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  1. Cool, thanks mate One thing I spotted from a quick look, on the Act 2 Baron Zachareth, on the back of the card you have Surge: Shadow Bolt instead of Action: Happy birthday for next week!
  2. Great work, as usual Out of curiosity, do you have any plans for distinguishing between Lieutenants and Agents? I realise that having the same name makes it difficult, but if nothing else it would be useful to have them on your Github page as a reference
  3. As @wyatt606 said, this is just another example of the poor wording of the Lost Legends cards. Obviously you're not supposed to exhaust it and then immediately refresh it, that would be stupid... My assumption is that the guy writing these didn't realise that 'start of your turn' was a key phrase that already means something. Just play them at the beginning of your turn immediately after you've refreshed exhausted cards.
  4. There is no consistent 'gain XP' city action in Riverwatch. If you do the Mercenary jobs in the Dented Buckler, at some point they will offer you a special mission, which you can do once only, which will give you 1 XP each at a cost... If you refuse to beat up the baker then you won't get any more of the Mercenary jobs and you'll never get the extra XP mission.
  5. Yes, Leoric is defeated by Kadlasar's attack, the Overlord gets his hero token, but then he is saved from being knocked out by Spirit Link and no 'knocked out' effects trigger (eg master Wraith's Reaper).
  6. I stand corrected. My assumption was that Knocked out occured first, followed by Defeated - but it appears to be the other way around. So ignore everything I said the first time 😛 That's the key bit - Stalwart is a perfect example: "You gain +2 Health. When you are defeated, you may immediatly move up to your Speed and perform an attack with a Melee weapon. After the attack is resolved, you are knocked out." That clearly shows that defeated and knocked out are different triggers, and happen in that sequence. Usually they happen one after the other and therefore are essentially the same thing, but in the case that anything interrupts the sequence (Stalwart, Spirit Link, One Fist's heroic feat etc) the sequence becomes relevant.
  7. This is thematic, but incorrect. This is just not true. Lash can move the hero to ANY empty space within two spaces of the monster. Could be the other side of it. If the monster is attacking someone three spaces away and using Extend, they can be moved 5 spaces away from their fellows to behind it... In Road to Legend if you click on the Skull icon above monster activations (or click on the monster in the tracker and choose Info) it will generally tell you what the monster type does with surges. In the case of the Bone Horror, it says this: So that's the answer to the OP question: Place the hero as far as possible from the closest other hero.
  8. Line of Sight and Range are two separate things, neither of them affect the other. 'Line of Sight' just means your ability to 'see' the enemy figure - they could be the other side of the map and as long as there's nothing in the way you would have line of sight to them. The Range required for an attack is determined by counting spaces between you and the target space. The Range number rolled on the dice is the amount of range your attack achieves. This range result needs to equal or exceed the required range to the target or the attack will miss. Attacking with a Melee weapon must target an adjacent space, the Range number rolled on the dice is irrelevant. If your Melee weapon has the Reach ability it can attack targets one additional square away, which is essentially range 2 but still no range is required or relevant on the dice. Check out the CRRG for this sort of question, specifically the information on Attacks on p7, Stages of Attack on p6 and the appendix on Line of sight on p87.
  9. Any effect which triggers "when a hero would be knocked out" and causes them to recover hearts instead prevents the hero from being knocked out (or defeated, since they are the same thing in this instance). So no, the overlord would not receive a hero token for Leoric in this example, since he is not knocked out or defeated - he would be, but the Soul Reaper saves him at the last minute.
  10. I've been following this thread for a while, I think it's an interesting idea but it's difficult to resolve the various complexities... I realise it would require a change in theme for this character, but you could solve most of the problems by making it water-based instead of fire... How about having heroic feat trace a path of four squares which then become water spaces (or Sludge if you want to make it more powerful) for the rest of the encounter?
  11. There's a decent chance of creating something like this in Valkyrie. Tantum has already made a couple of one-off quests, without the difficulty level selection though: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2334396/valkyrie-missions-city-dead-and-bow-your-king
  12. There are, they are under the 'Other' tab. Not really sure why 😛 The stats there are generated by people playing the campaigns and using the tracker to track their progress, so there isn't necessarily huge amounts of data to work with for the less-well-played campaigns. If you guys are playing Overlord campaigns I highly recommend using that site to track them for you, it's a huge time saver (and completely free!)
  13. You can also look at the Quest stats on d2etracker.com to see which quests might be easier for your side: http://d2etracker.com/stats_quests.php
  14. From page 17 of the CRRG: 2. Familiars treated as figures/heroes • are treated as heroes for the purpose of attacks, Monster actions, Hero abilities and feats, hero skills, abilities of items, relics, Search cards, and Overlord cards. • are not treated as heroes for the purpose of ally skills, quest rules, Plot cards, travel events, Rumor cards and all other game effects unless noted otherwise. • may not trade equipment with heroes. • do block line of sight and movement and are considered friendly fgures to heroes. • follow the same movement rules as heroes concerning terrain. • can be affected by conditions and automatically fail attribute tests. • may use one of their available actions to perform an action on a Condition card (e.g. to remove Stunned, Bleeding, and Burning) or to climb out of a pit space. • may receive insight, elixir, and valor tokens. • familiars of this type: Brightblaze, Reanimate, Wolf Generally the CRRG is your source of answers to this type of question
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