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  1. I have read elsewhere (I don't remember when or by who but it was on this forum) that there was no provision to drop upgrades unless by the destruction of the ship upon which it was equipped. So, I have two interpretations. I can see what you mean by the wording in the above mentioned answer from the FAQ. It would be so helpful if the rules were a little more explicit to include the term "upgrade" along with "ship" and "squadron".
  2. Can someone direct me to a concrete location (s) that clarifies the rule on upgrades for Corellian Conflict? If you purchase an upgrade, can you simply 'destroy' it like destroying a squadron to eliminate it from the list (as well as the fleet point total)? Or, do you have to transfer the upgrade in question to a ship and 'destroy' it or allow someone else to destroy during the course of a battle? I have a player who constantly wants to drop upgrades in order to purchase others and I haven't found anywhere that says you can do that. Thanks in advance.
  3. I can see your point. I still feel a little salty about the combination of the hard cap in conjunction with the tabling issue. I suppose I just need to get used to it. I still love the game!
  4. @cynanbloodbane I completely agree with you regarding a list with one ISD and 3 flotillas for support. I wanted to run a similar list. That's why I bought a third Gozanti. It's challenging to build a list with a cool squadron compliment and a powerful ISD without the use of flotillas. This archetype has DEFINITELY been hurt and should not have been. There is risk inherent in running it. With the changes to relay, which I thought were appropriate, the flotillas in this scenario are involved in the conflict in a relatively close proximity rather than from across the board. I also agree with you @thecactusman17. The rule change that I have the hardest time with is the tabling rule if your one capital ship remaining is a flotilla in conjunction with the flotilla cap. It's too much. A flotilla can be used as an objective ship to secure points in other ways for your fleet and for fleet archetypes that aren't necessarily abusive. They are an element to your fleet's assets that can contribute to it's success in defensive and offensive ways. When someone takes a third of their force in squadrons, there is a risk associated with a reward related to how many resources you commit to that element. I realize it's a game about capital ships and that if you eliminate all capital ships regardless of victory tokens that you earn with squadron resources you utilize at the risk of being tabled. But, to add on the risk of being tabled by losing a flotilla when to support a fleet they need to be in some proximity to it? It's just too much.
  5. I have been unsuccessful in acquiring a Star Wars Worlds: Armada Ticket. I am trying this forum to see if anyone who has a ticket to either day can't use it and would like to sell it to someone instead of letting it go to waste. Or, if you have an extra ticket that someone can't use, again, I would be interested in purchasing it from you. Of course, if this is allowable.
  6. I have been unsuccessful in securing an Armada Ticket. If you can't find someone to swap with I would consider buying your ticket. Thanks. Interestingly enough, after seeing your handle, I imagine people had a similar idea to me as to what time of name to use.
  7. Hey! If it isn't my friend BrobaFett! I was the guy who lent you a Dengar at last year's Worlds Armada Competition. :-) Goodtimes! I must confess, you inspired me a little with my handle name. I didn't mean to steal your handle but utilize components that it would make it easier for people to remember me by when communicating on this forum. I had another name in mind, but this won out because it was a little more universal. Anyway, I have been unsuccessful in securing an Armada Ticket. If you can't find someone to swap with I would consider buying your ticket. Or if you know of someone else who can't go but has a ticket to Armada Worlds Competition, would you mind connecting us. Thanks.
  8. I have been unsuccessful in securing an Armada Ticket. If you can't find someone to swap with I would consider buying your ticket.
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