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  1. You might be able to use Sadgit's fork of Vitezslav's D2E map generator to create the map images: https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap-WoW/ You could then use the Quest Vault to create the text and page templates and then put them together with Photoshop?
  2. Xyphistor

    Request ROL Quest Vault Compatibility

    It would be great if FFG released a Road to Legend quest/campaign editor system, however don't underestimate how complicated it is to generate AI content... Producing quests for Overlord play using the Quest Vault is pretty simple, you're just drawing your map and adding some text explanations (although doing it well is a bit more difficult). But creating a quest for an AI app like RtL or Valkyrie requires all of that PLUS coding the interactions for everything you see, as well as all the stuff behind the scenes like monster activations, counters, timers, exploration etc... And tying multiple quests together into a campaign requires an enormous amount of work. If you're experienced playing both ways (Overlord and coop with the App) you'll know how different the format is between the two - there's a LOT of small (and some large) differences between how the quests/campaigns actually work, enforced by the fact that Descent was not initially designed to be played with an App. Having done some work on The Shadow Rune Project and also a bit of my own stuff with Valkyrie, there's stuff that you just don't think about in an Overlord setting that requires pretty complex handling in an app environment... Granted, Valkyrie's quest editing system is not particularly polished, and I'm sure some of the stuff that's a pain to do in Valkyrie might not be so difficult with a different system - but coding limitations aside, generating AI content is still incredibly complicated...
  3. Hi Sadgit, I have a couple of requests for clarification in the CRRG 1) In the section about Crumbling Terrain (p38) there is no mention of what happens when monsters enter a space containing Crumbling Terrain... From a bit of googling I found a thread on here where it was stated that monsters ignore Crumbling Terrain entirely - please could you add some information to that effect to that section of the CRRG? 2) The section on Engage (p15) states that: We've been playing that to the letter, so that monsters with the Reach ability still move to an adjacent square. Is that correct? Or should an Engage instruction cause monsters with Reach to stop 2 squares away from the target? Whichever way is correct, that could probably do with being added to this entry in the CRRG Haven't yet got round to checking the numbers of cards in the Delve, I'll do that at some point
  4. Xyphistor

    Battle rules

    Your hero can carry more gear than he is able to use. At the start of your turn you choose which of the weapons you're carrying you want to equip: If you choose to equip a two-handed weapon (two fist symbols in the corner) then you can't hold a shield or another weapon, and if you attack twice you will use that weapon both times. If you equip a one-handed weapon (just one fist symbol in the corner) then you can also have a shield equipped, or a second one-handed weapon. If you equip two one-handed weapons then you can choose to use either of them for either of your two attacks - you could use the same one twice, or one with each.
  5. Correct. As soon as a knocked-out hero recovers hearts by any means, they are counted as standing up again - that heart recovery could be from a Revive action, or someone using a health potion on them, or skill card effects like Song of Mending's melody. Unfortunately there's no choice 😛 If the Bard ends his turn within 3 spaces of the knocked-out hero, he automatically recovers one heart and stands up - you can't choose not to apply that effect. In some cases this is great as it saves you a revive action, but if the hero is just going to get attacked and killed again immediately then you need to do something different with your Bard - either make sure he's not within 3 spaces at the end of his turn, or move the melody token off the Song of Mending card so the heart recovery doesn't trigger...
  6. I'm writing this post live while I catch up on the last few episodes Starting with Episode 8, which I see you recorded before my post above, so I won't answer your Whirlwind question again... Sorry for assuming you didn't know about the half damage rule! Your Cave Spider activation wasn't quite right - the minions would have attacked Tomble the way you had the Master attack him (moved, can't attack a non-diseased hero, engaged Tomble already, next order is to Attack adjacent hero). Since the master killed Tomble, it went pretty much the same way anyway... I didn't notice if you maxed Tomble's fatigue with the KO? Also, when heroes are knocked out they recover all conditions - it's the sure-fire way for heroes like Leoric of the Book and Tomble to cure Poison When Tomble recovers a heart due to the Bard's Song of Mending, he will be revived and will stand up (on one health and maxed-out on fatigue)... Episode 9: Spot doesn't require monsters to retreat - if they are within 3 spaces and in line of sight, Spot is satisfied so you could skip that action. But since the Goblin Witchers wouldn't have been able to do anything else, having them retreat a bit would probably be a thematically sensible thing to do Don't forget you can move (and also see) diagonally across the black corners of the map tiles - Tomble could have moved up to the master Witcher with only 3 moves. Also, he had line-of-sight through the same path so his Sneaky damage wouldn't have been applied... You probably should have just gone through the north door and ignored the others at the bottom (that's what we've always done on this quest) - having said that, since you opened that bottom door my guess would be you can find the Staff of Light relic in one of those Search tokens, which would be pretty cool if you don't have to give it up to open the locked door 😛 Episode 10: The Master Merriod would probably have used his surge for Immobilize, rather than the +2 damage... The RtL activation instructions for Manticores are rubbish 😂 Tomble only has speed 4 - but since you're not doing the diagonal moves across corners it works out to the same distance moved You moved the Minion Merriod 6 spaces then attacked - moving 6 spaces would have been both his actions, so he couldn't attack... However, taking into account the shrink-expand movement of Large monsters, and the fact that they can move diagonally across map corners, he could actually have moved to that space with only 3 movement so it works out the same anyway again 😛 Yay, Staff of Light Pretty sure the minor peril would have affected Reynhardt (he's within 3 spaces of himself) Episode 11: The Summoned Stones wouldn't have blocked the Master Merriod, since he could move diagonally through the corner... Merick should have attacked Tomble both times, he's the closest hero (he's adjacent, the others are two spaces away)... 2 XP each is nice, go get Rehearsal on that Bard!!! Episode 12: Bushwack is a nice choice, but you're not supposed to undo your spent XP... From p16 of the CRRG: "Though skill selection can be freely toggled on and off, heroes cannot decide to change which Class cards they have purchased unless a game effect allows it." That was something we got wrong at first as well Concentration? Not Rehearsal?! 😲 The Elm Greatbow should be ok with Bushwack, it only ignores adjacent figures so you should be able to make it work. I'll try to keep up a bit more going forward, so my comments aren't quite so out-of-date I'm trying to just point out rules stuff now, and answer questions you ask in the videos - I'm not mentioning when you forget small things, we all do that... Hopefully this is all coming across as helpful rather than critical, since that's definitely the intention! I'm really enjoying the videos, looking forward to the next one!
  7. Xyphistor

    SON Questions

    That's the key point - when you targeted the monster it was hexed, therefore the pierce 2 from Internal Rot is applied to the attack. Incidentally, you would have two tokens on it from your previous attack, due to Internal Rot, (not just one) so you'll be on +2 damage from discarding those
  8. It's likely that @Indalecio also missed the 'Master' monster part.
  9. That work is in progress for the original The Shadow Rune campaign to run on Valkyrie - check out this thread. It's slowed down a bit due to some issues with Valkyrie, but most of them are resolved or will be with the next major release early next year, so hopefully we'll be able to get this campaign finished Once that's done maybe some of the others can follow
  10. I can validate it, Steam updated my Road to Legend App and there is a new campaign there
  11. Xyphistor

    Heirs of Blood

    Unfortunately you can't get any official copies of the Shadow Rune, either physically or digitally. This reddit thread might help.
  12. Hey mate, Just caught up on the last 3 videos, looks like things are going well - not quite so many Xs! When you did a city action to get the extra XP I really thought you were going straight for Rehearsal on your Bard - given your dice rolling, can I advise getting that next?! 😛 Based on a couple of the other skills you've chosen I'm wondering if there might be a Road to Legend rule that you're not aware of... From p10 of the online Road to Legend rulebook (which is somehow completely different to the PDF copy I have downloaded): This is further clarified on p6 of the CRRG, specifically with the requirement that (one of) the Targeted figure(s) will be the one to receive full damage. This makes Whirlwind much less fun in Road to Legend, but it can still be a useful skill. However it makes Earthen Anguish totally rubbish (since the full damage goes on the stone and only half to any adjacent figures) - so much so that I would advise undoing that XP and saving it for something else, since presumably you were unaware of this rule... Generally if you want to max out the benefits from the side quests, it's worth doing two of them first and then going shopping - that way a) you have maximum gold and fame each time you shop, and b) if you do lose morale during the side quests it will be recovered when you travel to the city. I realise it's hard to resist the temptation to shop straight away though Keep up the good work 👍
  13. Xyphistor

    Question on Heirs of Blood Intro Quest

    That's essentially correct. For maximum gold, the hero escorting the Acolyte needs to end each turn adjacent to one of the villager tokens, at which point the token is removed from the map. He could still move away a few squares, shoot at something and then move back again though (bearing in mind the reduced speed penalty from the Acolyte). You don't have to do anything else with the clergy - each time one of the villager tokens is removed from the map the task is completed for that individual and you've earned your gold at the end of the quest - the instruction to 'place the token in the heroes' play area' is just to make it easier to keep track of how many tokens you've saved at the end for adding up the gold
  14. Go to the Index of Useful Links thread, there's a whole section on proxy miniatures.
  15. Hi Sadgit, Michael Cotton on BGG has found a small error in the CRRG, see this thread. I've also noticed a couple of small things: On page 3, the text under the ACTS heading should begin with a capital letter. In the STAGES section on page 36, during the Upgrade Phase for the Delve I don't think Heroes draw an additional card if the monster tracker is empty - from the Delve section of the RtL rulebook, and also looking at the localization file extracted by Valkyrie, the reward for clearing the monster tracker is that the Heroes get to keep an additional card - so in a two-hero game they get to keep two cards instead of one, and in a three-or four-hero game they get to keep three instead of two. From what we observed playing The Delve over the weekend this certainly appears to be the case with the two-hero game. It's possible that it also adds a card as well, although that isn't mentioned in the documentation. I'm not completely sure that your figures for 'number of cards drawn' are quite right (perhaps just the base card draw) - we managed a few times to draw 9 cards by completing stages in a few rounds (I'm not exactly sure how many, we weren't specifically paying attention), while searching two search tokens... With a base draw of 7, if we completed in round 3 that's -1, two search tokens is +2, we should end up at 8, unless the monster tracker also adds one to the draw. I think it's unlikely we finished it in round 2... I can do some specific playtesting to check all of this, but I guess if you've done that already and you're confident they are correct then I don't need to bother