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    icabod reacted to haasje dutchairbrush in Just in time   
    Finaly finished painting and rebasing the whole set (and felt an urgent need to share it :-))..... just in time for the new expansion :-)

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    icabod got a reaction from Phoenix_FFG in Attack question   
    What Gamer said, but for reference... from the rules reference:
    If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space.
    The rules don't state that the attack has to be against the monster in your space, so no evade check.
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    icabod got a reaction from Dentifrice in Attack question   
    What Gamer said, but for reference... from the rules reference:
    If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space.
    The rules don't state that the attack has to be against the monster in your space, so no evade check.
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    icabod reacted to scrubbless in Valkyrie - Home Brew Scenarios - Statistics, Announcements & Reviews   
    A new version of Valkyrie has been released, 2.4.01. This is bug fixes mostly, however the next release has Descent Lost Legends integration among other feature updates.
    Welcome Back Bruce! Great to have you working on Valkyrie once more.
    The latest version can be found at the usual place:
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    icabod reacted to Phoenix_FFG in New bases or not...   
    Clear bases were totally the way to go for me. Those black bases were horrible and took up too much room.
    The Monster stat token(s) sits off to the side in alphabetical order with their appropriate miniatures next to them. When a monster is called for, the miniature goes on the table and the token goes next to the tiles in play for easy reference. 
    And for duplicate monster/miniatures, just place the ‘tombstone’ colour/symbol token in the same space (doesn’t even need to be near the miniature, just the same space - but remember to move it when the miniature moves).
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    icabod got a reaction from TwiceBorn in Alternative miniatures   
    I guess this is actually good news... there are usually rumours that the game is dead (especially with the extended period before the latest expansion), but if it was they probably wouldn't put extra effort into the minis.
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    icabod reacted to SDW740 in Alternative miniatures   
    Turns out the new copies might have better models included:
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    icabod reacted to Seosaidh in How do you sleeve ?   
    I use penny sleeves as well. I used to sleeve my encounter cards, but then stopped (although I may have enough sleeves now, since I accidentally bought another 1000).
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    icabod reacted to Alonewolf87 in Finally Completed...   
    After two years of scavenging the Internet and the physical stores my LOTR LCG collection is finally complete, I now possess all the Deluxe Expansions and all the Adventure Packs, all the Saga Expansions, all the Nightmare Quests and all the Print on Demand. I must say this is a moment of great personal satisfaction and I am amazed that after all this time my enthusiasm for this game has not waned in the slightest. I will not wait eagerly for the new cycle while finishing playing the PODs I was missing.
    I have also a some supplemental materials (almost all the Player Mats, a few promo hero cards) and I still don't own (and I don't think I ever will) the Limited Collector's Edition, but I think this is a great achievment for me and my limited resources so I will go and enjoy a few games to celebrate (**** you Attack on Dol Guldur I will beat you this time...).
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    icabod reacted to RedSpiderr in The Road: Shelob's Lair   
    Almost 6 months later, here is the narrative write-up of my campaign play through of Shelob’s Lair. Hole you guys all enjoy!
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    icabod reacted to tripecac in Momentum   
    I've also been listening to Card Talk (one of the newer LotR LCG podcasts) which has been great because each episode is short, focused, and entertaining.  It's probably the "easiest to digest" LotR LCG podcast out there, and when it comes to this game, anything easy is good!  Plus, the show has a relaxed, humble, humorous feel to it.  It's like listening to two buddies talking about the game.  Highly recommended!
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    icabod reacted to tripecac in Momentum   
    Okay, on the topic of momentum, I have a long-overdue update. 
    Over the past 6 years, I have been playing LotR LCG off and on, almost exclusively on OCTGN (though I continue to collect the cards). 
    Most of my progress was made during overseas trips (in 2014 and 2018) when I was limited to a laptop which couldn't play "real" video games .  During those trips I played LotR LCG on OCTGN, gradually progressing through the Mirkwood cycle.  Whenever I returned from those trips, however, I would go back to playing other games, and didn't really pick up LotR LCG again until my next overseas trip.  So, I often restarted with Passage through Mirkwood.
    However, in 2019 something changed.  I've been listening to new podcasts about LotR LCG, which keep me inspired.  And BGG is a great source of "reminders" about the game.  So, for whatever reason, a few months ago I started playing LotR LCG again, on weekend mornings.  My goal was one quest per week. 
    And guess what... I've stuck with it!  Playing once a week is frequent enough to keep the rules fresh in my head (which reduces overhead), but not frequent enough to feel like a "chore" or cause burnout.  It's a comfortable frequency.
    Right now I'm in the Dwarrowdelf cycle.  Yesterday I finished The Long Dark.  This is now the farthest I've ever gotten in LotR LCG!!!  After all these years, I am finally progressing into new content.  So, playing once a week has helped maintain momentum.
    However, there is another factor: I have created my first "good" deck (or rather, a pair of decks, since I play 2-handed): Dwarves!  Dain helps glue this deck together, and so far, several missions into the Khazad Dum/Dwarrowdelf quests, I haven't needed to rebuild my decks!  This also reduces the overhead of playing LotR, and gets rid of the most stressful part of the game for me, which is deck building (since I hate the process of removing cool cards from decks, and so many cards seem cool to me!).
    So, those 2 things have helped me maintain momentum for the longest period of time so far:
    1) playing once a week, and
    2) playing a "good" deck (which doesn't need to be tweaked between scenarios)
    Hopefully this update will help other people in similar situations find ways to establish their momentum too! 
    It feels great to be finally making progress in this game!
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    icabod reacted to Felswrath in Black Riders - On The Boat   
    Mountain of Fire is what caught my eye. That's the last one I need for the LoTR Saga!
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    icabod got a reaction from Felswrath in Black Riders - On The Boat   
    Just noticed that Black Riders and Dwarrowdelf are currently On The Boat.
    Best start hoarding cash in the hope they make it to the UK.
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    icabod got a reaction from wernerkellens in Black Riders - On The Boat   
    Just noticed that Black Riders and Dwarrowdelf are currently On The Boat.
    Best start hoarding cash in the hope they make it to the UK.
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    icabod got a reaction from Yepesnopes in So quiet...   
    I'd guess that they wouldn't want a discord invite posted on a public forum, as that's a nice way for spambots to get in.
    You may get one via PM instead.
    Thought I'd mention that in case anyone wonders.
    Edit: have a look at the Cardboard Of The Rings website.
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    icabod reacted to Duciris in New Big Box Expansion - Path of the Serpent   
    A new expansion announced!

    Looks like the investigators will be (if I can still read):
    Daniela Reyes Leo Anderson Norman Withers Ursula Downs
    3 Scenarios
    The Jungle Awakens Into the Dark Lost Temple of Yig This looks to be taking from the 3rd LCG arc, The Forgotten Age, which was a terrific departure from the "Usual Suspects" we've seen across the Arkham Files.  Both Leo Anderson & Ursula Downs debuted in that cycle as well.
    Fourth quarter, they say, so a good, tropical escape from the autumn and winter months.
    Huh.  They skipped the small box expansion - both in timing (spring-summer) and in physical (the last was Horrific Journeys which was also big box).  No complaints, just an observation.
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    icabod got a reaction from GILLIES291 in So quiet...   
    There comes a point with a game like this where most of the questions have been asked already. Rules query? Already answered. Weird card interaction you've spotted? Someone already spotted it. Question about an overpowered card? Probably already errata'd.
    When a new announcement is made, then there's more discussion.
    Until then, many of us just come here for the Lembas and Ent-draught.
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    icabod reacted to mttrchrds in Uk online stockists   
    Nice! Didn't notice the designated page.
    On a side note, it looks like the Dwarrowdelf APs are in stock there (finally).
    The Steward's Fear too. Kind of regret shelling out £40 for it on ebay last week now 
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    icabod reacted to Durins_Father in Levels of LOTR LCG players   
    An article that has been long in the making, and hopefully will contain useful tips to both new players and older ones. I have constructed a tier list of how experienced you are with the game and how involved you are with its community. On top of that, I also added several achievements for people to collect over their time playing this game. https://visionofthepalantir.com/…/levels-of-lotr-lcg-playe…/
    If you have more tips for players at different levels or want to add more achievements to the list, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also, be sure to fill in the two polls I included.
    Regular scenario analyses should continue soon, and with Patreon nearing the $75 mark, I am gonna start working on the second physical strategy guide as well and release it once we hit that amount of support. Hope you all enjoy!
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    icabod reacted to Silblade in A Journey to Rhosgobel - Player Card Review series   
    Hello players!

    The next adventure pack, A Journey to Rhosgobel, is ready for your reading! Check the link below:

    Link: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/27/player-card-review-a-journey-to-rhosgobel/
    I just remind you, what's all about (skip it, if you have already read the article from Leadership sphere):

    I made a deep analysis of each player card, mention the positives and negatives of each card, possible combos and synergies and overall conclusion from my point of view. I set the goal of describing each card in at least 450 words, in 500 words at the best. It's written in "progression mode", and it's because of 1) new players, who wanna to start this game from Core set in progression style, 2) the progression mode seems to me more challenging than "normal style" with accessible all cards from all expansions and adventure packs. I wanted to create such complex and detailed reviews because I think it's rare material in LOTR LCG community. And I think that each card, no matter how strong or weak, deserves own attention, not only that cards we usually use in decks.

    Have a nice reading and please, leave comments. I'm looking forward to your opinions!

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    icabod reacted to Durins_Father in LOTR Availability list   
    So, I did a thing. Since there are posts all over the community where people are looking for specific expansions, I decided to make a list out of it. You can find that list here: https://docs.google.com/…/1jEB-tGlr21kKTt7QnffQ8kdxbd…/edit…
    On this list, you can find if the product is available via FFG, how the community regards its availability and a list of URLs to shops that sell that expansion.
    I also need your input for this list. If you have an expansion for sale, then you can add it to the list. If a link has expired or there is no more available via that link, please delete it. If you find another shop that sells it, add the link to the list.
    To international players, please specify the country of origin, and if you are willing to buy the pack and ship it to the buyer if there is no international shipping via the shop.
    English expansions only, for now. If you want to make a tab for French, German, Spanish, or Polish translated versions, please add them in a separate tab below.
    I hope people will step up to keep this updated frequently because I also have a blog to maintain and can't be asked to do both on top of my graduation assignment. I hope this got the ball rolling!
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    icabod reacted to scrubbless in Valkyrie - Home Brew Scenarios - Statistics, Announcements & Reviews   
    All of the data is contained within the following spreadsheet, where you can find quite granular data of all plays. Including number of plays, Investigators used, plays by language, win/loss charts , average play times, player reviews (these contain spoilers) and more.
    You can find the statistics here:
    If you are interested in giving Valkyrie a try (its a free community project with no adds so why not!), you can find the latest version here:
    We also have a discord channel that is used to discuss all things Valkyire including development and Content creation:
    If you want to try your hand at Valkyrie scenario writing and produce your own content I have written, with the help of some community members a (nearly 200 page) guide that covers everything you need to know to get started (and beyond):
    Here is an info-graphic of the statistics for easy perusal (i'll try to keep it up to date as I do on BGG), however you can dig deeper in the google sheet linked above:

    Here is a list of the scenarios and their Expansion requirements:

    Please use this thread to discuss anything Valkyrie, be it feed back on the app, suggestions, scenario reviews that you could not put in game or just if you want to bump the thread.
    EDIT: Been a while, updated image 11/09/19
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    icabod reacted to dalestephenson in Different cards with the new reprint?   
    The time that elapses between release and errata impacts the cost of errata.  But it's got me curious about how long has elapsed for errata over history.  Unfortunately the pre-errata text is not given, so some of my descriptions may be off.
    4/20/2011 core released
    FAQ 1.1 (6/24/2011) -- no player cards
    FAQ 1.2 (10/28/2011) -- no player cards
    11/20/2011 Dead Marshes released
    1/6/2012 Khazad Dum released
    3/12/2012 Road to Rivendell released
    5/16/2012 Long Dark released
    FAQ 1.3 (8/1/2012)
    Beravor (core) -- once per round
    Protector of Lorien (core) -- capped at 3.
    Zigil Miner (KD) -- only 1 resource per match
    This is the first errata, and these can all be considered "power nerfs".  Beravor/Protector had been around for a bit over a year, but this is the first FAQ after the release of Zigil Miner.  Beravor/Protector both preserve the common case.
    8/8/2012 Shadow and Flame released
    8/17/2012 OHUH released
    11/26/2012 HoN released
    2/22/2013 OtDS released
    FAQ 1.4 (2/27/2013)
    Feint (core) -- protect one player
    Thicket of Spears (core) -- protect one player?
    Narvi's Belt (KD) -- not sure what changed here.  Exhaustion?  Phase instead of round?
    Out of Sight (Long Dark) -- protect one player?
    Nori (OHUH) -- add from your hand?
    Thror's Map (OHUH) -- make Travel Action.
    Master of Lore (HoN) -- only discounts one card
    This FAQ is the first since Shadow and Flame, which I think prompted the changes to the two core cards.  Master of Lore was victimized by an extreme combo and was poorly done IMO.  This was the first chance to fix Nori/Thror's Map, both of which affected power though Thror's Map was *extremely* powerful in its original form.
    5/31/2013 Druadan Forest released
    FAQ 1.5 (7/26/2013?)
    Ravens of the Mountains (OTDS) -- look at instead of "reveal" (positive errata)
    OTDS was released so close to the last FAQ that this is probably the first chance to fix what was an unusable card.
    October 2013 Blood of Gondor released
    FAQ 1.6 (2/6/2014)
    Erebor Battle Master (Long Dark) -- +1 attack per ally
    Expert Treasure Hunter (OtDS) -- limit 1 per hero
    These can both be looked at power nerfs, especially for EBM.  ETH had been out for close to a year, EBM for over 20 months.
    June 2014 Dunland Trap released
    October 2014 Nin-in-Eleph released
    FAQ 1.7 (1/20/2015)
    Will of the West (Core) -- remove from game when used
    O Elbereth Gilthoniel (Shadow and Flame) -- title fixed
    A Watchful Peace (HoN) -- ??
    Trained for War (Druadan Forest) -- ??
    Blue Mountain Trader (Dunland Trap) -- limit once per round
    Will of the West was part of an extreme combo and the change preserved the common case.  This was the first chance to fix Blue Mountain Trader, and the change preserved the common case.  I don't remember the original form for the other three, but I don't remember them generating discussion.
    FAQ 1.8 (1/26/2016)
    Horn of Gondor (Core) -- character destroyed instead of leaves play
    Love of Tales (Long Dark) -- make exhaust, restricted
    Both cards were part of an extreme combo, and Love of Tales preserved the common case.  Horn of Gondor changed *the common case* instead of exhausting and IMO a very poorly down errata.  Horn of Gondor had been out over four years.
    FAQ 1.9 (10/16/2017)
    Wandering Took (core) -- limit once per round
    Boromir (Dead Marshes) -- ability limited to once per phase
    Out of the Wild (Road to Rivendell) -- add to victory display
    Hama (Long Dark) -- ability limited to three times per game for group
    We Are Not Idle (Shadow and Flame) -- exhaust heroes instead of dwarves
    Caldara (Blood of Gondor) -- ability limited to once per game
    Wingfoot (Nin-in-Eleph) -- exhaust
    Wandering Took, WANI, Out of the Wild, Wingfoot were all part of extreme combos, all changes preserved the common case except for WANI, which was dramatically weakened after over five years in wide use.
    Hama was part of a combo with Thicket of Spears, which was errated over four years ago (with Feint) so that Hama could continue to use it without breaking multiplayer.  Hama had been out for over five years.
    Caldara had been out for four years, but had more recently become popular because of a couple new cards (one specifically designed to work well with Caldara) and a favorable ruling.  It was a straight power nerf and changed her archtype.
    Boromir had been out for almost six years and was very popular, and it was a straight power nerf.
    FAQ 1.10 (2019)
    A Burning Brand, Legacy of Durin, Erebor Battle Master, who knows what else.  Legacy of Durin has been involved in previous extreme combos, the other two not.
    Poor Long Dark, receiving errata in five different FAQs.
    It's true that you couldn't nerf "long-released cards" early in the game because nothing had been out long, but it's striking that *only* long-released cards are receiving errata.  Blue Mountain Trader appears to be the *only* card after 2013 to be fixed in the next available FAQ.  Beravor was errata-ed in the *first* FAQ that errata-ed player cards, that's not the same sort of thing that was done to Boromir.
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