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  1. icabod

    When do songs activate?

    Thanks. I assumed that was the case, but I know that with this game if you ever have a doubt it's usually the option that's worst for the player 😁 Thankfully not in this case.
  2. I have a question that a very quick search didn't answer (perhaps it's obvious?). If I have a Song in my hand that gives the attached hero another sphere, is it activated immediately? So that hero could be used to buy the other spheres cards in the same planning phase? For example, I have Song of Wisdom (attached hero gains Lore), play it in the planning phase and attach it to a Tactics hero (Legolas). Can I then use a Legolas resource to pay for a Lore card in that same phase? I'm playing now, so will play it as a "Yes", but thought I'd check. Incidentally, I am playing with Tactics Legolas, Lore Bilbo and Lore Glorfindel... and my first draw of 6 cards (+2 in the first resource phase due to Bilbo's ability) includes 2x Song of Battle, and 1x Song of Wisdom - so no resource limitations. How handy is that?
  3. In Windows, I just loaded up the original PDF in Acrobat, clicked on some text (not an image), pressed Ctrl-A to select all the text, copied it, and pasted into Wordpad. Aside from the page numbers being inserted where you may not want, it looks OK and should suffice with minimal editing. You may need to load it into something like Word in order to save it as a PDF or some other Kindle format, but it's a start.
  4. Good stuff, I'll give that one a go this weekend... there are far too many confusing options for playing on TTS (I bought the Scythe DLC, have no idea how to play that one). As for released cards - I only play with cards I own anyway, so just the core and Mirkwood cycle is enough for me right now... Tho' the sooner single-handed solo is implemented, the better.
  5. According to the LOTR LCG OCTGN page, you should add bug reports and feature requests on the OCTGN page.
  6. So if you don't want to lose, try to attain the win condition that the card prescribes, in which case it becomes a battle of wills - sane versus insane. Start fires. Try to stab people. Whatever it takes, it's up to the sane people to not let that happen. I do find it odd that they inject roll play at such a late stage of the game, but it is what it is.
  7. icabod

    Engaging An Enemy

    Indeed, sorry. Yes, it's engaged until the end of the game, or it becomes disengaged - by being destroyed or a card effect. Worth noting that you can't choose on a whim to disengage an enemy and return it to the staging area. It has to be by a card effect, such as A light in the dark.
  8. icabod

    Engaging An Enemy

    a) Yes, if you engage an enemy, the enemy engages you, and vice-versa. b) An enemy is engaged until the end of the time, or it is removed from being engaged somehow - either by being destroyed, moved back to the staging area, etc. c) Yes, you can imagine that there is an area between that staging area and your cards that is "enemies engaged with you". They stay there, not contributing threat to the staging area. They are engaged with you as a player, not with a specific character, so they can attack different characters on the next round. d) If you mean "engages", then no, not really. If you mean attacks, then yes - it's sometimes possible to attack without engaging. Some cards have effects that will cause an attack without engagement, for example attacking an enemy in the staging area. But that's card-dependent.
  9. I agree - I think that some view a "turn" as being the start of the investigators phase (which it is for solo play). The Rules Reference defines "Turn" as: So the rules define each investigator as having a separate turn in the investigation phase. While thinking about this, I thought of one mechanic that would help to alleviate knife "ownership". If you don't trust an investigator, you could move into their space (half of your move action), steal their knife, then move out (the other half of your move action). I don't know which insanity they have, but it could be worth the risk. Of course, this all relies on some agreement about in which order the players take their turns. It's down to choice. If you "rotate" the turns each time, then yes you could end up with the insanity player causing an abrupt halt to the game. If you pick at random (dice-roll? rock-paper-scissors?), again it could abruptly end the game. If you as a group make an agreement, then you can save the game. I didn't spot anything in the rules about what happens if there's a disagreement about turn order. In LOTR LCG (which I also play... solo (cry cry)), the decision of the "first player" is final if there is a standoff, and the first player token changes each round. Sounds like it could be a good mechanic to adopt in a multi-player MoM game.
  10. Just to pick one of your examples that jumped out for One of a Thousand... the game ends at the start of your turn. If you've just drawn the card, it's not the start of your turn. If it happens during the Mythos phase, then the other investigators can have their turns before you. That's not abrupt, and there is a way to stop it.
  11. The Mute card doesn't change the win condition of the game, it states that you're not allowed to talk (presumably that just means not discussing game decisions). The other cards mentioned don't give you an instruction on how to act, they alter the the win condition of the game, so it's up to you if you try to win the game that way or not. It could be the case that you win accidentally, at the expense of everyone else's loss. But as I say, I think the game could use a scoring system so you can gauge how well you finished - then some of the traitorous insanity cards may make more sense. A character went insane, and their insanity means you didn't win the game quite as well. Something like (Max Damage - Damage) + (Max Horror - Horror) + (10 points if you "won")... for each player. As a team you would "win better" if no-one goes insane. Personally I play solo, so if I pick the Mute insanity, I just don't talk to the wife. Then I experience a completely different form of horror.
  12. So in the case of Pyromania, if you're happy to throw your own game (and let the team win), you could battle the voices in your head and actually try to put fires out. With One of a Thousand, if you're happy to lose, it's the job of the insane character to try not to be in the same place as another character... but without letting the other players know your specific insanity. Which makes for some interesting strategy. I like it. I guess what's possibly missing is having a scoring system at the end of the game, such as you have in some of the FFG card games... being insane would mean your team gets a lower score if you don't get your own win condition. All a bit moot for me as I play solo, but still.
  13. I was working on an aide-memoire - a series of "phase cards", which I had included all the steps for each phase, including the player action windows. Then I saw that someone on the LOTR LCG Players Facebook group has been doing exactly the same thing - a series of printable cards which show the phases of the game, and when you can make player actions. Freaky coincidence, but he's done a very nice job. It's in early stages, but I would hope they'll be released (on BGG for example) once complete.
  14. Certainly in the case of Netrunner, production is stopping due to the license expiring - I think if they had the choice they would continue, but they don't own the copyright. Nate posted an article about the State of the LCG, and it all looks pretty good for the upcoming year at least. Regarding where to buy - I'm in the UK and have had good experience buying from Book Depository. I only have the first cycle (Shadows of Mirkwood), but 5 of the packs came from there, and I was notified when stock came in. Decent prices too (average of £11 per pack, free postage), assuming you can find the correct search term to find what you want.
  15. icabod

    Phoenix Paint & Mod

    Those star vampires do look... juicy! @Phoenix_FFG - as you use Army Painter paints, you may like to check out the Army Painter Facebook page - they're giving away a "Mega Paint Set" (50 paints) every month if you post a photo of something you painted with their paints. I reckon you should try it. Probably more chance than me of getting something, tho' they may give me points for effort