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  1. R4Pi3R

    Family Time Games

    The mentality was started in a time when most shops did treat their customers as if they were halfbrained dimwits who didn't know what kind of air they like to breathe. It wasn't initially intended to "not have somebody rant about you" but to make the customer feel welcome and appreciated. The same way some shops nowadays have to make ther employees feel again. The modern problem of "the customer is allways right" is the same problem as with anything else in the age of the internet. A) Anyone can put their personal opinion about something on the internet, which leads to B) Everybody feels obligated to put their personal opinion about something on the internet... As I do...RIGHT NOW! Like most of the others here already said, I too do not want to jump to any conclusions without knowing both sides of the story. Still, seeing the presented evidence, I think both sides could've deescalated the situation by simply talking to one another in a civilized way, instead of ignoring the other or going behind their back. Lastly, sometimes you should just think about how mad you are or talk about it with a friend, and then take the moral highroad and forget about it.
  2. R4Pi3R

    Up Close & Personal...

    Wouldn't go Advanced Gunnery. Any ship with a good amount of red dice will lay down fire on you 1 turn before you can. With the 2 Gozantis, Most Wanted will be preferable for you. Solar Corona seems legit. With the Kuat, OEs are usually fine and bear better results than a GT. Expanded Launchers...well I personally dislike them for their cost/effect ratio. If you can only use them once in a game you practically paid 10 points more for ExRax. ACMs on all 3 ships can be utterly devastating. With Screed and good flying of the Glads (especially the non-Demo) you can dish out 5 to 6 ACM hits a round. Another possibility would be Vader as commander and going BTVenger on the Kuat. it can only echaust 2 Def tokens, but double brace won't work and with the ACMs on both glads, shields to redirect to will soon run out. Squads might be a problem, true, but as you said, go slow and once in range, jump the carrier with the Kuat and Demo. (Preferably after it has activated to last first it and render the squads motly useless asap) Other than that... I like it. Wanna go for a 2 Glad fleet too, but somehow they're sold out in most shops round here...
  3. To keep it general, yes the ship deployed via Raddus must not activate as the first ship, but the ship deployed via Produndity may be activated as the first ship. I wouldn't switch the CR90As to Bs. Up close they die really fast, so you would have to drop the MC75 early to A) being able to drop at all and B) giving the opponent something more threatening to shoot. If you want to free up some points, I'd switch Expanded Launchers for ACMs or APTs. Both can trigger of both attacks and if you drop in smart or lucky or both, you will get the opportunity to do so. I did this with a RLB pelta, but with Raddus AND Profundity it might be even better.... Put the transport slightly to one side in front of the target ship so it cannot overcome it with its current speed. Then drop the MC75 in the sidearc, such way it can double arc most of the positions the target might go (considering it will not want to ram the hammerhead which comes now) . Then drop the Hammerhead on the other side of the front arc so the opponent cannot overcome it with its current speed either and set its speed to ramming speed. This works best if you're first bc otherwise the hammerhead might get blown apart...
  4. R4Pi3R

    Commander cost.

    Curious, I cannot remember saying any of this xD
  5. R4Pi3R

    Commander cost.

    Rereading my post, I recognize my wording was off as it might sound as they already did put out some rule, which they clearly did not. Considering your question @Drasnighta, I have absolutely no idea. I also do not believe there will be the necessity for that. I just made the assumption, that some rule especially concerning those two variants (or 2 of the 4 variants that any huge ship might come with) might be the only way to ban them from standard play, IF there were to be Commanders for less than 20 points. (Which again, although I'd like a generic, I do not believe there will be any) The question that leads to is, how will the points for any possible future huge "Epic" ships be calculated, if the only reason for the ExecutorI-Class to cost 381 is, that you cannot use it in standard play, even with the cheapest commander. (But the answer is probably it doesn't matter because there will be none...)
  6. R4Pi3R

    Commander cost.

    Except they put out a ruling that specificly prohibits the two "Epic" versions in standard play. Still... I like the commander System as it is. Some point changes would be welcome though... And maybe something that makes Konstantine viable
  7. My brain just hat a freeze trying to see it xD It was like looking at a Moebius loop... YES! You can take the shot. Your sidearc covers a part of the Liberty's sidearc. Line of sight ignores the lines on YOUR cardboard, but may not cross the dividing line between hullzones on the defender. An Example in this image for clarification: The Liberty's front-hullzone is inside your left firing-arc. BUT tracing line of sight from your side to the Liberty's front would cross the dividing line between left and front on the Liberty's cardboard. That means you cannot shoot the front, although it is inside your arc. After actually reading your post and not just skimming it as i did before I answered, I suppose a simple yes would have sufficed.... sorry ._.
  8. R4Pi3R

    Best Star Wars Quote for playing Armada?

    When my formation gets ackbar-slashed: "hey! You're Not permitted in there! It's restricted!"
  9. R4Pi3R

    richarDISNEY's First Regionals List

    Props to the community and to you! I've had around 50 games since I began and wasn't brave enough to take part in a non-store champ yet. Congrats on your quick adaptation of newly learned tactics and really glad you enjoyed yourself despite losing. That's the spirit! Next time you gonna kick some serious buttons (because the un"ons" version is on the naughty list...)
  10. Yes to both. BUT, although you can exhaust any upgrade card, if th card itself does not say "exhaust this card", the ship can still use it's effect. In the case of Reinforced Blast Doors, the ship can still discard them to gain the effect.
  11. R4Pi3R

    super noob squadron question

    But that would have to be Luuke then... 🤔
  12. R4Pi3R

    richarDISNEY's First Regionals List

    Double up on the remove Enhanced Armament. You have GTs so you plan to shoot from the same arc twice. Even with EA the VICs front is the far better arc to double out of. Use those points for DCaps and LS and you spared 3 points each. Would also remove QLTs, they're just not worth it on those 2 ships. I'd rather attack the VICs with fighters anyway. Worse flak, less health and more predictable movement than the Gozanti or the ISD. Speaking of which, I'd use the points to upgrade?downgrade?regrade? to an ISDII. Fit in Gunnery Teams, ECMs, LS and any Turbolaser with a cost of 6 points or less (I'd go with QBTs for the long range reroll). You reduce the maximum count of red dice for long range but improve your chances of getting hits on those. Also, you either get the extra blue for the reroll, or they stay longer in the frontarc of 3 SDs. Win-Win for you. And with ECMs you increase the survivability of the flagship even more. @Phil B 's point about the Repair Crews is valid. You put 11 points on that Gozanti which are most likely only giving you 4 repairs on average, IF you can keep the Gozanti alive and in range. Also, it only works when there already is hulldamage to be taken away. At 2 points Comms net gives you a greater effect range and since both kinds of Star Destroyers have an engineering Value of 4, with the token you can already regain a shieldpoint, which in turn delays the hull damage. You could of course also go Slicers, to mitigate your lack of squadrons somewhat. And even if they don't have squadrons of their own, slicers can wreck a ships day pretty quick.
  13. R4Pi3R

    Corellian Conflict Strategic Commander Effects

    I'd change this to: "Non-Rogue Fighter squadrons in General Dodonna’s fleet without bomber have their cost increased by two (2) and gain bomber." It doesn't change much, but reading this I instantly got nightmares of the 7 YT-2400 Ball that goes off without a carrier needed. You didn't bring squadrons? Well, let's see how 42 hull and 7 black dice per round can mess your fleet up! You brought a handfull squads? Well, let's see how they fare against 42 hull and 28 antisquad dice per round! You brought a supported bomberwing of your own? Well, let's see how my all-purpose deathball renders them useless, while my combat ships rough up your helpless carrier! The rest...Wow! That sounds like a really fun twist to the campaign! Absolutely what i thought Looking forward to the "final version" to test this out
  14. That's a bummer =/ I still really like the List though! Had some mediocre success with my only other Rebel list (Dang you Jimmy!) As expected Opening Salvo wasn't worth it, but that Raddus-RLB-Pelta kicked a damaged ISD2's butt ( well actually the front ) hard enough to wipe it off the board. But since I'm gonna have to build more rebel stuff in the near future, I kinda snatched your list and reworked it a bit to fit the amount of ships per type I have. Came up with: Title: lols, R4PiERstyle Points: 392 / 400 Objectives: Opening Salvo / Capture the VIP / Salvage Run Ships: CR90A (44) Mon Mothma (30) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) Jaina's Light (2) Total: 83 CR90A (44) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) Total: 51 Nebulon-B Support Refit (51) Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) Salvation (7) Total: 65 Nebulon-B Support Refit (51) Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) Total: 56 Hammerhead Torperdo Corvette (36) Ordnance Experts (4) External Racks (3) Total: 43 Hammerhead Torperdo Corvette (36) Ordnance Experts (4) External Racks (3) Total: 43 GR-75 Medium Transports ( 18) Total: 18 Squadrons: Shara Bey (17) Tycho Celchu (16) Total: 33
  15. But that's not possible anymore. Be careful with the facevalue of cardtexts in online builders. TRCs have been changed to exhaust on use a while ago in the FAQ.