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  1. I think T47 should have Manoeuver, the key word to avoid crit with Dodge, as it is a pretty nimble vehicle, and not Barrage, as for me Barrage need to be stable and take no move. But AT-ST with Barrage would be a good improvment, as giving him a white dice surging def I think. In order to get in par with the survivability of the new CIS and GAR tanks (13,5 health vs 14,66 for the AT-ST).
  2. I woul play naked Rebels Troopers and put Bowcaster on the wookies. Bowcasters are amazing.
  3. Isn't Grievous attacks compose of 2 red 4 black and 2 white ?
  4. There is a good thing usable. I'm thinking about using Cristal clear resine with blue tinte (like Guiliman blue Glaze) in the component.
  5. I think we are a huge amount thinking about it, yeah. I plan to do so, and I know more than 10 persons want to do the same. So... yeah, definitely
  6. And just wait for 4 sabers Grevious. Pretty sure he will be so huge...
  7. You don't care about impact when you critical surge my Dear.
  8. The game should not change anykind of point except Leia/Veers. Sniper are fine. Troops are fine. We need "soft" nerf with : Better table, clock (half time for each opponent), and that's good.
  9. No, you got me wrong on this. Typical game is 2hours + 15 min (settings). You give each player a 1hour 7 min and 30 seconds, and you do like chess, passing the time to your opponent in each action that is not yours.
  10. Wow, the topic went wild in a night... @TauntaunScout : you talked about time limit, clock is a solution that should be relevant, and by itself, punish players who are a bit slow with 11 activations (or even 10). I would like to see a time factor in the game, like once you are running out of time, you can't activate anymore. You keep scoring if you have to, but no more activation. For everything else, it is a bit too long to catch up. I like the idea to either remelt the activation or token functionality of the game. And yeah, if strike team remains they need detachment.
  11. I played sabs strike teams since their release. Tho, I almost wish now that FFG just say "ok, strike teams were a flawed design, we are : a) correcting it - need to have at least a full squad of commando/scout to take strike team, b) deleting strike team permanently from the game. Even if I understand the concept, and like it, behind strike teams, they are what is killing spec force slot right now.
  12. The only thing I thing that the game lack for the balance are better constructed tables. Way to climb, putting objectives on rooftop, saying that when you are intercepting, you have to be intercepting at range 1 ON THE SAME FLOOR, etc. Getting ride of the "blue players come with all cards to create battle" but more something like "each player nominate 2 cards of each type, and you create the "decks" with them". This will allow a less "one way" before match set-up. The pass mechanic would be cool too for the players with less activations. And as @TauntaunScout said : the blue player may be the one with less activation. This way, you are correcting the "bid" issues where it is more interesting to have up to 10 points less than 800, than to be closer to a 800... I am from those who think that no unit is unbalanced or utterly broken (in a good or a bad way). But lot of easely impactful thing around the minis themselves can be touch to balance the game.
  13. This is actually an amazing idea, BestCreatureInSWUniverseScout. I may try this too And stoping the whole part of "Generations decks are coming from a single player" and more "each player put 2 cards of each type to create the decks, and then the rest is working as it should". This would allow to stop some "no match" because we have an extra point bid.
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