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  1. If you’re interested about 2-4 of us play every Thursday at -6:00 at Game Schooled in the Coppas Marketplace Plaza, 148 Bennett Rd., Toronto, ON. (Bennett Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E.). Game Schooled, unit 166a,
  2. Its the same with Recover. It’s actually listed in Activating Units not Activating Phase. Not a big issue as I usually type out a quick guide for myself of more frequently goto rules. Can’t wait though for the updated RRG.
  3. That was like me tonight. I played another 500 point game and all that was left by round 6 was my AT-RT unit. Both Luke and Vader had only 1 or 2 hp left and in the end it was Luke who was laid to rest. The speeders were a problem for me at the beginning of the game and we played the "long march" deployment. I liked the setup with both factions at either short end of the table.
  4. No, sadly my unit which had grappling capabilities hadn't climbed yet, but had used up all its actions. Then his unit climbed. In the next round he got the initiative and roasted my guys =(. White dice suck (I rolled blanks).
  5. Yeah the AT-RTs seem to be the way to go. I like my two AT-RTs with their cannon and the other with its rotary gun. As for Wedge since he's only 5 points it's nice to be able to do at least a 180. I will try the tactic you suggested with the dodge/pivot, but probably attack units that have already moved and are not on standby.
  6. Yeah. I'm thinking getting to max range, fire and try to leave; staying out of range. The only problem is the first action is a compulsory move then 2 actions so pivoting after an attack to leave is just a pivot; you can't leave. If you go forward you could head straight into the thick of things or even banking.
  7. Well I heard Stormtroopers make the white dice from their armor so it makes sense that these dice hate rebels. Hence the crappie rolls.
  8. Actually the snow troopers come suppressed (no panicked!). So that explains their speed or lack thereof.
  9. I just played a 500 point game at my local game shop and it was a lot of fun. The Legion players at this shop are all trying the actual game mechanics and rules and not simply duking it out. My opponent and I chose the objective, conditions and the manner of deployment. I had a 495 point army and he had a 499 point army. We both played rebels (I was the "dark" rebels) and it was interesting to see my opponents version of a 500 point army vs. mine. I had 1 heavy (Air Speeder), 2 basic troop units (one had grappling and the other impact grenades) and Luke. He on the other hand countered with 2 large troop units (6 soldiers each and both with Z-6 soldiers), one basic unit, an AT-RT w/flamethrower and Luke. We found that the Z-6 were more effective than Ion soldiers against my Air Speeder since you got to roll more dice. His AT-RT destroyed my grappling unit as it climbed to higher ground above my troops and roasted the whole unit (white dice suck) below. I did get revenge with Wedge and the speeder. He was able to use the cannons on the AT-RT and it's ground buzzer on a troop unit behind it. However it didn't survive long after it destroyed the AT-RT again due to the Z-6 unit. I may rethink using the Air Speeder or, looking back, at the strategy I used with it. It's probably better coasting along the edges and attacking from there and then speeding away. I may go with 2 AT-RT units next time instead of the speeder.
  10. A Stanley 19” toolbox. I took this idea from X-Wing players at my local game store. My tokens are kept in a small compartmentalized tackle box which has two sides so the other side stores the dice. There’s a tray in my tool box so the painted rebel army goes there and the vehicles are kept in the bottom. I also have room for my RRG. My stormtroopers are unpainted and kept in the extra compartment in the lid.
  11. Well the first battle was just that a 500 point battle. No objectives, clear conditions and a set deployment. It was amazing slugging it out. I lost (**** you white die! **** you to ****!) playing the rebels, but it took me back to playing with my action figures in the late 70’s and early 80’s. We didn’t even reach round 6. The second battle I tried was more official in regards that we followed the rules and setup. It was an 800 point battle and we chose an objective, conditions and deployment. We used a prepared 6x4 table with “grass” and terrain. Those extra 6” on each long side gave us the space for our cards, dice, etc. Even though we had an objective the battle part kept us distracted and we forgot all about the objective. We didn’t reach round 6 as the store was closing (we played for 2 hours).
  12. gesumurphy

    Cover question

    My understanding is the AT-ST must ALSO be able to see the base of the mini from its LoS. If the mini can't be seen (base and all) from the AT-ST's LoS then the defending mini can't take any wounds even if the the rest of the unit is visible. If part of the mini can be seen then it'll at least get cover of some sort. If 50% of a unit is OBSCURED then the whole unit has cover. Obscured mean at least part of the minis in a unit are behind some sort of cover. If more minis in the same unit are obscured by one type of cover then the whole unit will be considered covered by that type. i.e. A unit of 6 troopers takes cover. 2 are obscured by light cover, 3 are hiding behind a tall wall (where 1 can not be seen at all), and one is in the open (they are all in cohesion still). Since most of the unit (5 of the 6) have cover then the whole unit has cover and since most of those with cover are behind heavy cover then the whole unit is considered under heavy cover. When say an AT-ST attacks and it can see the bases and parts of 5 of the minis, BUT it can't see the 6th mini at all then any damage done to the unit only applies to the 5 minis that can be seen. That said, according to the rrg, card effects take precedence over rrg so a BLAST effect should negate cover and so does that mean the fully obscured 6th mini WOULD take damage too if a blast effect was applied?
  13. It seems, from the rrg that LOS is the way to go for tall vehicles. From the centre of the attacker's base go up to the top centre of it's sculpt and peer from there. According to the LOS rules on page 31 if the attacker can see at least part of the defender from that POV INCLUDING the defender's base then the mini is NOT obscured hence they can suffer wounds. I say if at least half of the defending minis' bases are FULLY visible (but no minis are obscured) then no cover. I see it as you're attacking from the air or from tall height so you're shooting down OVER the barricade as though the minis are on open ground. It wouldn't make sense that you treat an air assault or a ground vehicle with height the same as a low ground assault. A barricade becomes useless if the attacker can attack over it and down. That said any mini fully obscured from the attacker can't take damage according to the rrg. If at least half of the minis have their BASES at least partially obscured from the height POV of the air or tall mini attacker then give them full cover. Again individual fully obscured minis take no wounds. All this becomes moot when you start taking into account weapons the attacker uses that ignores cover. Also remember some weapons on these vehicles have MINIMUM ranges so getting too close may render the weapon useless.
  14. Wait a minute, a scope is used for ranged attacks right? Even IF allowed to equip his lightsabre with one how would he use it? A scope is used to site your target and then shoot so throwing a lightsaber would be pointless with a scope since you can't use it AND throw.
  15. Are there any rules to what one can put together for a 500 point army battle? I mean 2 troop units for sure, a commander, but for vehicles would the Air Speeder be allowed instead of the AT-RT?
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