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  1. Haven't painted mine yet but I basically just swapped the Snowtrooper arms onto a Stormtrooper, and gave an HH-12 trooper a gun to hold.
  2. You could also add that Tauntauns smell awful. I really hope someone sprays theirs with some kind of foul odor, that would be hilarious.
  3. Finally have enough terrain to be considered "legal". Everything is scratchbuilt by myself. It'll really start to look like something once everything is painted. The thing in the lower right is a dice tower which I'll probably remake in styrene and add a turret to. Mat is a hires image of the surface of Mars that I printed on heavy duty vinyl.
  4. Just did this up. Had an extra one so didn't feel bad about cutting this one. I also use a T-16 to sit on top of a building, seems to be pretty close in scale.
  5. Honestly you don't even need to glue some of these models. I've been painting Snowtroopers and the fit on the arms is tight enough that they don't need any glue, even after repeated disassembly.
  6. Whoever made this took the images from leaked marketing promos and edited in their own details, such as the bowcaster on 3PO and the weird alien guy. Pretty sure I've seen that triangular TIE before as well somewhere on Deviantart. I don't know why an unofficial marketing promo would have all these crazy details added. Either that or it's official and the ST has officially gone off the rails.
  7. 3po with a bowcaster though? Really?? Come on. Screams fake to me. Also the weird squishy alien guy just looks like a joke.
  8. Pretty pricey. 118 to get the DLT and E-11D out to range 4.
  9. These look great. I took a soldering iron to mine for some battle damage but I've yet to add this amount of detail and I think that's just what they're missing.
  10. Gotcha thanks for clarifying
  11. Graffiti - friendly units in range 2 of the token and LOS to the terrain it's touching the token roll 1 more die when rallying. Enemies roll 1 fewer. Edited, my bad
  12. Bossk looks awesome. Graffiti - friendly units in range 2 of the token and LOS to the terrain roll 1 more die when rallying. Enemies roll 1 fewer.
  13. Just want to say as an Imperial player, playing against Han/Chewie is extremely frustrating. Han seems nearly impossible to kill when he's in cover and tokened up with Chewie nearby, and then of course he plays Reckless Diversion. Gah.
  14. Should be a Sabacc deck in that case!
  15. I have a pretty decent collection myself. Most are too off-scale for me to want to use for terrain, but I do plop down the T-16 as it's just about right. I also have an extra damaged snowspeeder that came with the Hoth playset that is close to the right scale, looks great on the board.
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