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  1. Little late to the party but the 2.0 Krennic crew card ADDS a target lock action to the equipped ship. It can be seen on the card.
  2. @T70 Driver huge props this weekend, great flying! Saw your three games on stream and I am glad to say that I am now picking up a second Silencer to run this list a little these next few months. Tried it out online today. Total blast. You guys are on to something here eh?
  3. Andr_oss

    TIE Reaper Preview!

    Good question. I believe there is one answer and that is Yorr's pilot ability. These things are more survivable AND maneuverable than the Lambda. It is a sad day for the space cow.
  4. I love all of this. Resistance A-Wings<3 The only thing that I think you missed of mention from TLJ is DJ's ship "The Libertine" that he steals from Canto Bight. I'm sure they will sneak it into the game for Scum like the Quadjumper. Just my two cents. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Libertine
  5. I hope so as well. So far they have been touching a different Star Wars game each day since Thursday, it only makes sense that X-Wing would get one... and be saved for last.
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