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  1. This is the way. Apparently devs said they'd like BbyYoda as an objective token? Found this in my old Micro Machines.
  2. Very interesting. I like the idea of a 3-player Legion game. I'll try and convince my group to give it a try. :D
  3. Hm, that sounds familiar I still have one unpainted, maybe I'll do an FO scheme.
  4. I'd rather see her than that dumbass-looking alien.
  5. Hm, I think you may have it right @UnitOmega . The RRG Says but you're right, nothing on R2's card says 3PO must be fielded. The one confusing thing is the text on 3PO's card Not sure why the "while building an army" bit is included, I think it would dispel any confusion to just say "This mini must be added to an R2..." - this could also be a non-final version of the card, so who knows.
  6. I think it's pretty cut and dry, you must include 3P0 with R2.
  7. IDK, the way the rules read (to me) says you place one wound toke and remove X wounds.
  8. So does Repair: 2 let you put 1 wound token on R2 to heal 2 damage? (So a max of 4 damage repaired per game?)
  9. That's absolutely a G36c foregrip in there, not sure what else they used though. Some kind of AK variant maybe?
  10. Didn't see that you were requesting measurements for the Action Fleet A-Wing, I can get those to you when I get home today. I have a decent collection of the AF stuff so let me know if there's anything else you're looking for, although besides the T-16, Snowspeeder, and maybe Anakin's podracer I'm pretty sure the rest are too small. (I don't have the swoop, speederbike, or any of the prequels stuff unfortunately)
  11. Haven't painted mine yet but I basically just swapped the Snowtrooper arms onto a Stormtrooper, and gave an HH-12 trooper a gun to hold.
  12. You could also add that Tauntauns smell awful. I really hope someone sprays theirs with some kind of foul odor, that would be hilarious.
  13. Finally have enough terrain to be considered "legal". Everything is scratchbuilt by myself. It'll really start to look like something once everything is painted. The thing in the lower right is a dice tower which I'll probably remake in styrene and add a turret to. Mat is a hires image of the surface of Mars that I printed on heavy duty vinyl.
  14. Just did this up. Had an extra one so didn't feel bad about cutting this one. I also use a T-16 to sit on top of a building, seems to be pretty close in scale.
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