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  1. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2319054/redjaks-automated-monster-variant-2020-update
  2. You have to record the Shopping stage before you record the Spend XP stage... You can click on the blue Add Items bar to go enter the shopping stuff, then once that is completed you'll be able to click on Skills to record the XP spent. After you've done both of those you'll be able to choose the next quest, or re-open the specific steps for editing again. It's a little cumbersome but you'll get used to it
  3. Mists of Bilehall and The Chains that Rust should be bought as a pair really, so if you only want to pick up one I would discount them. Trollfens and Manor of Ravens both add some fun map tiles and decent monsters. Trollfens has secret rooms which you already got from Lair of the Wyrm, Manor of Ravens has the Marshal class which is no real use in Road to Legend... Between the two of those I would probably go for Manor of Ravens first, because it has some excellent weapons (Staff of Greyhaven, Winged Blade!), but they're both great. Typically the small box expansions add way more stuff to RtL than the Hero and Monster packs, I would get all of them first. It doesn't make it more difficult, but it will definitely make it much longer - you have twice as many monsters to kill playing with 4 heroes I would still recommend playing 2 heroes each, it's much more fun with the full monster groups
  4. Ya, I found Sadgit's post on BGG after I'd replied here, that seems like something more specific 😛 As you say, Serena and Raythen are outliers, there's no need to try and cater for something that extreme. I wouldn't worry too much about supporting all sorts of screen resolutions anyway - this tool is incredibly useful regardless
  5. Go here: http://wiki.descent-community.org/Main_Page and mouseover Raythen or Serena in either the Heroes section or the Lieutenants section at the bottom of the page... Also, the card viewer doesn't seem to work on subpages of that wiki, only the main page - I don't know if that's intentional or not?
  6. Someone posted somewhere that the UK release date was July 12th, not sure what their source was though...
  7. Specifically, here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2220605/whats-inside-lost-legends
  8. If Refugees movement is 'up to 3 spaces' and the shortcut things add movement points then they my interpretation would be that they don't do anything for the refugees, since moving spaces is not the same as using movement points.
  9. I disagree (and so do people replying to the BGG version of this thread). Iron Will allows you to recover 2 Fatigue when you spend a surge specifically to "recover 1 Fatigue". For other abilities, that's not what you're spending a surge to do - eg for Rune Grafting you're spending a surge to "recover 2 Heart and 1 Fatigue" I believe if it was intended to simply double fatigue recovery from any surge ability it would be worded differently - something like "Each time you would recover 1 Fatigue by spending a surge during an attack, you may instead recover 2 Fatigue".
  10. It isn't explicitly stated in the rulebook, but the fact that Deal and Suffer are both used as keywords implies that they are not interchangeable. The distinction is most clearly necessitated by Jain Fairwood's hero ability... Which is why step 5 in the Steps of Combat section in the CRRG (p6) does explicitly define it. The problem with trying to find a reference in the official rulebook for all of your rules needs is that a) it's completely out of date and b) there are a lot of conflicting/unclear 'rules'/card texts around. That's why the CRRG is more than four times the length of the official rulebook...
  11. There is a difference between dealing damage and suffering damage, which makes both Andira Runehand's hero ability and Spiritspeaker's Shared Pain different to Reflective Ward. Therefore the FFG FAQ answer about Reflective ward would not be applicable to either of these other two cases. No idea what Fire Breath has to do with any of this... The "creator's" rules and FAQ frequently contradict themselves, partly due to the fact that there were multiple people answering questions clearly without talking to each other... Back when anybody bothered to answer any questions... People like @Sadgit and @Zaltyre could probably point you at specific examples of these contradictions, they've been looking at this stuff a lot longer than I have. If you want something to treat as gospel, make it the CRRG. That's a live document with actual informed interpretations of rules, backed up where possible by FFG answers, which gives you a logical and sensible way to interpret the rules/texts which are unclear. While it includes things like the FAQ answer on Reflective Ward, that's included as an exception rather than a rule since it doesn't fit with many other rules/explanations/common sense...
  12. Part of the fun of Road to Legend is specifically the fact that it allows you to mix and match all your content... Why would you hamstring your experience by trying to avoid mixing stuff? Sure, you could only select a few expansions as your collection but then what's the point having the other ones?
  13. In Road to Legend the App performs the Overlord function, so Dezra's heroic feat can be used as normal when the app instructs you to activate a monster group with a figure adjacent to her.
  14. 1) Let your hero players help 😛 There's no need for the Overlord to deal with everything... The hero players should be allowed to read the campaign book anyway, there's nothing secret in it. I would certainly delegate the map tile storage stuff to someone else (put away the old ones and get out the new ones)... This is a useful resource for sorting tiles without needing the campaign book: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/150367/game-tiles-quest 2) Do some preparation in advance... As the Overlord, read the relevant quests in the campaign book before your group gets together, and give some thought to monster selection and any choices that you have to make... That way you spend your xp and build your deck while the heroes are spending their xp and going shopping, then you can all build the map together (let the heroes do most of it) while you finalise monster choices etc... There will inevitably be a bit of waiting around for the heroes, because you have so much more stuff to think about than they do, but you should be able to keep it to a minimum...
  15. No they can't. When a summoned stone performs an attack, the Geomancer cannot use spare surges to recover stamina. It's not him attacking, it's his familiar - just like with the Necromancer's Reanimate... Also, Geomancer summoned stones can't attack on their own, he has to use an action AND spend stamina to Terracall to allow one of his stones to attack once - during its activation. Which, as it's a familiar, has to occur before or after both of the Geomancer's actions - so you can't even interleave your attacks... Nothing directly equivalent, but Conjurer's Sleight of Mind is a combination of teleportation with area stun so it's vaguely comparable... Yeah, they're not interchangeable - there's no reason ever to play Geomancer over Conjurer 😛 I say this having just finished a campaign where my wife played Quellen Geomancer (on my recommendation, because we'd just got Lair of the Wyrm and I wanted to check out the new classes/characters)... It was painful.
  16. Ya, Redjak's Automated Overlord Variant.👍 The main difference is that the Overlord spends just 1 XP to draw a card at random from their chosen decks; so the XP cost of the card is irrelevant, as is the requirement to own some in that class already. So for the 1 XP earned from the introductory quest the Overlord could potentially gain a 3 XP card... For tracker implementation it just means all available cards can be purchased for 1 XP without any restrictions... However, for each new card added to the Overlord hand there is a 50% chance that he discards (returns to the box) one from his Basic deck... So that would probably need adding as well... Those two features give you the ability to track and remember what cards the Overlord has available, but if you wanted to get carried away you could implement the starting Overlord Class Deck selection mechanic as well to reduce the long list of possible cards to something more manageable... That is, rather than being able to buy cards from any classes, at the start of an RAOV campaign the Overlord chooses a single or dual class and then randomly picks cards from those classes... So if you added an 'Overlord class/classes' selection box at the start you could then only show (all) the cards from those decks at the spend Overlord XP step... None of this stuff is particularly important though so if it's not relatively straightforward then it's probably not really worth doing... Especially since RAOV may be about to be superceded by Sands of the Past Adding support to the tracker for a Sands of the Past campaign would probably be easier, not sure how that will work just yet though (probably just turn off all the Overlord stuff)... Edit: Just thought of another feature that would actually be useful - the ability to update the tracker information between Encounters of a Quest... If you don't play them both in one session it's hard to remember the Encounter 1 info when you come back to it weeks later
  17. Great stuff mate, the tracker is a fantastic resource If you're making improvements, could I make a couple of requests? 1) Support for RAOV - specifically the Overlord mechanics for spending XP and threat tokens... At least maybe an option when you're setting up your campaign to choose "RAOV" as the Overlord player? 2) The ability to expand your collection during a campaign. My group started playing an Heirs of Blood RAOV campaign last year, then we got some new expansions (MoB and TCtR) for Christmas. As far as I could tell there's no way to add that new content to our existing campaign? We still used it, but when it comes to recording monsters we just had to lie to the tracker Also the two TCtR travel event cards, which fortunately didn't result in any party gold changes... Neither are particularly high priority, just nice-to-haves for my group
  18. What device are you playing on? If you've downloaded the app via Steam on a PC, then when you choose New Campaign you'll see a list of available campaigns with The Delve and Trials of Frostgate tagged as purchasable DLC. You might need to scroll the list across to show them. Just click on it and you should be able to purchase from inside the app using your Steam account. If you're playing on Android or IOS then I have no idea...
  19. I would agree with Sadgit. You can certainly use both surge abilities on the same attack. You then have two lots of 'choose an empty space within two spaces and place your figure in it' which are triggered at the same time. Since the rule is that if two things trigger at the same time the active player chooses the order in which they are resolved, I don't see any reason why you could not choose to activate them sequentially to teleport two spaces, place figure, teleport another two spaces. There does need to be somewhere to place your figure after the first two spaces though - this doesn't become a single 'teleport four spaces'.
  20. 1 is correct. Ariad's Cursed Blast targets multiple heroes because it's a special action which happens to be an attack. The additional attack granted by Her Majesty's Malice is a standard attack action, so you can't use Cursed Blast again; only a standard attack which can only target a single target.
  21. My opinion on this: Jain Fairwood's heroic ability is a special case which allows you to interrupt between the Deal Damage and Suffer Damage steps of combat. For clarity it should probably be worded as "When you would suffer any amount...", but never mind... Andira Runehand's isn't an interrupt, it just triggers after the Suffer Damage step, therefore if she is knocked out during the Suffer Damage step her ability will not trigger.
  22. There are two separate things going on here... Arcane Fusion specifically states that you 'choose 1 unequipped magic weapon', so Battle Tome would not count as another equipped weapon. Silhouette therefore would still have three weapons equipped, the same as without Arcane Fusion. The "After this attack resolves, unequip this weapon" text is part of the double-surge ability. If you were therefore to use Arcane Fusion to allow you to spend that double-surge with another weapon, you would then have to unequip that weapon after the attack. Whether the Battle Tome would remain fused with it is unclear from the text on the Arcane Fusion card - that'll be one of many many questions to hopefully get FFG to resolve for the CRRG 😛
  23. I can't answer all the fortune questions, but I can answer some: 1) Yes, familiars treated as heroes such as the Reanimate can receive Valor tokens. 2) Familiars (even those treated as heroes) cannot typically perform special actions such as the Revive action - they are usually limited to one movement and one attack action. 3) I'm not sure, but my guess would be no 4) I would assume not 5) No idea 6) No, a hero can only recover fatigue from his own attacks, not those of his familiar.
  24. All correct. A large monster expands when its movement is interrupted, and performing an attack counts as interrupting the movement. Yes, that's how large monster movement is designed to work, it's compensated by them typically having relatively low speeds.
  25. No, if the challenge token reveals a monster then you will not get a search card for it. The only way to get a search card is to reveal and then pass an attribute test.
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