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  1. icabod

    A Couple Questions

    If a hero dies, their resources and attachments are discarded. So yes, resources go back into the resource pile. And unless you have some way to ready a character, then the attack would go undefended, with the damage going to one of your heroes. Yes, it's a tricky game, but it's ultimately worth the effort Location lock can be a killer in a game, too, where you keep drawing locations and end up making zero progress.
  2. icabod

    A Couple Questions

    Yes, X is the cost of the card you are returning from the discard pile. Basically, if you return a 2-cost card from the pile, you pay 2 resources. And you'll get a discard pile soon enough LOTR LCG doesn't have a maximum hand-size, so you just keep the card in your hand until such time as you want to play it. It's useful if an Ally you really wanted to keep gets destroyed in combat, for example. Wandering Took isn't really much use in Single Player, IMO. But if you're playing multi-player, or two-handed, then it's a great way to help out if one of the "players" has too much threat,
  3. Hi. Just looking at Tactics Hero Boromir and the Round Sequence during Combat, and have a query about the use of his action: Lets say I use Boromir to defend an attack. I flip over the Shadow card and it would cause the resolved attack to kill Boromir. Before the attack is resolved there is an action window, so I decide to use Boromir's action and discard him, causing 2 damage to each enemy engaged with me. There are two scenarios here, and I have a query for each: 1. The attacker is destroyed. I assume this means there is no damage to apply? 2. The attacker is not destroyed. Does this mean that the attack is considered undefended (as Boromir has shuffled off this mortal coil), and the damage is applied to another Hero? I've done a very quick search and didn't find an answer, tho' I'm sure it would have been asked before.
  4. icabod

    A Couple Questions

    Yes, unless the attachment says otherwise.
  5. icabod

    A Couple Questions

    For questions 2 and 3, Event cards are the only cards that you can play outside of the planning phase, assuming there is an action window. That said, some events may allow you to get an ally into play - depending in the card. For question 1... As far as I'm aware there would be no restriction unless the attachment was unique (for example Horn of Gondor).
  6. Yeah, I think you'd have to be very unlucky to have all face-up damage/horror. But this game rarely gives you any breaks
  7. Am I also correct in thinking that all damage/horror is applied even over the health/sanity limit? For example... An investigator has 7 health and is currently on 6 damage. If an effect causes 2 damage, the sequence would be: Draw 1st damage card face-up and resolve (total damage rises to 7). Draw 2nd damage card face-up and resolve (total damage rises to 8). Gain wounded condition (and resolve). Discard all face-down damage (hopefully causing total damage to drop below 7). This game is like (a simpler version of) LOTR LCG for me - it seems no matter how much I play I can always learn something new.
  8. Hi. So after realising I've been playing damage and horror wrong (I always dealt them face-down, but they should be played face-up and resolved), I decided to have a proper read through of the rules reference. It turns out I was also playing wounded and insane wrong, as I was discarding all of the cards... However, the rules state that when an investigator gets damage equal to or greater than their health, then all damage is applied, then a wounded condition is applied, and then only the face-down damage cards are discarded. So if I'm reading this right... it is possible that you could apply the wounded condition, discard only face-down cards, and immediately die due to having more damage than health? Similarly for horror, sanity, and the insane condition?
  9. I'm not qualified to talk about future quests as I only have the Core set and the Mirkwood cycle (the first 6 Adventure Packs), and certainly they are tricky when played Solo (which is how I play). It took me a few goes to just beat the first quest in solo on easy mode. Co-operative play is I understand easier in the early quests, although I believe some later quests punish group-play - just having to draw more encounter cards can be a killer. It's true that luck-of-the-draw can greatly affect a game like this, and a well-built deck is a game-changer. However, if you think it seems too easy, I would suggest checking the rules - I'm not suggesting you're playing it wrong, but it can be a complex game, and it's easy for a new player to miss a simple step - which can make a big difference. When I started playing on "normal" mode, I kept forgetting to deal shadow cards, for example. I've also forgotten about threat increases in a few rounds (*cough*). Some possible areas you could be getting wrong (purely hypothesising, but it's the sort of thing that can easily be missed)... Make sure you're dealing one encounter card per player per round (so two cards). Are you sure you're paying for cards only with resources from your own hero of the same sphere? One of your decks has heroes from 3 different spheres, meaning that on the first round you can only buy 1-cost cards. Yes, more player cards will make the early scenarios easier, and some of the early cards are considered over-powered, but later quests will challenge you in different ways, so getting additional packs would be worthwhile. Not sure that really helps much. I'm not a great player myself
  10. I think the "black and white boxes" probably refers to how you setup and select a scenario. Actually running a scenario is much like the official app, from my experience (tho' I confess I've not tried many custom scenarios yet). It works quite smoothly.
  11. Just the trait, so you can pick a card that has any of the Gondor, Noble, or Warrior traits. The card has no mention of Sphere, and sphere isn't considered a trait.
  12. icabod

    UK restock?

    Sometimes is beneficial to look in "brick and mortar" stores too... Down in Brighton the other evening and Dice Saloon had (from memory) 3 or 4 expansions for sale? Think they do mail order too.
  13. icabod

    Nimrodel in LCG?

    Probably held captive inside a tree by that Bombadil chap. Don't trust anyone who dances around singing his own name on a loop.
  14. Well, I'm a little bit behind, but I'm away for work for a few days this coming week, so I've been building a deck to take with me. Probably a terrible one, but at least it has a low starting threat after my mistake last time I played Journey Along The Anduin. Not sure I'll get all the quests played, as I'd like to see some of the outside world, and I've not actually played through the other quests in the Mirkwood cycle - ideally I'd like to play them all in order... but who knows. I'm sure I can fit a few extra quests into my bag at the expense of... clean socks? One question - you mention a 50-card deck. Is that the lower limit? I'm currently trying to whittle down my deck from about 108 😜 Kidding - it's at about 56, and I aim to reduce it more, but getting to 50 will be a struggle with my "madskillz".
  15. One game had just occurred to me that may work - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. Co-operative deck-building, and I've just listened to a "review" on Boards Alive podcast that suggests it's not a difficult game to beat (at the start). Comes across as deck-building-lite. And it's a theme that many kids may enjoy. BoardGameGeek community suggests an 8+ age range.