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  1. You ever have one of those "click" moments? You just triggered one. Not going to swear, but I just said "Holy sh..". You totally reset the frame I was using to view magic through. Thanks!
  2. Hello. New to the boards, and I've got a question about magic. In the setting that my group is playing in, we have broken Primal into the four different elements and made elemental magic. my wife is a fire elemental, and my brother in law's girlfriend is an earth elemental. In our last session, the Earth Elemental wanted to create quicksand below the wolves that they were fighting. I ended up ruling that she could use the curse magic action even though Primal does not have access to it because it seems to fit the best. However, now that I have time to research I would like to get some more ideas as to what I could have done. To be clear, her request was to create quicksand under the wolf pack to try and trap it. She did not want to inflict wounds, she just wanted to even the odds as the players were well outnumbered by a pack of wolves. I heard on the dice pool podcast that to summon a wall of fire they suggest The Conjurer action. So now I am thinking perhaps conure quicksand would be the correct route, but then her intention was to use it as an instant effects to capture the wolves in the quicksand. That makes it seem like two different things. First conjure, then the attack roll to see if the wolf is captured in the quicksand. Otherwise it would seem to be a bit unfair to summon quicksand under people in there automatically trapped. Maybe I'm overthinking the whole thing. All ideas and suggestions are welcome. We are playing again this upcoming Sunday so I would like to have an answer for her by then. This was typed out on my phone, so if there any typos I do apologize.
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