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  1. Forgot what is arguably the most important piece of x-wing equipment, my dials. Had to borrow some from an incredibly nice fella, but his had custom dial covers and were therefore lose. It ended up costing me the finals when I flew wedge off the board, because the dial was loose enough that picking it up was enough to spin it to a different manuver.
  2. I'm prepping for a hyperspace trial, and wondered if this was a decent list. I'm trying not to be too douchey with a full-on rebel beef. RZ-1 A-wing - Phoenix Squadron Pilot - 39 Phoenix Squadron Pilot - (30) Intimidation (3) Concussion Missiles (6) UT-60D U-wing - •Benthic Two Tubes - 55 •Benthic Two Tubes - Cavern Angels Marksman (47) Perceptive Copilot (8) Pivot Wing (Open) (0) UT-60D U-wing - •Saw Gerrera - 54 •Saw Gerrera - Obsessive Outlaw (52) •Leia Organa (2) Pivot Wing (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 52 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The plan is to use the U wings as the jousters of the list, with wedge and the A wing flanking. I'll try to make an asteroid field and knife fight, then throw the Phoenix into the fray after firing a concussion or two, hopefully using them early to avoid collateral damage on the U wings. Wedge will stay outside and occasionally join the dogfight or chase ships trying to disengage. Thoughts?
  3. Getting bullseye Not saying it's easy to do, but it happens 3 or 4 times a game even when neither player is trying to get it
  4. In theory, dedicated seems like a good idea on torrents. If their main job is cannon fodder, then slap dedicated on them to keep your aces alive, and if they shoot at the strained ship, good! Your opponent is now spreading their fire!
  5. Post your cool torrent builds and strategys here!
  6. Ashoka Tano+Delta 7B 2x Blue squadron protectors+concussion missiles and dedicated Obi-wan+CLT Total:199 The idea is to fly ashoka with the two blues, and use her ability to give a focus to one of the blues, use dedicated to spread fire and mitigate damage, and fly obi-wan on the flanks, getting bullseye and being generally evasive. If my opponent engages the swarm I'll break formation and fly them individually, and I'll use obi-wan to keep them focused. My turn zero plan involves big rocks and a dense asteroid field, with a deployment similar to vader+miniswarm. I also have a few other ideas regarding alternative options to ashoka: Jedi Knight + 7B and battle meditation. •better alpha strike, since the torrents can both get double mods, but I have to spend an action for it and less utility for the midgame •no bid, which is bad for obi-wan Wolffe + the senate. •More durable •passive mods and more time on target •I can flip him whenever I need to supercharge obi-wan. •bigger bid Some options instead of obi-wan Mace with 7B •no bid •easier force recharge •lower initiative Lumi with 7B •bigger bid •less force •lower initiative •more defense So, is the list good? Should I swap ashoka pr obi wan for one of the above ships, or something else entirely, like lumi? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  7. This. However, HLC is pretty good on them. On a related note, squad leader is good and thematic on the named pilots.
  8. Ditch ion, expert handling, and adv.protorps for normal protons on the Ys, and switch the astromechs for R4s on both, and use the points to put dorsal on evann.
  9. BTL-A4 Y-wing - •“Dutch” Vander - 51 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (39) Proton Torpedoes (12) A/SF-01 B-wing - •Ten Numb - 56 •Ten Numb - Blue Five (46) •Squad Leader (10) Attack Shuttle - •Hera Syndulla - 41 •Hera Syndulla - Spectre-2 (39) •Leia Organa (2) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 52 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder My turn zero plan was to try to get a super-dense asteroid field, then send dutch and ten into the fray with wedge and hera as flankers. It worked suprisingly well, and Dutch+Ten are an absolute POWER COMBO. [Note: I may have forgotten a few upgrades in some of the squads here, so my apologies] Game 1 Win 21-200 My opponent brought deathrain with trajectory simulator, bomblets, and homing missiles, Captain ociunn with a crew I can't remember, and scourge with marksman Asteroids had a clustered field on my side of the board, and I set Dutch and ten (I'll be using the phrase a lot during this report so I'll refer to them as "DT" for dutch and ten, and "WH" for wedge and hera from now on) in the corner, turning into the asteroids. Wedge and hera set up across from deathrain in the corner, while ociunn and scouge set up in the middle of his board edge. Turn one WH move up the board at a mild-mannered pace, while DT slow roll, not yet committed to the asteroid field. Deathrain moves to bait and ociunn/scourge move forward a bit More of the same, really. WH goes full throttle, but still too far out to get potshots on deathrain. Deathrain turns towards the center of the board to rendezvous with the decimator. WH overshoot and don't have shots on deathrain, but DT are set up for a good run at the enemy squad. No shots are exchanged yet. Deathrain drops a bomb out the back, and ociunn makes a mistake that probably cost my opponent the game. He turned in to engage DT. Keep in mind DT are on the far side of the asteroid field, and the decimator is basically a flying brick (in the words of my opponent) both wedge and hera dodge the bomblet, and some shots are exchanged between the deci and DT, to no real effect. Ociunn now has nowhere to go but forward, and the asteroid field is so close it was virtually impossible to not hit a rock. He took a damage from it, and deathrain blasted into the furball. DT moved in with a pair of double-modded shots and put some hurt into ociunn. Dutch took some damage from scourge and deathrain, while WH turned in throw some shots wherever they presented themselves Ociunn has nowhere to go, and stays on the rock due to bumps. Deathrain, scourge, and DT are all squished into a range 1 bubble of destruction, DT were coming out on top with the help of WH and the absence of ociunn's firepower. After this turn his squad tried to escape the field and regroup, but it was too little too late, and I just had to chase them down. He did get half points on hera, though. Game 2 ~80-200 Lieutenant Tavson with pattern analyzer, captain phasma, and HLC Blackout with trickshot and a tie/SF with homing missiles. Asteroids were pretty dense, in a sort of upside down U. He set up on the right corner, and I set up in the left We circled each other for a while, as I was incredibly wary of the 5-dice HLC. When engagement came around, I predicted a 2-turn, and tried to send dutch past the upsilon's arc. He did 2-turn, but I didn't clear the arc. Dutch got a bloody nose, but the trap was set. From here ten got into a private duel with the SF, and WH, in the northern end of the asteroid field, throttled into the open field to pursue tavson. Dutch clipped a rock, just barley. Next turn the upsilon falls for the same trap as the decimator did, being unable to manuver through the rocks. WH follows him and gets a pair of range 1 shots, while wedge loses a shield or two to blackout. The upsilon tried to bring its guns to bear, but it couldn't dodge the rocks and ended up landing on one. I used leia to K-turn in front of the upsilon with WH, and dutch was turning around to launch some protorps at tavson. Ten moved to engage the SF and draw fire from blackout. He took the bait, and ten lost three shields (1 from homing missiles and 2 from range 2 blackout) By now dutch has tavson locked and in arc, and finished him off with a proton torp. From here blackout and the zeta dogfight for a while until I take them out. All of my ships excluding wedge had suffered heavy damage. Game 3 Win 52-200 8x trade fed. Drones, 2 with discord missiles and 6 with ESC. Again, tight asteroid field on my side of the board. My opponent set up in two blocks of 4, each with one discord carrier, and I replyed with WH set to joust one block and DT jousting the other. The plan was to alpha one ESC off the board on each group, tank the return fire, then use leia to k-turn and keep attacking. It didn't go the way I planned. My opponent saw my strategy and moved into a column 2 ships wide and 4 ships long over the course of a few turns, setting up to joust WH. WH stuttered up the board and DT went full throttle for the column's flank. First turn of engagement, wedge gets blocked (5 straight is longer than I imagined) but DT and hera have juicy shots. Wedge puts 1 damage on a nearby drone, hera strips a calculate, and DT take out a drone and strips more calculates. Wedge gets dropped to one hull, with structural damage and a loose stabilizer. Next turn the drones have a hard time turning around, clipping the outskirts of the asteroid field. Because of this difficulty, the droids are either on a rock or don't have arc on wedge, so he lives another day by taking a one straight and bumping, essentially performing a stop manuver. DT turn in and continue to wreak havoc with hera, and without their calculate tokens, I take out two and put a damage on another. The droids try to regroup and joust again, but due to weird angles from previous bumps, end up piling up on eachother with one or two calcs between them. Wedge 1 straight bumps again, and puts another damage on, but he gets shot down this turn. DT and hera take out another drone, and ten loses some shields. Next turn, Dutch takes a range two primary at a undamaged drone, and rolls a natrual double crit! The drone blanks out, and thetg. first crit is fuel leak! Ten and hera take out another damaged drone, and the return fire is easily dodged. The drones try and get some damage on, but they're already damaged and die the next turn. Game 4 Win 51-200 A very... peculiar list. IG-88B with jamming beam and tractor beam, Quinn jast with clusters and stealth device, and a black sun assassin with virago, hull upgrade, and shield upgrade. This game wasn't too hard, my opponent was new to the game and too arrogant to learn from her mistakes. I don't mean to be rude, but after the game she genuinely believed she would've won had it not been for her dice. She never used IG-88s primary weapon once, though she did send dutch off the board, she just jousted the whole list and lost the assassin on the second turn of engagement. Quinn followed soon after, and then I just had to chase IG-88 around the board. It was a great time though, and I won some cool extended art and range rulers.
  10. The fangs can only change a result, not add one
  11. Sounds like a fun list, and you flew it well to! I don't have much to add but I think people should use this upgrade more
  12. Take elusive off of braylen. He already gets rerolls and you will very rarely roll 3 green dice and need to reroll all of them. I personally suggest squad leader on braylen, but maybe not in this squad specifically
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