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  1. It’s One Of Ours

    Advanced Daredevil Corran is super fun to play

    Dalan Oberos (Starviper) with Adv Sensors and Daredevil is also capable of some crazy movement shenanigans. It’s pretty funny to see someone’s reaction when he pulls a red turn boost, followed by a blue maneuver, and then ends his turn with a 90-degree adjustment.
  2. It’s One Of Ours

    What I realized about the scum conversion kit...

    Starviper, hands down. It’s the Scum super-fighter. The things are squirrely as ****, and hilariously unpredictable in the right hands. Advanced Sensors is practically stapled to it. Guri is a beast of an ace, but you have to realize that you shouldn’t be using a Calculate action unless you have to. Xizor seems lackluster, but keep in mind he’s best with a pile of expendables. Especially Khiraxz or Z-95s. He is still fun to fly, if you like power-mad megalomaniacs. Dalan is probably one of the most underrated aces in the game. Again, staple Advanced Sensors on him, and look into Daredevil. He can pull some crazy positioning. And for the generics, you can do a lot worse than 50pts +/-.
  3. It’s One Of Ours

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    Weird that they’re not including it on the B-Wing.
  4. It’s One Of Ours

    Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor

    It will probably end up having a dial resembling that of an A-Wing or Interceptor, or at least an Advanced V1. And maybe linked force actions.
  5. It’s One Of Ours

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    But unlike the Quad Jumper, the V-19 has a worse dial, and lacks the built-in tractor ability.
  6. It’s One Of Ours


    Quinn Jast is a hilarious candidate.
  7. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    That’s an awful lot of hull points to chew through...
  8. It’s One Of Ours


    Guys... I’m not sure... did Null lose his talent slot?
  9. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Personally I would prefer to see the Vaksai released as it’s own unique ship. Preferably with the more snub-fighter, hot-rod design. It wouldn’t be difficult to do, and could fill a role similar to the T-70. Slap on a native Boost, an extra shield, give it some blue 1 turns or 2 turns, shake up the dial a bit, and give it only 1 mod slot. But regardless we do need some more modifications. As it is for the Khiraxz, my go-to upgrades for named pilots are afterburners, shield, and hull. And usually not more than 2 of those at a time.
  10. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Scyks got a bit of a discount. Cartels are now 28 (down a point, and Serrisu is 40 (down 3). If you take one and don’t want to buy something else, a Jamming Beam is a free alternative.
  11. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Roark went up 5, and the title is now 18 (up 6).
  12. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Guri went up a single point... And Virago stayed the same. So with Advanced Sensors and Virago, she’s now 83pts (up 3pts). Aside from Advanced Sensors, it looks like they were pretty happy with how the Starvipers have been handling themselves.
  13. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    No, 3 crew slots were the standard. The gunner slot is new (iirc). I think the generic having 3 crew is a typo.
  14. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Boba was 80, so he went up 6. Han gunner was 4, and shot up to 12. The Marauder was 3, and now doubled, while Save-1 went from 5 down to 2. Andraste also dropped to 2, from 6.
  15. It’s One Of Ours

    They're up!!!

    Yes, he’s 86pts now. And Slave-1 is 2pts, while the Marauder is 6. Scum Gunner Han is 12.