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  1. You'll notice that somewhere in the setup instructions, it mentions that all your ally assets gain the "yithian" trait. So yes, the villains are kind enough to teleport your entire posse into the past with you, in their own yithian bodies. It's crazy, but they're time travelling aliens so it's pretty on-brand.
  2. Basically, the higher your player count, the more specialized you can be. In a full party, there are often so many enemies that one character can be totally dedicated to fighting. Similarly the clue-hound can dump all their combat cards and focus on their job. Even so, Strange Solution is so good the seeker usually has two copies, while the fighter might find room for one or two clue cards, but it isn't necessary. Conversely, a solo gator must be able to do everything. Can't fight or evade? Monsters will bog you down. Can't investigate? The clock will run out. That's been my finding of the game, anyhow. That being said, you might find you like specialized decks more, in which case you should look to increase your player count (even if that means playing two-handed, but with four investigators). Or you may enjoy the jack-of-all-trades style, and playing solo/duo is great for that. I personally like the higher player counts, because there are a few investigators who are designed to be very specialized (such as Mark), and their limitations are difficult to play around in lower counts.
  3. Leo and Zoey are pretty much it for this card, which is too bad because the flavor overlap for Roland is perfect. Him and Mark would need some serious resource help to swing it. Since we're talking about all the spoiled cards, I wanted to point out that Carolyn can take the level 5 Deny Existence, since it heals horror. It's conditional (as in, it doesn't always heal horror), but the FAQ entry indicates that the intent for Carolyn is that, if it heals horror, she can take it. As an upgradeable spell, this makes Arcane Research a more interesting choice for Carolyn too, since she could only previously use its discount on Clarity of Mind. Now, it's a 1-trauma investment for a 4xp return. That's pretty good!
  4. @Pete_Steel Yes, you would be forced to discard one of your current hand items. Minh's weakness functions the same way, while Marie's occupies the ally slot and the new "The Tower" weakness occupies the tarot slot. Those are all the weaknesses that occupy slots, I think.
  5. In general I agree with you, but I wanted to make two points: while I feel similar about the increase to your sanity/health, the card has to be worded like this for Calvin. For him, this tarot is extremely good, but it would be much worse if it just had 1 health and sanity. Even so, that's only one investigator, but I'm glad they worded it this way. In regards to the skills, I think they're some of the best skills in the game. The problem is, like @Allonymmentioned, they're being compared against every other existing card. When the game launched, I would make decks packed with the core skill cards (once I realized they were good), but now the only ones that survive the extremely brutal deck-paring-down phase of deckbuilding are home runs like vicious blow and deduction. Skills simply don't feel as useful as assets and events with icons, since those cards are pulling double duty, unless they save me some clicks.
  6. USPS tells me i should have my copy by tomorrow night. Get excited!
  7. @Pete_Steel BGG is Board Game Geek, a website with a multitude of games as well as accessories.
  8. Still, that means you either have to end every turn with 1 resource banked (+1 from upkeep) or be prepared to use two actions to get rid of it, so it kind of syncs up with weaknesses losing you two actions. If you can manage not to lose a clue, it's basically Hypochondria et al.
  9. Double-checking the rulebook, I can't find the general rule I'm talking about either; maybe it never existed and I made it up. Your observation about the lack of any "uses (charges)" language also seems relevant, since Akachi has similar text on her, but pretty much every other card that adds tokens doesn't seem to care about what's already on the card. So that's a great combo; commit Enraptured to put secrets on Archaic Glyphs instead of discarding it, then just put the third secret on manually and you're done in 2 actions (and you investigated successfully)!
  10. Since there's no errata on its Arkhamdb page, I figured no one had asked this yet: if I commit Enraptured and the test succeeds, can I add a secret to my level 0 Archaic Glyphs? The wording on Enraptured doesn't seem to care if the asset has anything on it beforehand, but I vaguely remember a general rule about not putting tokens on things that don't have them already. My guess is that I could only use it to put the second secret on, due to that general rule (and since the action triggers the third one, so that would be useless), which is a tiny bit of action economy at least. Does anyone know the real answer to this?
  11. @Donel You're right; the ally could evade your enemy with their stray cat but it still wouldn't disengage you. I think. @DaeMord That doesn't make logical sense to me, even though what you've said is reasonable, because it would seem to allow the exact circumstance the card is designed to prevent (specifically, evading). Since only engaging is defined by the rules reference, we're forced to infer that disengaging is the opposite of that: removing an enemy from your threat area.
  12. If you have Entombed in your threat area and are engaged with a non- massive enemy, another investigator cannot engage that enemy because you can't disengage it. The rules reference states that "cannot" is absolute and cannot be overridden. Even if your ally had a stray cat it would not work because you cannot disengage the enemy. You can evade the monster as usual, except that when you get to the part where you disengage the enemy you don't. That part of the evade effect fails because you can't do that. The monster still gets exhausted though, so you're just engaged with an exhausted enemy.
  13. This isn't exactly correct. Each of your two teams should have its own pool of weaknesses, made up of all the weaknesses from one copy of the Core Set and whatever deluxe expansions you have. It's a little bit annoying keeping the cards all separated out, but that is the intended way for it to work (otherwise you could have 2 Indebted or 2 Doomed, and nobody wants that).
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