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  1. Does anyone know if Oggdude plans to add the species from the Allies and Adversaries book into the generator?
  2. Hey all, I'm working on an Anime MMO setting for my friends and I. That being said, I'm pulling inspiration from Log Horizon, .Hack Sign, SAO, and a bunch of Isekai. I have a rough idea of things like the actual setting (the game itself), lore, and the like. But things like quests, character classes (or careers depending on the wording you're used to), specializations (especially talents), and even monsters to include are all giving me issues, simply because of the variety in all the stuff to choose from. What are some quintessential things for these categories that you feel would be a must have in a Fantasy based anime MMO setting? I have an idea myself, but I want more opinions outside the people I'm gonna run this for when all is said and done, so that I can compare what I've come up with to what other people would like to see (especially since I want to do a few things that aren't necessarily things you normally see in every MMO). I also have ideas for subclasses (much like Log Horizon), where I'd treat them more or less like signature ability trees in size and scope giving bonuses to certain checks, decreasing strain taken using things like Parry, and so on. Let's hear some thoughts.
  3. That's it! Thank you!
  4. Hey all, a friend of mine had these specialization/talent trees for things like Witch Hunter, Scout, Night Blade, Gladiator, etc. but can't remember where he got them from, but his are all marked up, so I can't just make copies of his. Is there anyone who knows what I'm talking about and can help a guy out? I appreciate it!
  5. I may have found a bug. When taking the Adaptable feature in the generator under the Padawan Tree, it seems to grant 3 Force Rating to the character, despite the talent not actually granting that effect. Nevermind, I forgot that a friend had added in a bunch of stuff not in your official version yet that was shared with me, and after looking, they'd accidentally marked it to add 3 FR.
  6. Quick question. I'm a bit confused as to what the difference is between Datasets and Current Data are. Can I get an explanation?
  7. I mean the YT-1300 is the same model as the Falcon, and having viewed various tours of the one at Galaxy's Edge, and the version for the Solo movie, there's basically nowhere a Hutt could fit outside the cargo area.
  8. I'm running an Edge of the Empire campaign, and without going into a ton of depth about my campaign, I have some concerns about what I've written up, and what one of my players wants to be. He wants to be a Hutt Smuggler. Which would be fine, except for a few issues. Given my understanding of Hutts, they're much too big to fit onto a YT-1300 ship, which is what I planned on granting the party for the campaign. Combine that with a lot of the places I have them going being cramped, even by human standards, I just don't particularly see that going well. And while I could change bits and pieces here and there, I can't change too much of it because of the nature of the campaign, having these things in it is kind of a necessity. Any advice? Do I just tell them to pick something else, or is my understanding of Hutts off?
  9. So I take it that you do indeed only benefit from taking the Witchcraft talent if you have no FR then?
  10. So I was looking at picking up the Nightsister talent tree for a character I play, and I have a question. The talent Witchcraft says: "The Character gains Force Rating 1." My character already has FR 2, does this mean that I wouldn't get a Force Rating from buying that talent, and am I wasting the 5 xp if I pick it up? I get that I could just buy it and be out the 5 xp in order to go straight down and pick up the Force Rating talent further on, then branch out from there, but if I'm not super concerned with Sense Advantage, or Coven, it wouldn't make sense to just beeline for that Force Rating talent if I don't get an additional 1 from the Witchcraft talent as well, when I can just use the 5 xp on Summon Item, then work my way down and over, and bypass Sense Advantage, Coven, and Witchcraft completely. If I do get a boost to my FR buy buying Witchcraft even though I already have a FR of 2, then I'd just beeline down and then back around, because Balance is still something I'd like, and if I can convince others in my party to end up with the Nightsister tree as well, Coven becomes a lot better an option for me to not skip.
  11. Right, so question. Tell me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't I be able to wield three weapons potentially when I have the utility arm attachment on some armor, assuming each weapon only takes one hand? Now granted I know I can't necessarily use all three weapons in a single turn, but it does beg the question as to whether or not I can actually wield three weapons at once this way. Thanks.
  12. I've looked at them, and I agree that Miraluka is really unbalanced in what they've done, and Echani hasn't really quite gotten to a point where I feel like it fits mechanically and thematically for them, which is why I came up with my own versions and was looking for feedback. Telling me to look at what other people have done as a guide isn't helpful when I am asking for people to critique the versions of them that I've done myself.
  13. I'm not the GM in this instance, I'm a player, and going to be specking into Knight. I was more curious about it because I tend to forget you need the 2 FR to spec into it. And the 2 FR is plenty high enough for the Knight for our group. Our GM is also making characters that take the Jedi career start out as a Padawan, and then not allowing us to spec into Knight until we do enough in game that it could be said we did the equivalent amount of risk and work as the Trials, or actually go through the Trials themselves. Also 2 FR is plenty high enough for a Knight. There's plenty of instances in canon and the EU where knights weren't all that powerful with the Force, but were excellent lightsaber duelists, or investigators, or some other such thing that made up for their lack of strength and skill with the Force itself. And considering you're not realistically meant to go above FR like 5, it fits. And when I say that you're not realistically meant to go above FR 5, I mean that the game designers have the trees spread out enough that they figured it would take you forever to spec enough to get that high a FR, so if you did so, you were obviously on par with those like Yoda of Kenobi, who were above and beyond the average master's strength level.
  14. Question. Putting in Rise of the Seps and Collapse of the Republic into the generator myself until it gets updated to that point. The Jedi tree gives 1 FR by default, but the Knight tree requires 2 FR as a prerequisite to get into it. I made both the career and the specialization for Jedi and Knight, but can't seem to figure out a way to get it so that Knight won't show up without having a FR of 2.
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