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  1. icabod

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Thanks. That's a lot of work for me - I'm at the "stick paint in mostly the right areas, and try to stay inside the lines" stage. I have some paints selected for when I start on the Mansions figures (quite like the idea of a purple wash on some of the creatures), but until I get the techniques right...
  2. icabod

    1 core set

    I have a single core set, and I decided to get some of the adventure packs to help with my deck building, just to give more options. The main issue with the core set is that there are several great cards that you only get one of. Some people have printed out copies of these cards, and put them in sleeves with an unused card as the "back". So if you sleeve your cards that could be an option.
  3. icabod

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Ah yes, I just looked back and saw your painting workspace - I currently have to set up each time I try to paint (so not very often). I currently have the matt white spray primer, although for painting the Mansions creatures I'm thinking of getting some black primer so it's less noticeable if I miss an area under the wings with the brush... it'll already be in shadow. I'm putting off painting the Mansions figures ones until I have more practice, so I'm basically just trying out different techniques on old space marines
  4. icabod

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Nice work. Can I ask what sort of paints/washes you used on these Star Vampires? Sorry if you've already mentioned it. I have a small collection of Army Painter paints and washes, and although I'm only beginning I find that the washes tend to make things look dirty. I guess I need to start practicing dry-brushing for after the washes have dried? I was going to do some painting last night, and spent an hour or two watching painting videos, instead. Hehe.
  5. icabod

    Gaining Strength

    My guess is that it adds a single resource to a hero, but only if they already have at least 2. Hence you need to discard 2 first. If you can't do that, then you don't get to play the card.
  6. Another interesting read. Being still quite new to the game (Core set, and 3 x AP that I've only had for 3 days), my inclination is to go for simpler cards. It seems almost as if the more complex cards are a little closer to gambling. I mean - you make a conscious decision that some additional cost (removing a character from play, potentially discarding two really nice cards) is worth the risk for the benefits you may get. The less complex cards come with less risk - it's played, you get the benefit with no other cost. I guess as I get more familiar with the cards (reading blogs, and I've been going through some of the old Grey Company podcasts) I will take riskier approaches. The one time I consciously tried adding complexity (and hence risk) was with a Aragorn/Celebrian's Stone combination. It resulted in the one win I've had due to the luck of the card draw, but I guess relying on specific combinations of cards is risk in itself. Or maybe I have the wrong idea of equating risk with complexity of the cards.
  7. I have my cards sleeved in Ultimate Guard Supreme Matte sleeves, and have just grabbed some of their 18-pocket pages in order to sort my (small) collection. They claim to be able to store 18 double-sleeved cards - I've just tried them out for space, and they fit 3 single-sleeved cards in each pocket nicely. Not tried filling up all the pockets yet, I'll report if they don't work so well when full.
  8. icabod

    Suggestion: Core Set Complementary Pack

    A single copy of Celebrians Stone was a pain when I tried my hand at core-set deck building. So much so that I'm currently awaiting delivery of 3 adventure packs. Do most of the other cards come in triplicate in the adventure packs? I do find it amusing that when reading about deck building, the number of core sets isn't assumed to be one. I find it odd to consider buying multiple boxes.
  9. icabod

    "Fire spreads" direction dice?

    While I've not had this issue yet (having not played enough games that fire has been an issue), this sounds like it could be solved with a coin with an arrow painted on it. Spin the coin on the board, and when it settles the arrow shows which direction the fire spreads. It may have to be repeated if the fire attempts to spread off the map, unless you have house rules to say it's not spread that turn. Aaand, I've just realised that this wouldn't solve the issue of which tile is spreading. Back to the drawing board. +1 for the fire management in the app, tho' I think something that fundamental could be provided gratis.
  10. So with my first attempt at deck-building, I tried an "easy" game of Passage Through Mirkwood (no shadow cards, no "gold" cards) - partly to work out what cards I thought didn't work in-play, and partly because I've yet to win a game (cry cry)... until now! Managed my first win. Yay me! I realise to most people Passage Through Mirkwood is easy, but I'm new to this kind of game, so I consider it a good result - I completely forgot to keep track of how many rounds were played, so no idea what score I got. I did get a little scuppered when Eowyn died, but it looks like most of the healing cards are in Lore, so I may investigate that sphere a little more. Luckily my plan of using Celebrían's Stone worked in my favour, as it came up just before she lost her 3 health, so I could still use the Spirit cards with Aragorn's resources. I also lucked out when the wife picked what seems like the easier of stage 3 cards in that scenario. After a play-through there are a couple cards I've decided to remove from the deck, but it seemed to go quite well. I'll try again with shadow cards and the gold cards in the encounter deck when I next get a chance to play. Cheers!
  11. Those are precisely the heroes I settled on, although I picked Eowyn primarily due to her already-high willpower. When I've played with the single-sphere decks, I sometimes found myself in a rut with too much in the staging area and no way to progress - partly due to Enchanted Stream being the active location (players cannot draw any cards). That's a sure-fire way to quickly lose the game, it seems. With Eowyn on my side that should be a sure-fire way to slowly lose
  12. It does indeed look nice. Slightly too large for my table, tho', which is 23" x 23". I think perhaps a table upgrade is in order - it's the reason I've not bought Eldritch Horror yet. And sorry to piggy-back on your question, but does anyone know the size of the other playmats? They don't appear to have dimensions listed on the FFG page.
  13. I like the idea of keeping costs low with the off-sphere... I read on somewhere on BGG about using the almost entire core set of the two-hero sphere, and selecting about half of the other sphere cards. My main problem with Aragorn is the initial threat cost, but I think he's worth it, especially if Celebrian comes up early. As I will be playing solo, my approach so far has been to add 3x Gandalf and remove any Ranged that don't have some other benefit (such as simply being good in a fight). Cheers for the tips - I'll let you know how I get on.
  14. I only have one core set, I decided not to spend additional cash until I got to grips with the game. As far as looking at other decks... thanks, but I'm specifically not doing that at the moment, instead trying to teach myself before seeing what others have done better than me :).
  15. icabod

    X on cards

    Ah, I didn't realise that. I guess with Gandalf it's not so much "Stand and Fight", as "Sit down and put your feet up, can I get you a cup of tea?"