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  1. I'm new to the forums and I'm having the same problem. I'd really like a question about Legion painting answered, but it looks like no one can see my post.
  2. I'm a very novice painter, so bear with me I've been using army painter brushes and they've been doing their job really well, and I'm super happy with how my armies are turning out. However, I have noticed that the brushes are slowly fraying, which is definitely not good. I think I went a little heavy on the paint in my first couple days of painting, which could be one problem. I think the fine tip is too frayed to use at this point, but the medium brush is still working okay. I have noticed one hair on it is separating though. I try and clean the brushes off with water very often while painting, and I have been carefully cleaning them with dish soap after every painting session, so I'm not totally sure what to do to maintain them. I might have to get a new brush or two soon, which is obviously way too quick. I'd really appreciate any advice for keeping my painting stuff intact.
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