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  1. Xyphistor

    D2e Companion Card Viewer

    Sorry, got my wires crossed a bit there... Thanks for the wiki Psymia, and much-belated congratulations on the baby
  2. Xyphistor

    D2e Companion Card Viewer

    Thanks Sadgit, that wiki is indeed better - I will use that from now on That being said, any chance @any2cards could make the Companion Card Viewer extension also work on there? Also potentially update the Index of Useful Links to reference Psymia's wiki instead of / as well as the d2e wikia one?
  3. Xyphistor

    D2e Companion Card Viewer

    Awesome, thanks a lot mate
  4. Xyphistor

    D2e Companion Card Viewer

    It's incredibly useful, I've converted to using Chrome for my Descent stuff 😛 Is there any chance you could add the D2E wiki to the list of supported sites? http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Descent:_Journeys_in_the_Dark_(Second_Edition)_Wiki
  5. Hi Gleidish, No, only the Targeted space needs to be in Line-of-Sight (which it is automatically because it's Adjacent). The Fire Breath attack then Affects figures in a further 3 spaces (counting from the Target space), without requiring Line-of-Sight to those spaces.
  6. Xyphistor

    Descending to charity

    If you're playing Road to Legend with only two heroes remember you can choose to recover two hearts at the end of each turn if you don't use the free attack, so you probably could get away without a healer. I wouldn't necessarily make one of your heroes a dedicated looter to go for potions though, since searching is much less useful in Road to Legend than in the normal campaigns - it probably hurts you more than just taking a healer in the first place... I would probably recommend taking the Apothecary - you get a 3rd attack skill for only 2XP, and the Elixirs provide decent healing which you can save up and use when you need it... As for your 2nd hero, pick a Warrior or a Mage, depending on your preference for being able to take a load of damage or trying to hit hard enough there's nothing left to hit you back 😛
  7. Xyphistor

    Index of Useful Links

    It looks like the Elements of Demise campaign is Brutalien's updated version of his Call of the Necromancer campaign, you can probably remove the link to the old FFG forum thread for Call of the Necromancer now... While you're editing that section, there's also a few typos: The entry for Zaltyre's mini-campaign should read 'Weapons of War', Morthai's is 'The Silken Threads' and Rugal's is 'The Ascension of Margath'. Thanks for this fantastic resource though!
  8. It always seems so obvious when you say it 🙄 No idea where I got the idea that Internal Rot applies to the attack which places the hexes, but never mind, I'll forget it now 😛 It looks from your explanation like we were playing Otherworldly wrong as well - my understanding now would be that the Pierce from Otherworldly is not applied to the attack which places the Shadow Soul (as it is an affect of the skill card, not an affect of the Shadow Soul, and the skill card triggers when a figure is Targeted). It may be worth adding a note to this affect to the CRRG entry for Soul Bound, or a separate entry for Otherworldly to clarify that the two effects (+1 [Heart] from the Soul and Pierce 1 from Otherworldly) are separate and do not necessarily trigger together. I would also still request you add something to the CRRG 'Steps of Combat' section about how/when Pierce is applied please
  9. Hi Sadgit, I'm wondering if you can add some clarification regarding Pierce to the 'Steps of Combat' section in the CRRG? Specifically, when it occurs... It seems like something that should at least be mentioned in that section 😛 This request is partly driven by my slight confusion over the application of Internal Rot... I could swear I read somewhere that the Pierce effect of Internal Rot can be applied to the attack in which the hexes are placed (ie attack an un-hexed monster, if you roll a surge you're placing two hexes and piercing two), but I now can't find that anywhere... I can find the direct opposite ruling here: It's possible I have conflated it in my mind with the CRRG entry for the placement of the Shadow Walker's Shadow Soul using Soul Bound: If combined with the Otherworldly skill, this would cause a Pierce 1 to be applied to this attack (right?). The mechanics here seem to be the same: in each case the declared target of the attack would not initially fulfil the conditions for the skill to trigger, however in the case of the Shadow Soul the fact that the declared target gains the required conditions during the course of the attack allows the skill to trigger... Would this not also be applicable to Internal Rot? Any clarification of these points would be welcome!
  10. CRRG 1.11, page 47: in the description text for Feral Frenzy there's a typo and it says Freal Frenzy.
  11. Xyphistor

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Range is relevant for melee attacks in the case of a Stealthy target - as originally written this ability would not help against Stealth, with your re-wording it now would. This is such a niche case as to be most probably irrelevant, but I thought I would point it out anyway
  12. Xyphistor

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    You don't actually get any items, you just get a bit of gold later as payment for helping transport something unknown - I think it's 20 gold per hero you choose to carry stuff, but could be less than that... You didn't miss anything significant!
  13. My gut agrees with Zaltyre's 😛 I would read Earthen Anguish to mean that no range is required to hit the summoned stone, so whatever range you roll on your dice counts as excess range. Since Sorcery converts excess range into damage I would say it can convert the full range rolled (up to the maximum of 3) into hearts.
  14. Xyphistor

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Great work DerDelphi One question: How? It doesn't appear to show up in my Valkyrie 'download' page... Some sort of FAQ / user guide for Valkyrie might be useful, does such a thing exist? Otherwise maybe some simple instructions for downloading and adding user-made content to Valkyrie, or indeed for using it at all - there's very little that's intuitive and so far I haven't found any useful documentation...
  15. Xyphistor

    Multiple-target attacks in RtL

    Having re-read your response here and that CRRG entry a few times I think you've summarised the choice of who receives full damage quite nicely, not sure why my brain didn't register it before Regarding multiple-target attacks on heroes, if we ignore the Blast rule wording temporarily there are two 'logical' ways to look at it: The damage reduction effect is intended to counteract the dumb monster placement/movement in RtL, and therefore it should not be applied to the heroes (since they should be moved intelligently). From a fluff perspective, most of these attacks (most commonly Blast by heroes and probably Fire Breath for monsters) in real life would tend to do less damage after the primary target - the first guy takes the brunt of the hit and then associated damage is suffered by others: some adjacent fire damage, ricochet from Repeating Crossbow/Dawnblade, follow-through for Whirlwind etc. So the damage reduction effect should be applied to everyone. The wording of your quote above tends to support option 1, the wording of the Blast rule tends to support option 2. Given that in a normal overlord game the fluff perspective is ignored (everyone takes full damage), I'm leaning towards house-ruling option 1 as follows: The chosen target receives full damage Each additional monster affected receives half damage (rounded up) Each additional hero affected receives full damage Which is pretty much how we've been playing it anyway