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  1. I think there is a new official tie fighter in the series too. The Outland Tie Fighter
  2. I'm old school trilogy generation and I'm totally okay with this. From a marketing standpoint it seems like a good strategy for ffg too. It appeals to the younger fans, and like Darth Meanie suggests, it's a good way to sucker veterans into buying a new model as well. I have several of the reds. I'll actually pick up one or two of these new ones. I probably wouldn't have otherwise. My only "paint scheme" gripe is with the new Scyk, but that's only because it doesn't actually have any Black Sun pilots to go with it 😄
  3. Ambigatos


    I'm still irked by some of the names they gave these ship cards. I wish they were more generic so they could be used more broadly or role played for different scenarios. If we want specifics we could always use title cards. But as it currently stands, my rebel transport will ALWAYS have to be echo base rebels from a specific battle. No matter what map I want to use or what scenario I want to cook up.... My transport will always be Hoth guys. Even if I'm flying on Bespin. And Alderaanian Guard? Because no one else in the galaxy can use a corellian cruiser? What if I want to fly on the second Death Star map? That planet doesn't even exist anymore
  4. Ambigatos


    Great stuff. I really don't like some of the ship names though. If I want to fly my rebel transport, no matter what scenario I try to come up with, they always have to be "Hoth guys" from that specific engagement? Ugh 😣
  5. Perhaps, but I'm not convinced that's the reason. With Rebels and Imperials focusing largely on re-releases, I'm sure lots of us would be happy to pull the trigger on a fresh new ship, and a canon one at that. FFG probably knows that. They might just be spacing it out so there's actually still something for us to look forward to and buy later while the newer factions are still get newer chassis and catching up.
  6. I think it would be cool if they re-release the YV-666 with the retractable cannon on the bottom in attack mode. I tried gluing one on but it doesn't look right without some kind of slightly recessed area that it comes out from. Hmmm
  7. Pretty cool. I just painted mine orange to match the cards, even though I thought blue would probably look better on that particular ship. Might have to go with blue now jajaja
  8. Does the Decimator have blue engine glow painted? Just wanted to make sure I saw that correctly.
  9. Perhaps Averland Sunset would make a good base for the mining guild color?
  10. I'm chomping at the bit for the Clone Wars era stuff. The Separatists are intriguing as a faction, and the Naboo fighter is sharp as well. But I need to check myself. Can't open that whole new bag of worms. Gonna' stick with my 'Big Three'; Rebel, Scum, Imperial I pre-ordered two more B-Wings. I already have two red and two blue from first edition, but these poseable ones look especially nice.
  11. Thank you, that's a great help. I'm intending to start lite with some weathering and engine glow for some rebel freighters. I managed to find the colors for that from some youtube searches. I think I'm gonna' go with Citadel nuln oil and louthern blue with white dry brush for that. I was just trying to think ahead in case it works out and I get addicted haha. Since I'm already starting with Citadel paints, I'm going to go with your suggestions. I was sort of at a loss for those other colors I had in question, so that's very helpful. Much appreciated.
  12. Looking to get my feet wet in painting. If I go with Citadel ( or something else? ), can someone tell me which of their colors would be good for.... - Mining Guild Yellow - Partisan Renegade Black - Royal Guard Tie Red - Slave 1 orange-ish engine glow Thanks
  13. And at least one Black Sun pilot option for the Syck, since they dedicated a whole new paint job to that syndicate even though all of it's named pilots were enemies of the Black Sun. Is there still a feasible point slot for another generic perhaps?
  14. Cienna Ree as a Tie Interceptor pilot and K-2SO as U-wing pilot.
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