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  1. That’s a terrible name for a rebel starfighter.
  2. I just don’t like ‘em. I wanted B-Wings to finally have more than 12 seconds of screen time. Instead I got Derp-Wings and the most epic Tie-kamikaze multi-kill ever. Sometimes I’m unbelievably petty. And in X-Wing, I dislike them and don’t use them on principle.
  3. One of Scum’s biggest thematic features is the ragtag individual style. As Fickle noted, they are mostly made up of self-interested ne'er-do-wells. There is some synchronicity, but most of it can be counted on one hand (4 of which is IG-88). So whereas other factions can run pilots and talents that assist each other, Scum tend to... not. Instead it’s more that they have “dirty tricks”, that often times can affect each other. This all tends to lend a certain undisciplined feel to the Scum, much more than other factions like Rebels or Resistance. At heart the Rebellion is just trying to make do with what it’s been given, but still maintains an order and cohesion. Resistance is basically Rebels with less, and a dash of Big **** Heroes, sir. Meanwhile the Empire, Republic, and Separatists are all cohesive military factions. What little cohesion the Scum faction has tends to in small batches of sub-factions like Black Sun, Mandalorians, the bounty hunters, Mining Guild, the Hutt cartels, or Tansari Point. And as thematic and cool as it is to run an entire list of Black Sun, most players dont want to limit themselves to just 3 ships.
  4. I like the card, but yeah... Scum need a ship with a SLAM action and an illicit slot now. Or better yet, a modification that crams a less-than-reliable SLAM action onto any ship with an illicit slot. IMO, the riskier the better...
  5. I’ve got a bad feeling about this...
  6. Cut his way in through the fence. So the security was still lax in an outdoor event venue. There’s no such thing as a good dude with a gun and a bad dude with a gun. “Good”and “Bad” are subjective opinions and everything except clearly defined. A “good dude with a gun” who conceals carry a firearm through security because he believes it’s his eagle-******* right, is really just a “bad dude with a gun” who thinks he’s good.
  7. Per the LA Times, it says more about how lax the security of the event was. A witness reported that her bag was searched upon entry, but her friend’s was not. Searching everyone who enters a venue like that is pretty common practice. FFG as a private entity is allowed to make the rules for their events. The event venue provides (hires) security for the event. No weapons of any kind are a common rule at gaming events and conventions, and enforceable by whatever security the venue is using. So it’s all moot. Don’t bring a ******* weapon to a game tournament. There is zero logical reasoning behind doing so. And the people who would argue 2A or right to concealed carry nonsense are EXACTLY the kind of effed up individuals that those rules should be targeting and make the event unsafe.
  8. I think “many” is a bit of an understatement. I’d be willing to jump that up to “most.” Few men, if any, could take a punch to the nose from a drunk and not immediately wish to retaliate to equal or greater levels of violence.
  9. I saw it too, and got a good laugh out of it. I think it was last year’s April Fool’s that renamed all the ships to “Sabine’s -X-“. I don’t know who the creator of YASB is, but if I meet them I’d buy them a beer.
  10. Only rarely do I take a 1-agility ship and opt to not add another shield or hull and make it that much tankier for only 3/4pts.
  11. To be fair, I believe that all three of them were held of for... reasons. Carnor Jax was probably viewed as a potential problem with the game becoming much more limited on actions. Likewise Tycho ignoring Stress for actions probably gave them pause with the new A-Wings, and prompted them to do some test-playing. And let’s be real here for a second... Thweek would be absurdly good if he was just brought over to v2 with no changes to his ability. I’m willing to bet we’ll see them again, just probably with some thweeks to their pilot abilities.
  12. I’m a firm believer that Daredevil is a tragically undervalued card. I’ve seen some players use it to good effect, but most seem to just glaze right over it. My favorite use for Daredevil has been on Dalan Oberos (Starviper), to pull a complete lateral shift by Advanced Sensoring a Daredevil Boost, blue 3-straight to clear stress, and then rotate 90-degrees to face back the original direction. I think my opponent’s brain melted out of his ears when he saw that... I’m for sure going to try it on Greivous.
  13. When was it ever great? It’s a cheap 1pt “failsafe” for when you blank out on throwing your ordnance, and don’t wish to risk a reroll.
  14. Ooohhh... that’s kinda filthy. Double barrel-roll reposition before maneuver.
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