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  1. I've looked at them, and I agree that Miraluka is really unbalanced in what they've done, and Echani hasn't really quite gotten to a point where I feel like it fits mechanically and thematically for them, which is why I came up with my own versions and was looking for feedback. Telling me to look at what other people have done as a guide isn't helpful when I am asking for people to critique the versions of them that I've done myself.
  2. I'm not the GM in this instance, I'm a player, and going to be specking into Knight. I was more curious about it because I tend to forget you need the 2 FR to spec into it. And the 2 FR is plenty high enough for the Knight for our group. Our GM is also making characters that take the Jedi career start out as a Padawan, and then not allowing us to spec into Knight until we do enough in game that it could be said we did the equivalent amount of risk and work as the Trials, or actually go through the Trials themselves. Also 2 FR is plenty high enough for a Knight. There's plenty of instances in canon and the EU where knights weren't all that powerful with the Force, but were excellent lightsaber duelists, or investigators, or some other such thing that made up for their lack of strength and skill with the Force itself. And considering you're not realistically meant to go above FR like 5, it fits. And when I say that you're not realistically meant to go above FR 5, I mean that the game designers have the trees spread out enough that they figured it would take you forever to spec enough to get that high a FR, so if you did so, you were obviously on par with those like Yoda of Kenobi, who were above and beyond the average master's strength level.
  3. Anyone willing to help a guy out?
  4. Question. Putting in Rise of the Seps and Collapse of the Republic into the generator myself until it gets updated to that point. The Jedi tree gives 1 FR by default, but the Knight tree requires 2 FR as a prerequisite to get into it. I made both the career and the specialization for Jedi and Knight, but can't seem to figure out a way to get it so that Knight won't show up without having a FR of 2.
  5. I also wanted the stats so that way if my players at some point want to play as those races, I'd have a fully stated race for them.
  6. Hey all. I'm starting up a game here shortly and the group I'm running is going to fluctuate in size. It's not big to begin with, but on weeks where a player might not be able to make it, my plan was to have a statted out NPC that would go with them, to ensure they could still go out and do stuff, without me having to mess with encounter difficulty at the last minute (one player in particular is the reason this is mentioned, as their job often requires them to be on call, and they could get called in minutes before a session starts, or even partway into it). I also wanted unique NPCs that could act as foils for the group, whether it be as a rival (in that they're not the enemy grouping of rival, but in the same line of work who keep getting in each other's way type of deal), or as a straight up enemy. I wanted something that wasn't officially stated to be something unique and memorable, as well as to keep players' meta knowledge of the races stats to a minimum. The races I was looking at were Miraluka, Echani, and Voss. Echani: Wound: 10+ Strain: 10+ 3 Brawn 2 Agility 2 Intellect 1 Cunning 2 Willpower 2 Presence 90 XP Echani Martial Arts: Trained in specialized forms of hand to hand combat, Echani can spend one less threat or advantage to trigger an appropriate effect in combat. Combat Awareness: Echani's natural awareness and battle senses allow them to read enemy movements easier than most, giving them a boost on initiative rolls. My initial thought for them was to give them a free rank in brawl, not to be trained above 2 at creation, but I felt like the boost to initiative and the ability to spend threat and advantage at a slightly lower cost fit just as well. Miraluka: Wound: 8+ Strain: 12+ 1 Brawn 2 Agility 2 Intellect 2 Cunning 3 Willpower 2 Presence 90 XP Miraluka Senses: Miraluka see through the force, thus removing setback dice on checks involving sight. Miraluka start out with one rank of Discipline, but can't be trained above 2 at creation. And honestly, I've no idea where to go with Voss. Let me know what you all think, and feel free to be ruthless. I want something that feels authentic to their respective races, but isn't mechanically too powerful.
  7. I'm looking for help to stat the DH-17 Blaster Rifle first introduced into Rogue One, at the very least, via concept art, even if they didn't make them into film until TLJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. That would be awesome! I really appreciate it!
  9. I mean I want an integrated Character sheet like the site uses (I'd prefer an actual sheet like the second option, rather than the first, because appearances, but wouldn't complain too much. The SRD thing they have would also be nice, as it's an easy way to keep the rules I'll need regularly (as well as things like talent trees, and force powers) easily accessible. The templates from that site even have themes for the pages themselves that look like they're literally pages that could have come from one of the various books, which is also something I'd like to implement, but don't really know how they did it.
  10. Again, I have no intention of using Oggdudes for my GMing needs, which is why I'm asking. If you don't have any other suggestions, that's fine, but when I say I don't intend to use X thing, don't continue to suggest I use X thing.
  11. It would take a ton of effort just to print from Oggdudes to OneNote, and Oggdudes is severely limiting in what I can do with it that I can do with OneNote. I have no intention of using Oggdudes for this reason for my GMing needs, which is why I'm asking about OneNote specifically.
  12. Was there a Force and Destiny version that was ever released?
  13. Does anyone have any Star Wars themed templates for organizing stuff for FFG stuff for One Note as a GM? Something like this is what I had in mind, but if such a thing doesn't exist currently, is there anyone willing to help me figure out how to go about making it myself? Thanks in advance.
  14. I wouldn't mind having stats for Loth wolves. I have friends that want to be in a more force centralized campaign, and I could see using them as a potential enemy or ally depending on how they run their characters, and as such, stats would be nice.
  15. So question for you all who've used the data editor. Let's say I want to make a new species. Let's use Miraluka as an example. If I wanted to give the person making a character said species the ability to add a rank in a skill, and that they could choose between Vigilance or Discipline, how do I limit the choices to just those two? I've been able to figure out how to get it to let me pick a skill to add a rank in, but I can't seem to limit which options are available.
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