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  1. Along with this question. Could you also use the spacetug tractor array while cloaked? I mean I get that it is an action but you would’ve messing with another ship so would this be a viable option?
  2. I don’t think a new faction could be created but what if you made a upgrade slot to where certain ships from scum and villainy can be joined with rebel forces or imperial forces. You can make it a dual card and you would state it. But that way certain people like Zuckuss who was hired by Vader could actually pair up. That might be a fun thing.
  3. Please tell me what is wrong this this squad or how I can make it better. Mist Hunter -36 Zuckuss Wired Electronic Baffle Dengar Cloaking Device Mist Hunter Tractor Beam Kihraxz -32 Victor Hel Adaptability Harpoon Missles Scavenger Crane Vaksai Stealth Device Guidance Chips Vectored Thrusters JumpMaster2000 -32 Tel Trevura Adaptabilty Gonk
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