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  1. Hey my dudes and dudettes, I think I'm going to jump into Legion. As any loyal citizen of the empire I hope to champion our boys in white, but I wish to do so with my own flair. What I'm looking to do is apply the outrun aesthetic to some troopers. Problem is, I've only got pretty basic experience painting minis. So I would love if anyone could give me tips, inspiration, and point me in helpful directions. I was thinking about doing the simple/safe whit troopers with pink and other color highlights. But I also really like the idea of doing black troopers with neon pinks and purples and yellows, etc. Seriously any help or constructive criticism would be amazing and helpful, and I'd love to hear even if you don't like the idea (but again, if its constructive). Also, are there any painting rules that i'd be breaking for competitive play? I don't think I'd be doing much of that, but I'd rather not box myself out.
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