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  1. The funny fact about this is that I planned this "suppressive" meta to be a thing when we had the sneaky peak at the new units (DT, Bossk). The other one is that my own rebels list did not move a single millimeter since September. Yes, it still works quite well (perhaps because I know how to play it perfectly now) but it begins to feel old now. I can't wait to try Tauntaun. And the release of ISC...
  2. I play this since commando release. Perhaps I was the first to do so. Yes, Saboteurs are insane. And I play Jynn now, in place of Leia. And no sabine, but 3 AT-RT with flamers. The opponent face two choices : Either they focus the commando and die of the at-rt Either they focus the at-rt and can't move anymore because of the mines. It is a pretty workable kind of play. It is strong because you are the one who decide when the charges explode.
  3. CIS will have low save or low capability only on B1 guys. B2, commando, magna guards, even droideka, are all monstrous units in the lore. Remember that both clones and jedi were frightened by droideka. I predicted the cost of 6 per B1 before it release. I am pretty sure that B1 will be the only "cheap and bad" units of separatists. If you manage to do some math, basic beginner scenario plays with around 400pts each. With 2 squad of at max 54 (6 for another droide and I believe 12 for one of the weapons) and 8 B1 droides, we are still 350pts left. And I don't see Grevious being under 200points (hopefully he will be a bit better than Vader). So even with that, we have a 150pts droideka units. I may be wrong, but when you watch movies, series or read comics, books, separatist have as "bad thing" B1 and... Almost nothing else.
  4. To be fair, I take frag grenade, but not on all my socring units. On snowtroopers, or fleet troopers, yes, where critical surge can be the most useful (saturation) but on storm or regular rebels, i'm more toward playing impact to avoid some eventual rush, or to be able to deal with armored unit (even if, yes, they are not "that" used in "big american competition", I find people sturggling a lot to dealt with my 3 tl-tt when they have nothing or just dlt-19). But yes, perhaps they should cost 6, or at most 7. more, i'm not sure.
  5. I don't understand the part on cheating. I mean, what lead someone to say "Ok, I need to cheat in order to win" ? What do they prove ? That they can't win without cheating ? That the list they play need to cheat to be efficient ? If you have to cheat to end up on a top, you don't deserve it, and you lower the importance of the top itself.
  6. But not for a whole squad of scout wich can launch 8 black dice 1 red with critical surge and pierce 1. Tho, my comment is a bit useless, because Frag are not "overpowered" on certain type of unit while being godlike on other. It depends, for the most part.
  7. I don't, I am really serious. My experience over tournaments or regular games with rebs on various kind of table, what I think about them, about how they play and how i win with them, opposed to what I read, and how I understand people feels about them is a huge interrogation to me, especially because I do not play the "meta best rebels list". Of course, my last post could have been wrote with less irony or bitterness, but it is still a real source of interrogation. Because I played both, I find Imps less good at the game. And the best Imp list (meaning = the one with which I have less difficulties to win) is a Vader lead list with "only" 9 activations. I am not here to say what was already said : Yes, unit vs unit, rebs are worse than imperial. But once you are mechanicaly oiled and you force your opponent to play how you want them to play it's good. For me, Rebels are a bit stronger overall than Imps. I played twice against Deathtroopers also. And yes, Deathtrooper are really strong.
  8. That's insane what you are saying, I run a very specific an particular rebels list, with neither luke nor leia nor rebs, and i have more than 80% winrate with it, against a wide range of armies (both rebs and imps, both fun and competitive) on over 40 games. I really wish to know if : a) I'm one of the best, if not THE best rebels player in the world (I mean, reading what I read) b) I only play with "bad" players. I oftenly finish my game with 70% of my army destroyed, but I don't care, I won. And Recover Supply is one of my main source of victory, as no one just can win against my stratagy it seems.
  9. Did you take the 1/4 covers on the table, and not with a 40k "way of building table" in your assumption ? No because IMO, a lot of the "tournaments table" are completely unbalance and indeed favorise the Empire.
  10. I'm looking forward to see this. Because IMO, 2h15 is effectively enough with people who are not slowplaying. Increasing time limit just serve the actuel spam meta, which can be played in 2h15 but should be more severly "punished" in case of intentionnaly slow play. I say this as a player who want to play a wide ISC spam droid army If "you" can't play a spam army in time, you should be punished for it (as anything else, to be quite fair.)
  11. Do you think about adding a chess clock to tournaments in order to avoid some "inherants" timing issues of most of the tournaments ?
  12. For now, for each game, I play my pathfinder with : Pao, Blaster Config, Duck'n'Cover, Emergency Stim and Long Range comlink. The more I think about it, the more I want to get rid of Blaster config. the WW at range 1-3 is imo sufficient enough for the role they are filling in my armies, and when I infiltrate them, they oftenly either run a lot (so no shooting) or dodge a lot (so no shooting either). My favorite plays with infiltrate pathfinder is : first turn : 1-pip specialist card (for -1 order to the opposing army), so I can activate them, dodge and either run or activate an objective (like Hydrovaporizer). And spam suppress on them asap. Eventually activating Emergency stim second turn : 3-pip Jyn card. So they can't flee, and can activate to either play objective or just dodge and run. For now, the only commander who can "disturb" this plan is Palpatine (with "Give in to your anger").
  13. You know that a "rentable" unit is not obviously a unit which destroy at least its cost ? Just the fact, for example, that my AT-ST deals nothing, but manage to attract half the army for 3 turns, it were rentable. Same is for the pathfinder. A unit of storm with DLT costs 68pts. Yeah, perhaps the pathfinder in your example did not get chance with defense roll. Mine oftenly resist 2 or 3 turns, or if they are killed in 1 turn, they required more than their costs in focus. So technically... The fact is : if they are "empty" of anything, they will die as quickly as rebels soldiers. But a unit of pathfinder with 3 suppress, a dodge and heavy cover is a really pain in the rear to deal with.
  14. I used them in 6 games, and won 5 of them, and in 4 of them, they make me won almost turn 1. On sabotage hydrovaporizer or priority ressources (the one with boxes), they are the win trade. On transmission, they are so tanky they can soak up enough damage by themselves to avoid your opponent from scoring, or occupying the middle point for each odd turn. So yeah, I played them on this 3 only, because they are in my objectives deck and the 4th is key positions. But them, with rush at-rt, and bombers on the back seems really strong. One of the game, they died turn 1 to a Palpatine, who ended up to 2 healt (Now you will die), got snipped by Jyn, and put the middle box near enough to my side to make me win. IMO, they are insane. A bit less good than Death Trooper, tho (because on a game where moral is that important, having a 1-4 suppressive weapon is like... Godlike.) Note : they are one of our only range 4. Yes, it's white dices, but combine with RD and Inspire 1 from Pao, they can be a really good "keeping the line fresh" type of unit. Not even speaking of Danger sense. Even Boba have hard time (from what I suffered) to kill them all. So imagine them with a hard cover...
  15. There is a lot of thing that, imo, are making sense in the recent keywords. The one i'm talking about. Critical X, so they won't put Critical Surge anymore on anything (let's be honest, critical surge is just insanely stupidely powerful and allow even regular units to take down heavies with ease) -> Luke, Jyn, Boba and all of the "critical surge" stuff should get an upgrade that get ride of the critical surge and put a Critical X on their weapons. And put some Critical X on Vader also. And we are not seeing the end of it.
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