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  1. Yup, added this to my podcast rotation, although as I'm not driving to work currently my already very-behind backlog is getting further behind. I'll get to this one day 🙂
  2. Hmm, I have a second core set, but only as I managed to get one for just over 12 quid... However, there are some cards with the first issue that I still only have two of (Unexpected Courage for example), so it could be worth getting the issue just for those. Didn't see it in my local shops when I looked the other week tho'. Hmm.
  3. Well, I'm currently towards the end of two Hachette subscriptions, so I have a couple comments... Typically these publications contain occasional "opt-out" items. They can vary in cost and quality, but from my existing subscriptions they tend to be books for anything from £10 to £20, up to the latest one from the Warhammer Conquest subscription which was a £35 paint guide - it sounds a lot, but contained that much just in paint alone, so was probably the best bargain of the bunch With that in mind, I wonder what the opt-out items could be with this subscription - additional cards? Alt-arts? Sleeves? It will be interesting to find out.
  4. As far as I'm aware, there are variants of maps for all scenarios that may include tiles, equipment, and creatures from different expansions. I played the Altered Fates DLC Scenario and I'm fairly certain it used items from all of the expansions that I had at that time. That's not to say that they will automatically create new variants for all previous scenarios when a new expansion comes out... I think that the suitability of for example Path of the Serpent is pretty limited - "Place rocky jungle crevasse at the end of Corridor 1". Well in my case you can double the cost of the DLC as I choose to buy it on both Android and Steam, and I imagine I'm not the only person to do that.
  5. Yes, they could easily reprint this cycle, and indeed they did earlier this year, along with many other cycles.
  6. I did see on a Facebook group, someone had organised their tiles into pockets in a ring-binder. Each "page" was a 2-pocket sleeve, which fit the 2x1 and 2x2 tiles nicely, with the 2x3 tiles taking up a "page" on their own. You can easily see both sides, and flip through them. Not sure how they were sorted (I guess by expansion then alphabetically), but you could print out this reference index and stick it in the front, and sort accordingly. Not sure I can link to it as it was posted to a closed group, but it looked quite easy to search through.
  7. Khazad-Dum was reprinted (and available in the UK) earlier this year, so I would guess it's low down on the reprint priority list.
  8. Yep, I spotted that just after I clicked "Submit Reply". That said, if all you want is the text... just open up the PDF, "Select All", then copy-and-paste it into a text editor. All the text is there. I'm sure with one of the many free PDF editors available you can create a printable copy should you need it.
  9. Ignore me... just seen the second page with the bit that's blacked out. Apologies.
  10. Here in the UK you can expect APs and Deluxe boxes to be in the UK a few weeks after the US - note that in some cases they don't seem to make it to the UK at all. If there's a specific AP or Deluxe you're after, your best bet is to sign up for notifications from your shop of choice (BG Extras do a great job of getting stock, but there are plenty of other good sites). You can also do regular searches on a bunch of shops - a lot are listed in this thread. Sometimes things you're after just "appear" - like someone finds a spare crate in the back of a stock room.
  11. What Gamer said, but for reference... from the rules reference: If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space. The rules don't state that the attack has to be against the monster in your space, so no evade check.
  12. I guess this is actually good news... there are usually rumours that the game is dead (especially with the extended period before the latest expansion), but if it was they probably wouldn't put extra effort into the minis.
  13. Wasn't sure where to react to that as "confused" or "sad"...
  14. I've looked at Reaper minis before - not actually got around to buying any yet, but they have some nice Cthulhu stuff in their Bones range.
  15. Just noticed that Black Riders and Dwarrowdelf are currently On The Boat. Best start hoarding cash in the hope they make it to the UK.
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