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  1. Here in the UK you can expect APs and Deluxe boxes to be in the UK a few weeks after the US - note that in some cases they don't seem to make it to the UK at all. If there's a specific AP or Deluxe you're after, your best bet is to sign up for notifications from your shop of choice (BG Extras do a great job of getting stock, but there are plenty of other good sites). You can also do regular searches on a bunch of shops - a lot are listed in this thread. Sometimes things you're after just "appear" - like someone finds a spare crate in the back of a stock room.
  2. What Gamer said, but for reference... from the rules reference: If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space. The rules don't state that the attack has to be against the monster in your space, so no evade check.
  3. I guess this is actually good news... there are usually rumours that the game is dead (especially with the extended period before the latest expansion), but if it was they probably wouldn't put extra effort into the minis.
  4. Wasn't sure where to react to that as "confused" or "sad"...
  5. I've looked at Reaper minis before - not actually got around to buying any yet, but they have some nice Cthulhu stuff in their Bones range.
  6. Just noticed that Black Riders and Dwarrowdelf are currently On The Boat. Best start hoarding cash in the hope they make it to the UK.
  7. Chaos cards tend to send stock notifications when they haven't had stock for a long time. Certainly in my case none of the notifications were for anything they had in stock. That said... Black Riders would sell out quickly, so who knows. Update - just seen that a bunch of stuff has changed state to On The Boat, including Black Riders, so that may explain the notifications.
  8. I'd guess that they wouldn't want a discord invite posted on a public forum, as that's a nice way for spambots to get in. You may get one via PM instead. Thought I'd mention that in case anyone wonders. Edit: have a look at the Cardboard Of The Rings website.
  9. There comes a point with a game like this where most of the questions have been asked already. Rules query? Already answered. Weird card interaction you've spotted? Someone already spotted it. Question about an overpowered card? Probably already errata'd. When a new announcement is made, then there's more discussion. Until then, many of us just come here for the Lembas and Ent-draught.
  10. When I checked, their stock levels seem a bit screwy... the main page suggests it's in stock, but when you go to the individual page - out of stock. It's a little inconsistent, so maybe a direct search is a better option, if you can filter the results. That was certainly the case with On The Doorstep.
  11. Just thought I'd add another alternative link - Thirsty Meeples have an LOTR section: https://thirstymeeples.co.uk/pages/thelordoftheringscardgame
  12. From the FAQ, 1.36... Triggered abilities are abilities on cards that have a bold trigger word such as Action or Response. These abilities are only applied when they are triggered. Passive abilities are abilities on cards that have an ongoing effect without a bold trigger word. Because passive abilities don't have a trigger they are always active and cannot be "triggered". This implies that the ability is not optional, as there is no way to trigger it. So each resource phase you must draw 3 additional cards, and discard your hand at the end of each round. If it was optional it would likely be worded as "Resource Action: draw 3 additional cards in the resource phase and discard your hand at the end of the round. "
  13. His response only triggers when an enemy goes from being not engaged to engaged, so it'll only kick in for that first round. After that, the enemy is already engaged so the response doesn't happen. If however you used a card effect to un-engage the enemy (A Light In The Dark, for example), then when you engage the enemy a second time, the response would kick in.
  14. Khazad Dum is available @ Board Game Extras, for those who are hunting for the early packs and a bunch of dwarves.
  15. Sadly, they're in Canada and don't ship outside of Canada or North America
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