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  1. I can't help with the discussion group, but regarding basing, another alternative is to make custom bases, as seen elsewhere in this forum - the ones by Gnutten look really nice. Personally, I currently just use the monster tiles rather than the figures, as I want to get them painted up and probably rebased... those big black squares are functional but ugly. Sadly my painting talents are slow, so it'll be some time before I get nice looking figures to the board.
  2. Ok, I played it as effectively "transferring" one of his actions to another investigator, but you're right, it is his action, and it gives another investigator an additional action. I should always assume the worst case, in this game! I'll know for the next time.
  3. Follow-on question... The other investigator became Mesmerized - "at the end of your turn, flip this card." As the investigator in question had already had his turn (this was effectively an extra action on behalf of Carson), so I don't flip the card until after the next turn? I.e., after the next Mythos phase?
  4. Hi. I've done a quick search but didn't find anything... Carson Sinclair's ability reads "Action: Another investigator within range may perform 1 action. Activate this ability only once per round." He's in a space with another investigator (who may be better at combat) and an enemy-type. The Evade Check in the rules states you need to perform an evade check for "any action other than the attack action or move action." So... does activating Carson's ability need an evade check (as it's an action that isn't attack or move)? I would assume that if the action of the other investigator isn't attack or move then an evade check is needed for the other investigator, but...? I'm playing it as not needing an evade check, as I just want someone else to perform the attack on the butlers behalf.
  5. icabod

    Disapponting experience

    Out of curiosity, how did you contact them for the missing tiles? I went via this link... Asmodee parts request.
  6. icabod

    Disapponting experience

    From my experience, you've just been unlucky. When I first got Mansions of Madness one of the arms came off of a figure... It was replaced without any issues by Asmodee. I just filled in a parts request, and had the replacement within a few weeks. I'm in the UK, not sure if it makes any difference.
  7. icabod

    Which x pack to get after core set?

    Yes, it arrived yesterday. The website is confusing if you're doing mail order... The site said there was dispatch stock in Shepherds Bush, but in the cart it said it needed to be ordered in. I checked and it actually needed to be shipped from one location (Shepherds Bush) to the mail order place, then on to me. Took an extra day. The box wasn't in great condition, but the contents were fine.
  8. icabod

    Custom game modes

    If you're looking for alternative modes, you could try a version of progression (legacy) mode similar to that proposed in the solo league... Beat a cycle using only cards from the core set and that cycle. For example, when playing the Dwarrowdelf cycle, use cards only from core, khazad dum, and dwarrowdelf. Just a thought.
  9. icabod

    Which x pack to get after core set?

    Dark Sphere in London have Suppressed Memories in stock for about 40 quid including postage. Ordered mine on Wednesday, should be arriving tomorrow. If you're in London you can click-and-collect.
  10. icabod

    Solo play and scaling

    Cheers - I kinda expect it to be difficult, so I'm "happy" to fail. I have a bunch of board games that I've so far not won against, but it's not ruined the enjoyment yet. I will try with 3-investigators next and see how I go - I think I should be able to cope with tracking that much (!!).
  11. icabod

    Investigators & Monsters

    There's a post on these forums from any2cards that I think contains the information about the expansions - However, the Conversion kit is for converting the 1st edition Mansions of Madness. The two packs that bring the figures and tiles from the first edition into the 2nd are Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares. No idea if you need the Conversion kit to use those, or if the cards and things come in the boxes.
  12. Hi all. So, I currently play Mansions exclusively solo - my daughter enjoys a boardgame, but at 5 she's a bit young for the horrors of Mansions. I tend to play with 2 investigators, picked randomly from the ones I have. My question is, if I were to go for 3 or even 4 investigators, do the scenarios scale accordingly? I tried Altered Fates with 2, and quite quickly got beaten to a pulp (could be the investigator choice, mind, or my terrible decisions). Do other solo players stick to just 2 investigators, or generally go for more? Is it much harder to track?
  13. That's some really nice work you've done there... it will take me an age to read through, but it's much appreciated. I like how you had to add an extra star for some cards, because "out-of-five" just isn't enough Looking forward to the next 3 spheres, and then your write-up of the Mirkwood cycle (which is basically all the cards I have, until my wife relents and lets me buy more).
  14. 1b. "Trade" in the reference guide suggests that any items can be moved around as one action. That's how I read it, anyway. 2. A typical part of the mythos phase would be something like "move monster X two spaces towards the nearest investigator", then "monster X attacks the investigator within range with the most damage." In this case, the movement would allow the monster to go through doors. But the actual attack would not consider an investigator on the other side of a door, as range doesn't go through doors. That's how I understand it, anyway.
  15. 1. Yes, an investigator can have any two actions per turn, which includes using the move action twice. You can see this by becoming wounded (damage equal or greater than your health) - the wounded condition specifically restricts the investigator to a single move action per turn. 1b. As an aside, but related to actions you can take... something I missed early on is that the Trade action allows any investigators in the space to move items around, including picking up, dropping, and swapping items with other investigators. One action to cover all investigators in the space, and all items. Quite handy to know. 2. Monsters can open doors, so in terms of moving they can walk through doors, and in some cases they can pass through impassable borders and walls (see the text on the back of the Ghost token). However, consider that when an investigator goes through a door, they close it behind them, so ranged attacks don't have an effect. 3. Yes, in that case the choice of weapon doesn't really matter. The app can be fickle at times, sometimes you'll hit with a really nice lump of wood, and only just scrape them. 4. I think that the app will tell you... sometimes the app will state that any investigator can view the journal as an action, other times it will state that the investigator carrying it can. But I can't quite recall at the moment without playing a few more games