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  1. Nice battle report and those are some sweet activation tokens! Format, picture, and audio were all nice. It might help out with future videos if you have "Star wars legion" or something of that sort in the title/description. Helps with people doing searches on YouTube. Looking forward to more content!
  2. I think snowtroopers are pretty balanced overall (coming from a Rebels perspective). In range 1 they are incredibly dangerous with a flamer upgrade, up to the point where they significantly change my board strategy. A typical flamer unit w/extra trooper and grenade is about 85 points. Leia is 90 points for comparison. At range though they're tossing out white attack dice (with surge) which I can get six of those for 22 points (no surge) on a Z6. With speed one movements, upgrade costs, and their range 2+ performance I can't say they are overpowered.
  3. Hi Everyone, I realized it can be a bit tough to organize games so I made a quick community map project at http://www.legionmap.surge.sh . So far there have been 48 submissions from the Legion Facebook Group and Discord. I hope this will help out others in finding games to play or just expanding our hobby. If you would like to add your own place for the map, please click on the button in the lower left which brings you to a quick google form (details like what days typically are played/facebook groups help a lot). Cheers
  4. I printed the range/movement holder from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2920915 and attached it to the side of the token bin from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2861627 for an all in one organizer. Has a pretty small footprint and makes it easy to grab whatever I need.
  5. Was missing a handlebar and movement tools. Movement tools turnaround was less than a week total (submitting ticket to at my door). Handlebar came in a few days ago due to stocking. I was pretty impressed overall with the ticket updates and speed of the process.
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