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  1. icabod

    Formless Spawn

    Those inserts do look nice. I especially like the idea of storing some of the investigators upside-down https://go7gaming.com/product/storage-solution-for-mansions-of-madness/
  2. icabod


    Without checking the card, can they be used in any scenario if an investigator goes insane? If it looks like they're trying to sabotage the investigation maybe you can use them on that investigator? I could be wrong, I will check the card text later if it's one I have.
  3. icabod

    App update

    Aaaand, a big update hits on Google Play, so I'm guessing the android app is up-to-date now too.
  4. icabod

    App update

    App has updated on Steam, but I it doesn't appear to have been updated on Android just yet. Not that I have the Horrific Journeys expansion, but I keep an eye on my updates.
  5. icabod

    App update

    I think it's officially released on Thursday (at least according to one shop I follow on Facebook), so you may need to wait a couple days to play it.
  6. icabod

    Disappointing First Game

    I've only played solo, but in the starter scenario I never really experienced "monster spam". It's true that if you take too long to achieve goals, then the "in-game timer" (turn counter, if you like) will start to make things tricky. But in that first scenario I usually get something like a couple cultists and a could deep ones... until I find the objective. Then it kinda kicks off and becomes something of a battle to get out alive. Which adds to the excitement and tension. Note that other scenarios vary - some are more combat oriented, some focus very much on story.
  7. icabod

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    As a separate idea for Valkyrie, I wonder if it could be used to process all possible maps for a scenario (including the official ones), to give all possible map sizes... I played recently but the mansion overran the edge of my small table so had to rotate the whole board by 90 degrees.
  8. icabod

    Homebrew scenarios now available

    In Valkyrie, select "Scenario Editor", then press "Copy". You will be presented with a list of all scenarios you have downloaded. Select one and it will be copied for you to... play around with.
  9. If you're in the UK (and even better if you live near Brighton), both of those are available at Dice Saloon (at least according to their website). I'm sure there are other places that have them in stock.
  10. icabod

    Errata: How do you deal with them?

    I sleeve my cards and can cope without the (sometimes lovely) artwork, so I just write out the errata on a slip of paper and insert it into the sleeve. Usually it's just stuff like a note saying "once per round".
  11. Just noticed that Asmodee are having a sale, and among the items are some Arkham Horror novels at $1 a piece. Guessing the postage to the UK would outweigh any savings for me, but for those in the US it may be worth the money. Thought it may appeal to some of the Mansions of Madness fans.
  12. icabod

    A Couple Questions

    Stating that could imply every round for the rest of the game. As it's currently stated, is only during that part of the quest. Also... This thread is rapidly becoming badly named
  13. icabod


    I my experience, non-matte sleeves shuffle a little better, but not enough to be noticeable. And more importantly, they're: - more likely to slide over when stacked. - harder to see under lighting. Matte sleeves are easier to see the card, less likely to slide around, and using the "cut-and-mash" technique can be shuffle perfectly well. However, that's just my opinion. I use Ultimate Guard Supreme (matte on both sides) for my LOTR cards, but I like the cards from Arcane Tinmen too - they do Dragon Shield, but I use their mini sleeves for Mansions of Madness.
  14. icabod

    Roam Across - the encounter deck

    I agree, it's obviously an incorrect printing and will probably be errata'd (in fact, if you contact Asmodee you can probably get replacements). Would be interesting to know how much difference it makes to the quest, mind. If you found a deck built for that quest and used it with the wrong set of encounter cards, would it make much difference to the efficiency of the deck?
  15. icabod

    Roam Across - the encounter deck

    While Calebs decision is what you should go with, does that not break the golden rule, that the cards overrule the rulebook?