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  1. As TP mentioned, that would require looking at the 240+ lists that were used during round robin. As much as I would like to do something like we did for LVO, where we got each list, indexed each list against each individual match, and looked at the results in aggregate, that just isn't feasible for every tournament. You can find the LVO data here, if you are curious. Don't worry, I jump to lots of interesting conclusions and make broad generalizations using small sample sizes. And talk about snipers. Yeah, its a small sample. But I did look at the overall record of players using snipers, including the record in matches where one player had snipers and one player didn't. It's interesting, at a minimum. I don't want to turn this entire thread into a discussion about sniper strike teams, because there are plenty of those. If you look at the numbers though, they are the most efficient anti-trooper damage dealers on a per point basis (with an aim token, which they generally have) besides Fleets with Scatter and the AT-RT flamethrower. Considering the range and overall cost differences there, the efficiency obsessed part of my brain has trouble arguing with that. So does the on the table part where I've tested a lot of lists without snipers and found them to be lacking. We aren't scientists, we're gamers. What would be the point of the discussion on these forums if we could remove all doubt and determine with certainty which units were objectively the best? We use the data that we have. By all means test things out and draw your own conclusions. But drawing no conclusions at all is not very helpful from a list construction standpoint. You have to start somewhere. Hopefully my articles help people do that. Can a good player win with a bad list? Sure. But a player of any caliber has a better shot to win with a good list than they do with a bad one. And you know what... my experience tells me Bossk is pretty good. I'm 7-0 so far with him in Invader League. Small sample? Sure. Meaningless? Not to me. Also, those are my first 7 games ever with Empire. Just saying. That's just, like, my opinion, man.
  2. The nice thing about this game is that “imbalance” is not a staggering gulf between the two. It’s a nuanced difference that gets noticed at the most competitive levels, but the game really is very close to balanced and remains so for the purpose of most local scenes. Do Empire have more competitive choices from the most recent releases? I think so. Does that mean Rebels are bad? Almost certainly not. I’m probably still bringing them to worlds. And the arguably best player in the game (Kingsley) is a Rebel player. He could probably win with Ewoks, though.
  3. It’s definitely not easy to go undefeated at a major tournament these days. And Invader league has been the largest and most international so far. Should you just photo copy the lists of top players and expect good results? Absolutely not. But saying those lists aren’t useful data as a starting point doesn’t make any sense to me and minimizes all the testing and practice that went into crafting them.
  4. I dunno about better commanders, at this point (at least not better characters). What Rebels do have is efficient close range damage and mobility, which is why terrain is so important to them.
  5. The Scoundrels talk about Sabine, Chess Clocks, Slow Play, and talk with Jay - who won a RPQ before any of the Scoundrels did. https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/e/notorious-scoundrels-ep-33-the-circle-is-complete/
  6. Yeah, there you go. It’s not original, but you can still have fun playing it on the table.
  7. Personally I would cut reflexes and add improv on Leia, but yeah that’s a solid list. Z-6s are good because they are highly efficient range 3 damage, even through cover. Snipers are good because they are cheap, rarely useless, timing neutral, and excellent at creating a defensive situation. Leia helps you win the sniper war, manage suppression, and occasionally kill things in cover with her pistol. Luke is a very sharp scalpel that can carry the game on his back if used correctly. It’s boring at this point, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.
  8. I don’t know what concomitant means, but I can say from personal experience that I used Bossk in all five of my Round Robin games, and I find him to be excellent. That said, you should definitely try him yourself and draw your own conclusions. Generally I just tend to chafe a little bit when folks dismiss the time, practice, effort and testing that goes into unit and upgrade decisions for tourney lists. Just because good and successful players are using a given unit doesn’t necessarily mean that unit is optimal, but it’s still a valid and useful data point.
  9. Not always, but these players all had to make it through the crucible of the Round Robin stage, and they likely did it with similar lists. They aren't just using Bossk because they think he's cool.
  10. A look at data from the Round Robin stage of TTS Invader League for Star Wars: Legion, including cross-faction match breakdown and a look at unit mix. https://swlegionodds.com/2019/05/20/invader-league-season-3-round-robin-data-wrap-and-elims-lists-preview/
  11. Totally. I’ll weigh in on this discussion briefly. Having now played both factions competitively (though I’ll admit to still being an Empire newb), I’ve developed the follow opinions: -The factions are balanced, in that properly built Rebel lists on proper tables will have an equal chance against Empire lists. -Rebels are less forgiving of mistakes but have a higher skill cap. -Rebels are far more dependent on good terrain. -The variety of competitively viable Rebel lists is much smaller than that if Empire. Luke, Z6s and sniper strike teams are still a winning formula, but Empire has a much larger roster of competitive builds and units. -The Z6 is better than the DLT. -Krennic, Deathtroopers, and Bossk change the competitive landscape more than any unit since sniper strike teams. As Davis would say, that’s just, like, my opinion man.
  12. I definitely don’t think it’s bad, but Push is more important in a double bounty list, where you tend to have activation issues.
  13. Who wants to talk about some bounty hunters? https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/e/notorious-scoundrels-ep-32-he-s-no-good-to-me-dead/
  14. We talk Luke tactics and how he fits in to the post Deathtrooper/Krennic meta. https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/e/notorious-scoundrels-ep-31-there-is-another-skywalker/
  15. Orkimedes


    I've been using him in Invader. He's amazing. His long range firepower is excellent with aim token access, and his command cards are very solid. He's definitely vulnerable to burst damage, so you don't want to get him close to any major threats, but luckily he is very effective at range 4. Regen punishes your opponent for trying to chip damage off him at range.
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