwits who didn't know what kind of air they like to breathe. It wasn't initially intended to "not have somebody rant about you" but to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated. The same way some shops nowadays have to make ther employees feel again. The modern problem of "the customer is allways right" is the same problem as with anything else in the age of the internet. A) Anyone can put their personal opinion about something on the internet, which leads to B) Everybody feels obligated to put their personal opinion about something on the internet... As I do...RIGHT NOW! Like most of the others here already said, I too do not want to jump to any conclusions without knowing both sides of the story. Still, seeing the presented evidence, I think both sides could've deescalated the situation by simply talking to one another in a civilized way, instead of ignoring the other or going behind their back. Lastly, sometimes you should just think about how mad you are or talk about it with a friend, and then take the moral highroad and forget about it.
  19. Wouldn't go Advanced Gunnery. Any ship with a good amount of red dice will lay down fire on you 1 turn before you can. With the 2 Gozantis, Most Wanted will be preferable for you. Solar Corona seems legit. With the Kuat, OEs are usually fine and bear better results than a GT. Expanded Launchers...well I personally dislike them for their cost/effect ratio. If you can only use them once in a game you practically paid 10 points more for ExRax. ACMs on all 3 ships can be utterly devastating. With Screed and good flying of the Glads (especially the non-Demo) you can dish out 5 to 6 ACM hits a round. Another possibility would be Vader as commander and going BTVenger on the Kuat. it can only echaust 2 Def tokens, but double brace won't work and with the ACMs on both glads, shields to redirect to will soon run out. Squads might be a problem, true, but as you said, go slow and once in range, jump the carrier with the Kuat and Demo. (Preferably after it has activated to last first it and render the squads motly useless asap) Other than that... I like it. Wanna go for a 2 Glad fleet too, but somehow they're sold out in most shops round here...
  20. To keep it general, yes the ship deployed via Raddus must not activate as the first ship, but the ship deployed via Produndity may be activated as the first ship. I wouldn't switch the CR90As to Bs. Up close they die really fast, so you would have to drop the MC75 early to A) being able to drop at all and B) giving the opponent something more threatening to shoot. If you want to free up some points, I'd switch Expanded Launchers for ACMs or APTs. Both can trigger of both attacks and if you drop in smart or lucky or both, you will get the opportunity to do so. I did this with a RLB pelta, but with Raddus AND Profundity it might be even better.... Put the transport slightly to one side in front of the target ship so it cannot overcome it with its current speed. Then drop the MC75 in the sidearc, such way it can double arc most of the positions the target might go (considering it will not want to ram the hammerhead which comes now) . Then drop the Hammerhead on the other side of the front arc so the opponent cannot overcome it with its current speed either and set its speed to ramming speed. This works best if you're first bc otherwise the hammerhead might get blown apart...
  21. Curious, I cannot remember saying any of this xD
  22. Rereading my post, I recognize my wording was off as it might sound as they already did put out some rule, which they clearly did not. Considering your question @Drasnighta, I have absolutely no idea. I also do not believe there will be the necessity for that. I just made the assumption, that some rule especially concerning those two variants (or 2 of the 4 variants that any huge ship might come with) might be the only way to ban them from standard play, IF there were to be Commanders for less than 20 points. (Which again, although I'd like a generic, I do not believe there will be any) The question that leads to is, how will the points for any possible future huge "Epic" ships be calculated, if the only reason for the ExecutorI-Class to cost 381 is, that you cannot use it in standard play, even with the cheapest commander. (But the answer is probably it doesn't matter because there will be none...)
  23. Except they put out a ruling that specificly prohibits the two "Epic" versions in standard play. Still... I like the commander System as it is. Some point changes would be welcome though... And maybe something that makes Konstantine viable
  24. My brain just hat a freeze trying to see it xD It was like looking at a Moebius loop... YES! You can take the shot. Your sidearc covers a part of the Liberty's sidearc. Line of sight ignores the lines on YOUR cardboard, but may not cross the dividing line between hullzones on the defender. An Example in this image for clarification: The Liberty's front-hullzone is inside your left firing-arc. BUT tracing line of sight from your side to the Liberty's front would cross the dividing line between left and front on the Liberty's cardboard. That means you cannot shoot the front, although it is inside your arc. After actually reading your post and not just skimming it as i did before I answered, I suppose a simple yes would have sufficed.... sorry ._.
  25. When my formation gets ackbar-slashed: "hey! You're Not permitted in there! It's restricted!"
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