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  1. Xyphistor

    Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

    Great stuff mate, the tracker is a fantastic resource If you're making improvements, could I make a couple of requests? 1) Support for RAOV - specifically the Overlord mechanics for spending XP and threat tokens... At least maybe an option when you're setting up your campaign to choose "RAOV" as the Overlord player? 2) The ability to expand your collection during a campaign. My group started playing an Heirs of Blood RAOV campaign last year, then we got some new expansions (MoB and TCtR) for Christmas. As far as I could tell there's no way to add that new content to our existing campaign? We still used it, but when it comes to recording monsters we just had to lie to the tracker Also the two TCtR travel event cards, which fortunately didn't result in any party gold changes... Neither are particularly high priority, just nice-to-haves for my group
  2. Xyphistor


    What device are you playing on? If you've downloaded the app via Steam on a PC, then when you choose New Campaign you'll see a list of available campaigns with The Delve and Trials of Frostgate tagged as purchasable DLC. You might need to scroll the list across to show them. Just click on it and you should be able to purchase from inside the app using your Steam account. If you're playing on Android or IOS then I have no idea...
  3. Xyphistor

    Master Thorn

    I would agree with Sadgit. You can certainly use both surge abilities on the same attack. You then have two lots of 'choose an empty space within two spaces and place your figure in it' which are triggered at the same time. Since the rule is that if two things trigger at the same time the active player chooses the order in which they are resolved, I don't see any reason why you could not choose to activate them sequentially to teleport two spaces, place figure, teleport another two spaces. There does need to be somewhere to place your figure after the first two spaces though - this doesn't become a single 'teleport four spaces'.
  4. 1 is correct. Ariad's Cursed Blast targets multiple heroes because it's a special action which happens to be an attack. The additional attack granted by Her Majesty's Malice is a standard attack action, so you can't use Cursed Blast again; only a standard attack which can only target a single target.
  5. Xyphistor

    -Rule Questions-

    My opinion on this: Jain Fairwood's heroic ability is a special case which allows you to interrupt between the Deal Damage and Suffer Damage steps of combat. For clarity it should probably be worded as "When you would suffer any amount...", but never mind... Andira Runehand's isn't an interrupt, it just triggers after the Suffer Damage step, therefore if she is knocked out during the Suffer Damage step her ability will not trigger.
  6. There are two separate things going on here... Arcane Fusion specifically states that you 'choose 1 unequipped magic weapon', so Battle Tome would not count as another equipped weapon. Silhouette therefore would still have three weapons equipped, the same as without Arcane Fusion. The "After this attack resolves, unequip this weapon" text is part of the double-surge ability. If you were therefore to use Arcane Fusion to allow you to spend that double-surge with another weapon, you would then have to unequip that weapon after the attack. Whether the Battle Tome would remain fused with it is unclear from the text on the Arcane Fusion card - that'll be one of many many questions to hopefully get FFG to resolve for the CRRG 😛
  7. I can't answer all the fortune questions, but I can answer some: 1) Yes, familiars treated as heroes such as the Reanimate can receive Valor tokens. 2) Familiars (even those treated as heroes) cannot typically perform special actions such as the Revive action - they are usually limited to one movement and one attack action. 3) I'm not sure, but my guess would be no 4) I would assume not 5) No idea 6) No, a hero can only recover fatigue from his own attacks, not those of his familiar.
  8. Xyphistor

    Large monster movement clarification

    All correct. A large monster expands when its movement is interrupted, and performing an attack counts as interrupting the movement. Yes, that's how large monster movement is designed to work, it's compensated by them typically having relatively low speeds.
  9. Xyphistor

    Monster Challenge Tokens

    No, if the challenge token reveals a monster then you will not get a search card for it. The only way to get a search card is to reveal and then pass an attribute test.
  10. Xyphistor

    Request ROL Quest Vault Compatibility

    Interesting video @BruceLGL, thanks for sharing that When are you planning to add Playmaker integration to Valkyrie?
  11. Xyphistor

    Request ROL Quest Vault Compatibility

    I think that if FFG were able to release a 'simple and efficient' quest generation tool then the reality would probably be somewhere half-way between our views and yours Amuny. A lot of the pain with the Valkyrie work of Delphi, Sadgit, myself and others is probably due to the editing environment which frankly isn't very user-friendly... I suspect the quest creation tools which FFG use internally to generate RtL content are probably much more sophisticated (as some of the images in this article suggest). However, even taking out the complexity of actually coding the backend, there are a couple of things which you gloss over in your first post above... 1) As you say, your list probably does contain 90% of the things required for a single quest - although implementing that list is still quite a few hours work. But the remaining 10% is going to be the complicated bit, if you want to do anything clever/special with your quest. 2) Generating a whole new campaign setting is not straightforward. Thinking about it, I actually doubt that that functionality would be made available in an RtL Quest editor at all - most likely you would have one of the existing map settings (probably the basic Rise of All Goblins/Kindred Fire one with Arhynn) and fit your quests into that structure. It would also be necessary for it to be integrated with the existing travel events and side quest system (as all current RtL campaigns are), because the amount of content you need to generate for those aspects is massive. (For reference, the Travel Events text file the guys put together for The Shadow Rune Valkyrie implementation is 2,847 lines long just for the events structure (without any of the text))... So I guess if there was a streamlined campaign editor which just allowed you to insert quests into it, that would be pretty straightforward. But if you wanted to do anything novel in your campaign (like the new town stuff in the Embers of Dread campaign) I have no idea how the implementation of something like that could be done easily. Assuming that the quest/campaign generation tool handles all of that, and has enough flexibility to do what people want, then I agree the challenge for FFG would be managing the library of user-made quests/campaigns. That would be their problem though 😛 And I also agree that it would be a massive boost to FFG sales to have something like this - if they can figure out how to make a robust, flexible quest/campaign editor then it's a license to print money - they can just sit back and let the fans generate new content for them.
  12. I would also think that the new rules are to allow misses to occur when you're not using the standard 'one attack plus some power dice' combination... Changing up the dice is an interesting variation mechanic, but that's way too many different 'miss' scenarios... I think you need to simplify the additional 'miss' requirements to ideally one, max two cases, and if that means limiting the choice of new dice combinations that you use then so be it... You can always let some weaker 'always hit' combinations go through, like Rat Swarms currently have... Also I wouldn't bother compensating for the 'reroll Xs' or 'treat X as blank' skills - if you're not rolling a blue die, those skills have no effect - suck it up This is essentially a melee version of the Ironbound rune, but with the additional movement point affect as well, and yet it's 75 gold cheaper?! This is a very powerful Act 1 weapon and would definitely need to cost more... Suffer 2 fatigue to heal someone one heart and it can't even be used to revive? I can't see anybody ever using that, let alone paying 125 gold for it...
  13. Xyphistor

    How do I delete this ?

    Gara Scenario Descent has specific characters (¥∞∏≤±≥∂∑πµ) replaced with the various Descent symbols.
  14. You might be able to use Sadgit's fork of Vitezslav's D2E map generator to create the map images: https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap-WoW/ You could then use the Quest Vault to create the text and page templates and then put them together with Photoshop?
  15. Xyphistor

    Request ROL Quest Vault Compatibility

    It would be great if FFG released a Road to Legend quest/campaign editor system, however don't underestimate how complicated it is to generate AI content... Producing quests for Overlord play using the Quest Vault is pretty simple, you're just drawing your map and adding some text explanations (although doing it well is a bit more difficult). But creating a quest for an AI app like RtL or Valkyrie requires all of that PLUS coding the interactions for everything you see, as well as all the stuff behind the scenes like monster activations, counters, timers, exploration etc... And tying multiple quests together into a campaign requires an enormous amount of work. If you're experienced playing both ways (Overlord and coop with the App) you'll know how different the format is between the two - there's a LOT of small (and some large) differences between how the quests/campaigns actually work, enforced by the fact that Descent was not initially designed to be played with an App. Having done some work on The Shadow Rune Project and also a bit of my own stuff with Valkyrie, there's stuff that you just don't think about in an Overlord setting that requires pretty complex handling in an app environment... Granted, Valkyrie's quest editing system is not particularly polished, and I'm sure some of the stuff that's a pain to do in Valkyrie might not be so difficult with a different system - but coding limitations aside, generating AI content is still incredibly complicated...