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  1. I'm hoping they do a copy of the GCW starter and do Anakin 2 units of clone troopers 2 Barc speeders
  2. There was talk of them dropping in December at one point in time, don't remember where or when but I remember seeing it here somewhere.
  3. These look good, especially for a first time painter.
  4. It is a chopped up Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon.
  5. Sounds like the Blue vs Brown coat on Hoth Han.
  6. Wookies and Chewbacca did the same.
  7. Or maybe it's just too early in the life cycle of this game to introduce more of the same character yet.
  8. Wookies and Chewie are in Shipping Now Status
  9. Wookies and Chewie are in Shipping Now Status
  10. Like the Witches and the Incest?
  11. Looks good, boy those guys have been on extended assignment.
  12. You know push doesn't have to go away from you.
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