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  1. Just as long as we get Babu Frik, too. Give him a Focus -> red Calculate, and Advanced Droid Brain, and a bunch of adorable gibberish for his pilot ability.
  2. I miss the ARC Caster. I wish it would return, if only because I love the idea of bolting a ******* Teslacoil to the wing of a Scyk.
  3. Phat Guri! Awew yeah! She’s Fully *ahem* Loaded, in all the right places!
  4. Perhaps I’m not making my devil’s advocacy clear enough. I’m really all for either and both. 1pt is fine. But my point is, 2pts wouldn’t kill the upgrade at all, if that’s what FFG decides to do.
  5. But unless there is a blanket “reduce cost of all talents”, Heroic is a bit of a no brainer and auto-include on all A-Wings. Sure it only triggers if you blank out, which doesn’t happen frequently when you’re throwing 3 (or more) dice. But it happens more frequently when you’ve got two green dice for defense (T-70), or two red dice for an attack beyond range 1 (A-Wing). And the point of the talent isn’t to maximize your potential, or add to your top-end, but rather as a safe-guard against those inevitable bad rolls that leave sighing because all you needed was *some* paint and instead the dice gave you middle fingers. 3 points would probably be too high. But 2pts is not outlandish, and only a hair higher than it currently is.
  6. I feel like Anakin needs another ship or three to add to this masterpiece!
  7. 2pts would only be a hard sell for players trying to squeeze every last dime out of a 200pt list. It’s not a major investment at all. I disagree that 3pts would effectively kill it, because Fearless is still very usable. But 3pts does feel a bit too high IMO. But at 1pt? Get the staple-gun ready, unless every other EPT goes down in cost.
  8. At most, I could see Heroic going up a point or two. Which may seem catastrophic to some, but really isn’t a major issue at all. At 2pts, the upgrade becomes 1/100th of a standard 200pt list, instead of it’s current 1/200th. If we convert that back to 1st edition prices and list-building, it would still be a 1pt talent. 2pts for Heroic is not in any way unreasonable, especially for what you get out of it. 3pts would give a lot of players pause, and to me that seems a tad too high IMO. It could still be done, and wouldn’t be too outlandish. But does Heroic need to be more? Meh... It is a go-to for most Resistance ships, especially fighters. And it helps to keep them effective/alive when the dice fail you. I think the only reason there really is for bumping Heroic up in cost, would be to make it less-likely to be stapled to every Resistance ace.
  9. Mostly I’ve used GA-97 with loaded up Poe. Black One makes it so they can’t even hide in the middle of the board without him screaming in for some thrilling heroics. With Rey... I don’t know. I haven’t found a build that I’ve fallen in love with, yet. Finn is pretty much a given for the gunner. But I can’t figure out what Force power or crew to give her. And I keep going back to Engine Upgrade, even if she doesn’t exactly need it. I also tend to build her rather thicc... Probably a bit more than she really needs to be.
  10. GA-97 is really good to use with heavy hitters like Rey, Poe, or even an MG-100 space prawn. Being able to hold back something that you want to be one of your clinch hitters until after the alpha strikes and initial engagements is awesome. And yeah... a kitted out Rey doesn’t give you a safeword when she’s coming in from behind...
  11. I don’t think they have necessarily a harder time earning their points back. In the example you gave, a 57pts Ello Asty compared to Soontir or Wedge with Predator, leaves out some important things to consider... Soontir has increadible action economy if he lands something in his bullseye, but is effectively flying a more-lethal Tie Fighter in terms of survivability. Wedge is a powerhouse, as he cuts down the number of agility dice rolled for whoever he’s attacking. He can be exceedingly lethal. Ello Asty is an initiative 5 T-70 pilot who has an extra shield on Wedge, and an extra 3 shields and hull on Soontir. His action economy isn’t on par with Soontir, and his attack potential isn’t quite as deadly as Wedge. But neither Wedge nor Soontir are flying a 7 hit point ship that can white Tallon Roll so long as he has less than 3 stress tokens. You don’t earn your points back with Ello by treating him as a “not as good as Wedge or Soontir.” You get your points back with him by treating him as the I-5 beefy T-70 he is, who can Tallon Roll with impunity.
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