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  1. So my friends and I just recently started the game and went for a little tournament of our own, between the five of us (totally Casual and uncompetitive, besides the demeanors, of course :D). In one of the last games of the day (didn't have any time restrictions and haven't played that much, so a game could last for 3 hours) we had a situation, in which both players reached zero honor, after bidding in the drawphase. After looking through the RRG, inquiries to Dr. Google, and a quick forumsearch, we couldn't figure out what to do. The RRG says the drawing happens simultaneously, and we are unsure wether the simultaneous rule applies, since there are no decisions to make? Does the rule apply and first player drops first? Or, if not, is there another rule that applies? Or an official ruling for such case? Thanks in advance!
  2. The officer slot is (in my eyes at least) more disputed than the commander.
  3. The most motivated one will be the guy who just got promoted, due to a sudden opening in the position of his superior officer o_o xD
  4. The "each round" took me off. But i noticed Something else. Vanto only gains a token after resolving a command. So with the SSD gaining a matching token to its dial, that only makes 3 tokens a round, if one is spent to resolve a command.
  5. I don't believe it is intended to be able to spend only one token to activate both EF! and TEA!. RAW seems to allow it, but I am not as deep into the Rules as maybe @Drasnighta?
  6. My group and i don't apply the regulations, because we see why it is handled that way for tournaments, but the restrictions bar a lot of viable, funny and/or thematic builds from a campaign. You can still have some houserules that handle such situations. We experimented with a special objective a player could get from "flotillatabling" his opponent. Abandoned Payload Setup: Before deploying fleets, the defender deploys a flotilla of the enemy faction in the setupzone, beyond distance 5 of his edge and facing the attacker's edge. The flotilla is not considered allied to any player and cannot be attacked. End of Round: The flotilla must execute a speed 1 maneuver with a yaw value of "-" Special rule: Attacker: When one of the attacker's ships at range 1 of the flotilla reveals a commanddial, it may discard that dial to execute a speed 2 maneuver with the flotilla and the attacker gains a victory token. If the flotilla leaves the play area on the attacker's edge, he gains 2 victorytokens. Defender: While one of your ships is attacking a ship, that discarded it's commanddial to move the flotilla, if the defender was dealt at least one damage, gain a victorytoken. 15pts It favors MSU lists on either side, and isn't completely balanced, as we hadn't played it more than a few times, but it's a fun little scenario
  7. Technically that's up to the other players and you, since "only flotillas = tabled" is a tournament regulation and doesn't necessarily apply to campaign games. At least CC didn't. I don't have RitR yet and since we're still in the middle of a campaign, it'll be a while until we're able to start the next...
  8. Dang! I overlooked that restriction, thank you 🙃
  9. Just had a quick look and afaik the only combination where this matters is Royal Guards with the electric staff defending Vader or the Emperor? So thematically it's accurate that they give their lives without hesitation
  10. Major Derlin has very limited use. In a full standard game he will prevent 6 damage at max, due to the fact he's exhaust to use. As the MC-75 is in Raddusspace, that goes down to 4 / 5 at max, if you wait to deploy in a better position. What you want with that ship is jump in, deal 1 or 2 rounds of hard hitting against an enemy ship, in the hope of destroying it and then peel away again, in the hope not to die alongside the opponent. I'd go pretty offensive and would give Intel Officer a go. Block their brace and, if they have two, accuracy the other if possible. The Beauty in IO is, that you can look at your initial roll, before deciding. Same goes for ExRax! As a defensive altrnative, you've got Walex Blissex, so you can abuse your single brace + ECMs, or Lando to equalize a single big hit. But again: You want to do as much damage as possible in the round of the drop and the one after. After that, it is very possible, that the cruiser will already want to or have to peel off battle.
  11. Yes, since you are discarding, Not spending
  12. Nice recap and a good strategy, that was well executed. The Emperor will be pleased.
  13. Don't let him Ackbar Slice you and focus all firepower on the same ships. I'd drop an interceptor and QBTs to put gunnery teams on all vics. If he can only use Ackbar on one arc per ship you can outgun him by 4 red dice (ignoring his upgrades for the moment), adding 20 blue dice with dCaps and Dominator and you haven't even spent a command. You could go up to 43 attack dice thrown, divided on 2 ships for one or two rounds. Can sure be enough to destroy either or both of these in one round.
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